Care Human Hair Extensions in Summer

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In summer, you will love beautiful and change yourself with every new day filled with energy, especially with your hair, so the wig is a very useful and intelligent choice for you. So as not to affect your real hair, make sure you get a new hairstyle and take a look at how to care Human hairs extensions.

Use a hair spray to keep your hair beautiful, if you get tangled, you can smooth your hair with hair spray and brush with a brush comb. When combing, keep the hair roots and brush down to avoid falling.


After using human hair extensions, you should gently remove the adhesive tape from the wig. If you can not peel them by hand, soak them in a few minutes in a dedicated solution.

After removing the tape from your hair, place it on the shelf so that they can hold the shape of your hair. Then use a smooth brush and rinse the dirt with your hair, then apply a little amount of sanitizing solution over the hair surface and let them stay overnight in that state. This will help you to create the adhesion for the human hair extensions through many uses.

In case of repeated use, dirt does not go away, you can soak the  human hair extensions in the hair cleaning solution After cleaning them, wash your wigs with regular shampoos and let them dry naturally by spreading your wigs in a shady place, avoiding the wind to tangle your hair.


When not used to pack into the plastic bag for hair from dirt. Should not be used frequently for long periods of time (except for those who have hair loss or baldness.

So, answering questions about how to care human hairs extensions, now you can safely have your own favorite hair and I hope that you will care and clean them after every use. Good luck!

Thank you for your interest.

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