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  • I would like to purchase your hair. How can I order?

Please contact to one of our sales for further information. Our sale will review your inquiries and recommend the best suitable products for your needs and budget.

Our main products are Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair

  • What is your single drawn hair?

Our Vietnam hair and Cambodian Single Drawn hair means the extensions contain multiple lengths of hair mixed into one bundle, there are short hair and long length hair mixing in one bundle. You can freely bleach, style and dye as you wish.

  • What is your double drawn hair?

Our Vietnam hair and Cambodian Double drawn is quality of thickness but the hair will be thick from root to tips. You can freely bleach, style and dye as you wish.

  • What kind of hair you sell?

We supply 100% human remy hair including Vietnammese and Cambodian hair. We have virgin hair from single doner and mixing some heads hair to fit your inqury and budget.

  • How to make payment?

You can use your paypal account, visa, master, western union, money gram, RIA or bank transfer…

  • How long for shipping

It takes about 2-4 days to ship to Euro, Russia, Australia, American and about 4-5 days ship to Africa.

  • What shipping agency you use?

We shipping via UPS, DHL, EMS, FedEx, Portable goods

  • How long for one order to be ready?

It takes around 7 days for natural hair and 10 days for bleaching hair.

  • If I am not satisfied with the hair, what is your policy?

– If you feel your product is unsatisfactory and would like a refund or an exchange, you must return it to us within 02 days since the days you receive it according to shipping agency track. Postage must be covered by the sender and it’s the responsibility to ensure that their return postage is appropriately covered.

– In case you want return the product, we will refund product price and shipping fee back after 2 working days we receive the right product.

– In case you want to change to other product due to unsatisfactory, we will suffer shipping fee one time and you suffer the rest of shipping fee because before shipping, we always take pictures and videos of the hair and send to customers. To avoid any dispute, please check pictures and videos with sales that you spoke to.

  • Do you have any discount policy?

Yes, we do have discount for order over 5kg and the big order you purchase, the more discount we apply

We have customer policy, please check our link for further detail

  • If I buy regularly from you, what policy for me?

Yes, we have happy policy for regularly customers, please contact to us to get that detail or check this link for further details.

  • What color hair you have?

We can provide colors from brown to blond #2, #4, #6. #8. #10. #12. #14. #16. #18, #22. #27, #60, #613, #99j, #30, #red…

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