Choosing Cambodian Hair Extensions

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Cambodian hair extensions is the keyword that is top searched so much on social networks for those looking to purchase hair. You may also buy easily a bundle of Cambodian hair extensions and belive that you can simply look at its packaging to find out its origins. But the truth is, it’s pretty difficult to tell your hair extensions come from Cambodia or not. What are the characteristics of Cambodian hair that make people care? Moreover, the favorite of customers who want to buy hair is preferred to buy the hair in Cambodia. They even show their love for this type of hair.


The origin of Cambodian hair

Virgin Cambodian hair is from Cambodia which is located in Asia. Cambodian hair is taken from the Khmer ethnic group and they have a habit of raising long black hair. Most Cambodian women love the traditional costumes of Cambodia. We often see them appearing with extremely sampot clothes that leave a lot of impression to international friends. The thing that left people in another country remembered was their long black hair. The hair care habits of Cambodian are sophisticated and careful, they often wash their hair with cold water and take care of natural flavoring. Because of that, Cambodian hair is being sought by many people. Our company hair is imported from the rural areas of western Cambodia where many women with extremely beautiful hair are gathered. we travel every month next door country of, Cambodia to make sure top quality, Cambodian hair directly to small salons and distributors for the same prices or less than the major hair distributors.

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The features of the hair from Cambodia

Cambodian hair has a beautiful range of Lusters; from low, to medium, to high luster. (Luster basically means “natural shine/ glow”).

They also do come in Silky, Slightly Coarse, as well as Coarse textures.

Our Cambodian hair extensions allow you to experience the fullness, natural flow and beauty of real Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is lusciously and gorgeous. It is very lightweight, but durable enough to withstand anything life sends your way. You can go out in confidence with these hair extensions knowing you look your best.

The straight texture of Cambodian hair extensions is easy to maintain and therefore lasts a long time with the proper care. Our extensions are tangle and matte free, which means you can spend more time living your life without all of the hassle that comes with many hair extensions.

Cambodian hair extensions can be styled any way you like. Because they contain straight hair, you are starting out with a blank canvas. Whether you want to flat iron it to a sleek straight look or create bold curls, you can do it all with with these high quality extensions. Let your creativity go wild and get the look you’ve always wanted but just couldn’t quite achieve with your own hair.

Due to the quality of Cambodian hair, you can also dye and color the hair extensions without any fear of affecting its quality. The chemicals that are used when coloring and dying of Cambodian hair extensions will also help give your hair a glossier appearance. With the proper care and maintenance, your Cambodian Human Hair Extensions can last a long time without losing its appearance.


Why don’t you choose Cambodian Hair?

  • 100% Virgin Hair High Quality, Very thick and coarse
  • Natural color, Can be bleached and dyed
  • Unprocessed, Full Cuticle, Long Lasting
  • Wholesale Price, Good Quality

We are committed to offering our customers competitively priced Wholesale Cambodian Hair Extensions that you need so that each customer has the best experience possible. Contact us:

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