Cambodian hair is gaining more popularity

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Hair extensions are popular hair treatments that add length and volume to an individual’s hair. Extensions allow individuals to have the hair they have wanted but could previously never have. There are several ways that you can add extensions to your hair. However, this is often a lengthy process and it can sometime damage the hair you have. It is important to properly prepare your hair for extensions prior to adding them, so that the process is easier, and your hair looks better and avoids unnecessary damage.

Cambodian Hair Type

Cambodian hair is light, silky and lustrous in texture which is one of the reasons that it’s the most popular type of hair extensions in the market. The light texture of the Cambodian human hair makes it effortless to wear and maintain. With proper care Cambodian human hair, will not mat or tangle and maintain its silky, luscious state.Virgin Cambodian human hair is preferred by most women who like to vary in Hair styles. It has a natural healthy sheen, tangle and frizz-free! Don’t we love our tangle free! Cambodian Hair is as natural as our own hair, it holds curls even after shampooing it can be straightened, but the texture of our hair is meant to remain with curl and/or body wave. Cambodian hair can be blended into hair of all ethnicities.

Virgin Cambodian Wavy hair is incredibly soft and versatile. This hair can be worn in its natural wavy state, flat ironed straight or curled for vivacious bounce.



Choose the right hair

Not even the most adeptly installed Cambodian hair weave will be its best if you don’t use the right hair. Actual Cambodian hair may not be available, or its cost may be impractical, but you should at least strive for real human hair. It’s best to use the highest quality hair you can afford; the weave will last longer, feel better and look more natural.

Wash and condition the natural hair

This is an absolute necessity before the weaving process, and the rule here is that you can’t overdo it. A Wash and condition at least three times each, and don’t use any harsh chemicals on your hair for as long as possible before the hair weave is performed.

Choose a stylist you specializes

In the type of extensions you want, and schedule a consultation to discuss the process with her. Discuss, any questions you may have, and purchase your extension hair, try to get as close to your natural hair as possible, so you won’t have to drastically change your hair color for the extensions to match.

Color your hair to match

The extensions you’re putting in. Do this the day before adding the extensions. Make sure you or your hair stylist have the extensions on hand so you can match the color as best as possible. Coloring your hair before the process will prevent breaking your hair extensions early.


Why choose Cambodian hair extensions?

Our Cambodian hair extensions will enable you to experience the fullness, natural flow and beauty of real Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is naturally luscious and flowing with beauty. It is lightweight, yet durable so that you can live your life free carefree. You will be able to start each day with the confidence of knowing that with Cambodian hair extensions in your hair, you’ll be looking your best.

What is difference between Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair?

Both Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair come in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. I can be sure 100% about it. Why ? Because our collectors come to cut hair directly from Cambodia and Vietnam, so we know very well about the hair. Many people say that, all Cambodian hair is very thick and coarse while all Vietnamese hair is very silky. IT IS NOT TRUE!

But, i agree that, Cambodian hair have much more coarse and thick hair while Vietnamese hair have much more silky hair. But Cambodian hair still have very soft and silky hair and Vietnamese hair still have very coarse and thick hair. And main difference of them is Cambodian hair have a lot of natural wavy/curly hair while all most Vietnamese hair is straight. But it doesn’t mean all Vietnamese hair is straight and all Cambodian hair is wavy/curly. Let say coarse hair is heavily textured and silky hair is silky textured. Heavily textured hair works perfect for ethnic women and women with heavily textured hair, while silky textured hair works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair. My advise : when you are looking for hair, you should tell to seller that “i am looking for heavily textured (coarse and thick)”  or “i am looking for silky textured”. They may support you better.


Choosing Cambodian Hair Extensions

Currently, we offer Virgin Cambodian Straight Human Hair extensions. They come in lengths between 6 and 32 inches, so you can achieve the right length and look you desire. Many people have great success by mixing and matching our Cambodian hair extensions to create a unique hairstyle that will make a lasting impression and turn heads everywhere you go.

The straight texture of Cambodian hair extensions is easy to maintain and therefore lasts a long time with the proper care. Our extensions are tangle and matte free, which means you can spend more time living your life without all of the hassle that comes with many hair extensions. You can style Cambodian hair extensions into any style since you are starting out with a clean canvas. Your style is only limited by your creativity with these gorgeous hair extensions.

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