5 Common Questions About Hair Topper | Human Hair Topper Reviews

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Are you losing your hair? It may not be as thick as the one you used to be proud of. Either, you may be noticing bald spots that they were not before. Your hair may fall out due to radiation therapy, physical or emotional condition. Do you want to search some human hair topper reviews or the like to solve the problem?

First, you are not alone. Hair thinning can happen to anyone. Reportedly, over 50% of women suffer from certain hair loss in their lives. 

5 Common Questions About Hair Topper | Human Hair Topper Reviews
human hair topper reviews

It is not a crime or so to have hair loss. You don’t have to feel ashamed of it. That said, who don’t want to be more attractive and confident? There are ways to help you feel more comfortable if self-esteem is what you lack due to your hair condition.

As mentioned above, toppers are one of the best options. It is known to give a natural, charming makeover. There is loads of information sifting through the Internet. That is why it may be hard to find the best answers to your related questions and select the most suitable product for your needs.  

Don’t worry! The human hair topper reviews below will guide you from the start to finish.

Do hair toppers look natural?

They give partial coverage and have a lightweight design. They feel and look pretty realistic. So, most people will not notice their existence on your head. You can wear the topper with bio hair tied in a cute ponytail. Also, you do not have to worry about the overheating scalp.

5 Common Questions About Hair Topper | Human Hair Topper Reviews
do hair toppers look natural?

Plus, importantly, you go for a color that is a close mix and match with the color of your own hair. Toppers can be difficult to blend exactly. Still, you can find the ones with the color close to your existing hair. There are a wide range of amazing colors, lowlights, and highlights to opt for. 

You can also select your favorite topper color and dye your natural hair accordingly. Then it will match up with the bio shine.

How much are human hair toppers?

Of course, you cannot ignore this question when delving into human hair topper reviews. The price varies depending on wholesale distributors and vendors. While we can tell you the fixed cost for a product, it is hard to say that every topper has such a same price. 

Why? Undeniably, different people have different needs and want for hairpieces. Different toppers are made according to the hair condition of the customer.

5 Common Questions About Hair Topper | Human Hair Topper Reviews
the price depends on hair quality

These are some decisive factors to their prices. The first consideration is the hair topper types. For instance, top toppers are possibly more expensive than other counterparts. They require more strands and handling.

Second, it is the shipping fee. You are likely to pay for this fee when shopping online. It has to do with the weight of the product and your distance. 

Another factor is hair quality. Though we are referring to human hair, it differs by definition. You can find terms like ‘Remy human hair’, ‘non-Remy’, ‘virgin hair’.  They have different prices. So, make sure you ask the hair vendor about the type of hair before you buy. 

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Can you dye human hair toppers?

As easy as it seems, this question is actually hard to answer. There are numerous contributors to the possibility of whether or not to dye them.

First, it is about hair types. This kind of toppers share the same features with your bio hair. In other words, you can style, bleach, or dye it similarly to the bio hair. Yet, it is not the final answer. 

Virgin hair is collectible from healthy donors. Their hair is free from chemicals. Also, it has not been through any thermal treatments. So, chances are, dyeing this topper is possible. For Remy hair, there may be some chemical or heat processing with it. In that regard, it’s a bit more challenging to color this kind. That does not mean you cannot dye these toppers. 

5 Common Questions About Hair Topper | Human Hair Topper Reviews
virgin human hair brings along the best dyeing effect

For another consideration, those who dye your topper should be professional. Otherwise, there will likely be stains that are not removable on the lace.

Not all, you should regard the coloring item. It should be to your preferences, and hair friendly. At LaylaHair, we ensure to treat the hairpieces with care and minimal chemicals. 


Human hair topper reviews: How long do they last?

Wondering about their lifespan? It can last a few months, one year or more. It has to do with the hair quality, base material, and the way you take care of your topper.

PU skin is likely the longest lasting. That is because hairs have direct integration in it. The human topper, for sure, has higher longevity, for at least one year. 

How long they last also depends on the way you use them. If you maintain them well, they will be by your side for a more extended time. 

Human hair topper reviews on the best place to buy

Thinking about giving the products on Amazon a try? The plain truth is, they are not just Amazon human toppers but can be synthetic ones. So, see some human hair topper reviews and select the top-rated one for your needs.

LaylaHair takes pride in being one of the biggest and most trusted wholesale human hair suppliers. You will not have to worry about our toppers’ quality as well as life expectancy. They are of 100% human hair collected from Cambodian and Vietnamese healthy donors. There is no synthetic hair here. 

5 Common Questions About Hair Topper | Human Hair Topper Reviews
human hair toppers from Laylahair

Aside from quality materials, we hire and train employees in line with our work ethics and customer-oriented values. That is why you will not have any single problem with the superior quality of LaylaHair’s items. 

As a wholesale vendor, we have set the most attractive price for our products. They are indeed more appealing than how much hair salons or wig stores charge you. In addition, we provide gifts and discount plans for those that purchase in a considerable quantity.

Are you ready to dive into our dream world of hair and bring home the best topper for yourself?

If you are interested in getting human hair topper for your own, check out Laylahair’s product line! We have a wide variety of hair toppers for both men and women available to shop.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber). Laylahair is always more than happy to be of service!

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