How to use toupee

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Toupee is a hairpiece to cover up male pattern baldness. Wearing a toupee is easily attached using either special hairpiece tape or bonding adhesives. You may be embarrassed to walk into a salon or hair replacement store to inquire about one. Save yourself embarrassment and money by making your own toupee. Making a toupee is not as difficult as you think. This article from Layla hair’s experts will help you to do it by yourself.

Generally, there are a number of different ways to attach a men’s toupee to one’s scalp. Among them, using toupee tape is the most common one. Below we’ll show you how to apply tape to your hairpiece. You can use these tips for most types of tape.


Step 1:

Turn your toupee inside out and roll it over a circular object so you can easily see the inside of The wigs. Use a bunched up towel in the form of a circle, a can with a towel wrapped around it or a stand with a towel wrapped around it. Avoid laying it on a flat surface because this will cause the toupee to go flat.

Step 2:

Attach toupee tape to the toupee. Toupee tape is double-sided which allows one side to stick to the toupee and the other to stick to your exposed scalp. My suggestion is to tollow the borders of the toupee and do not get any double-sided tape stuck to the hair. Follow only around the edges of the base of the toupee.

If you are planning to wear the same toupee for a few days or weeks, and are not planning to wash your head during this time, a stronger tape, such as the yellow or red-colored tape, should be used. While if you are going to use a different toupee the next day, it might be best for you to use the white-colored tape on your toupee.


Step 3:

Measure where you hairline should be with your fingers. Hold your pinky finger over your eyebrow and wherever your index finger touches your scalp is your hairline. You want to get this right because if the hair is too high up it will make you look like you have a receding hairline and if it’s down too low it will look strange and people will easily be able to tell that it’s not natural.

Step 4:

Rub water on your scalp to ensure it is clean. Adding water to the scalp also slows the bonding process of the tape, allowing you to relocate your toupee on your head in just the right way you want it to be.

Now you are ready to ease the toupee on your head and do not push it down to activate the double-sided tape until you are satisfied with the way it looks. Apply pressure to the toupee and push the adhesive down on your scalp once you are happy with its placement. Another tip I have is to use a flat object to help press down the edges and get out any air bubbles. Now your hairpiece is securely bonded and ready to wear for styling. With the help of the appropriate toupee tape, you don’t have to worry about doing strenuous activities that might put your hairpiece off its proper place.

Quick tip:

If you choose the wrong Hair toupee, you wind up calling more attention to your balding problem than you direct away from it. That said, it’s important that you take care in choosing the right toupee. The right toupee can be virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair, but the wrong one can look far worse than any bald spot ever would. Here are some tips on how to make a good, solid decision and wind up with a hairpiece that’s everything it should be.


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Last but definitely not least, you want to take the time to choose where you buy your toupee with care. Whether you choose a brick and mortar establishment or a website online You should also make sure you pick someplace that stands behind its products with a good warranty or a guarantee. It should be a simple process to speak to someone in customer service if you have questions or concerns as well. Let us bring you great Toupee you need.

Now you know how to fit a toupee within minutes. This method is actually a lot easier to do than it is to explain. It just takes a little care, consideration, and attention to detail Try it and we think you’ll see how easy it is.

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