Is Hair Lamination Really Worth Trying? Most People Don’t Know

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Have you ever heard about hair lamination? It is one of the newest hair treatment crazes recently, and very popular in the UK, Europe, India, and other parts of the world. Experts say that lamination for hair is a technique of restoring damaged hair strands while protecting them from future damages. It helps you deal with brittle hair and split ends effectively by creating a protective film around each hair strand. 

In this article, we will help you know more about this hair treatment as well as answer the question Is hair lamination safe? Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

What is hair lamination? 

This hair technique is getting more and more popular these days. In fact, it is a hair treatment working on each hair strand to leave it a smooth and soft look. In other words, it works amazingly on the exterior of your natural locks. Salon experts say that their customers love this technique since it gives a softer hair feel and look. Plus, it adds more shine to your mane. 

Another reason that makes hair lamination become popular around the world is it can be done at home. It is sometimes called the perfect treatment for damaged, dull, and rough hair. 

Is Hair Lamination Really Worth Trying? Most People Don't Know
hair lamination

A hair lamination recipe is often made up of active ingredients for natural hair, like gelatin, keratin, or treatment oils. So you can make a recipe of hair lamination DIY, then cover your curls with a thin layer of laminate to achieve the desired hair look. For example, hair lamination with gelatin is utilized to coat hair strands, giving them shine and sheen. Also, it potentially works to seal and protect the hair from damaging factors. 

The main aim of hair lamination

What are the purposes of this hair technique? Why do beauties love applying hair lamination at home? We will help you out with these queries. 

Hair lamination is created to protect curls from lacking moisture and hair damages. You may know that harmful environmental factors, such as dirt, sunlight, toxin, etc. affect and damage our natural hair. They make the hair look brittle and dull, resulting in hair loss and split ends. With a hair lamination, it will make your locks glossy, silky, and soft. It is called the most perfect treatment for frizzy hair as well as a good straightening method. To evaluate hair lamination before after, you can see that your hair is easier to brush and gets more gorgeous. 

Other benefits of this hair technique: 

– Leave a nice and silky smooth hair, no more frizzy and tangled hair.

– Add more intensified shine to natural locks

– Make the hair softer and elasticity

– The hair lamination treatment works to seal all hair cuticles, preventing damages, like split ends. 

– Moisturize and hydrate your existing hair

– It is entirely safe for colored hair, keeping the hair shade last longer. 

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How often should you laminate your existing hair?

When we find out about this technique, we notice that many girls wonder how often they should get this treatment. We don’t recommend more than once per month owing to the hair lamination price in hair salons being high.  

But, if you apply homemade hair lamination with natural and simple ingredients, it may cost cheaper. So you can do it twice per month for the maximum results. 

Is Hair Lamination Really Worth Trying? Most People Don't Know
hair lamination before and after

How to do hair lamination?

Here we show you some options to do this treatment so that you can get stronger and healthier hair.

Hair lamination with gelatin

This is the most popular hair lamination at home. According to hair lamination with gelatin reviews on the Internet, we notice that it is a cheap method. Gelatin is a basic ingredient in this hair treatment, and it contains proteins that are good for hair. It helps restore and repair hair effectively. As it is cheap and safe, you can use gelatin masks twice or three times monthly to get shinier and stronger hair. 

How to create DIY gelatin-based hair treatment? You have to prepare:

– Gelatin

– Hot water

– A good hair conditioner

– A plastic bowl and shower cap

Is Hair Lamination Really Worth Trying? Most People Don't Know
lamination with gelatin


Before the application, you have to wash and towel-dry your curls. You mix a tablespoon (tbsp) of gelatin with 5 tbsps of hot water in a small bowl. Then you allow the gelatin to melt completely, stir well. Let the mix cool down and slightly harden, you blend it with your conditioner. Now, you coat a layer of the gelatin-based mask to your mane, ensure that the treatment covers every hair strands evenly. Wear a shower cap to secure your hair and wait for about 45 minutes before rinsing it off. Shampoo or not, it depends on you. 

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Gelatin and hair oil recipe

This is another good treatment for hair. The mixture of gelatin and hair oil gives users better results, such as adding more hair moisture and shine to your locks. You can use any oil you like, olive oil, argan oil, etc. Or ask your hair experts to opt for the right oil for your hair type as well as porosity. Nowadays, hair lamination products buy online are available in the market; thus, you easily get the items you want. 

If you choose this recipe, you can skip washing your hair before applying the mask. So how to do it? You mix 1 tbsp gelatin powder with 5 tbsp of hot water until they fully dissolve together. Let it cool a bit, then you add 1tbsp of hair oil (almond or olive oils). Similar to the above technique, you apply the mask to your existing hair and leave it to sit for 30-45 minutes. You rinse your hair under the tap to remove the gelatin and oil. Finally, cleanse your curls with a gentle and mild shampoo. 

Is Hair Lamination Really Worth Trying? Most People Don't Know
gelatin & hair oil

In some cases, you have no time to do hair lamination at home, you can opt for a hair salon treatment. It is a pricier option, but it gives long-lasting results. 

In the last words

Hair lamination is such an amazing and perfect way to repair as well as restore your damaged hair. You can bring yourself to a hair salon or do it at home to get more beautiful and healthier curls. 

Hopefully, you have one more technique to secure your locks after reading this post. Should you have any questions, leave your comments below and we will try to help you out. Take action today and get pretty hair!  

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