Human (Wig) Hair Topper With Bangs

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If you take care of your hair topper with bangs, it can grow longer and thicker. Then apply the following principles, you will make people surprise with the ability to “cheat thickness” for the hair.

  1. Do not brush your hair topper with bangs when wet

After shampooing, the first thing to do is to dry it or use a dry towel. Do not brush your hair when your Hair Topper with Bangs is still wet, no matter how messy the hair is. The secret of the experts is to dry the hair 90% and then use a round comb to brush while drying the remaining 10%.


Hair toppers with bangs Before and After

  1. Apply the hair styling product, styling starting from the ends of the human hair topper with bangs.

Except for products specifically for the scalp, the remaining products such as conditioner, spray or foam should be styled from the tip of the hair topper with bangs first. The ends of the hair are usually dry and need more nutrients. As you approach the bangs, you should limit the spray, spray products to avoid causing weight on the hair, causing the hair bulge.

  1. Need to combine many products to create the ball

Combination of dry shampoo and a spray bottle dedicated to bangs (root lift). In addition, you can use more waxing hair, spray sticky after bending, or spray thick hair topper spray. With the hair topper to the roof, the use of dry shampoo spray on the roof also helps to cheat the bulge to the head.

  1. Choose the Right hairstyle

The best thin hair should be loyal to short hairstyles such as bob or pixie. When cutting, using the technique of creating layers, the hair will look thicker, however, the hair should still be cut.


Human Hair Topper with Bangs Beautiful HairStyles

  1. Use very little conditioner

It helps to smooth the hair but can cause the hair to be heavy and the hair is falling down. You should only apply lotion to the ends of the hair, and do not need to use regularly, can wash twice, then use conditioner once if your hair is not too dry and tangled.

  1. Use special sponges when waving

Curd is the most effective way to create thick, bouncy and attractive for thin hair topper. But to keep the frizzy more durable, more beautiful, you should use more specialized spray with bangs. Do not bend the curls when your hair is wet, because your hair is easily damaged but quickly loses curly. Before bending, apply a spray that will protect your hair from heat and keep the curls firmer, more natural.

  1. Make use of your hair curlers

Sponge pads are the most friendly tool to increase the buoyancy of the hair. Make up in the makeup, you just take the curl curl for a few turns of hair outside, about 20 minutes after removing the hair is curly.


So many of todays’s celebrities experience hair loss

  1. Water spray to make the speedboot

In case you need a quick change without any shampoo available, you can use a mineral spray on your face to wet your hair topper, then bend your head down, lightly rub to dissolve the bangs. old. When you lift up, your hair may be floating.

However: Saving time, money, convenience, harmless hair and trendy … are outstanding advantages of the wig, which is highly rated by users. Therefore, wigs are increasingly popular among young people.

Wigs are of two types: those made from human hair topper but chemically treated and the other made up of artificial fibers and textile materials. Artificial wigs originated from Korea, Japan, China have all kinds of long, short, curly, squeeze and color levels from basic brown, black to brilliant like lotus pink, lemon yellow, platinum ” .

The benefits of wigs

Wigs have many advantages over real hair because it can create countless hairstyles while helping you overcome your shortcomings. So the wig is no longer the cover of the bald head as it once was, it has become a beautiful fashion that is very popular with children, sisters, ladies and gentlemen.

The benefits of lace frontal wigs by laylahair

Benefits of Lace frontal Wigs

Nowadays, there are many models of wigs from short hair, long hair to straight hair, curly hair, blonde hair, hazelnut hair … So you can freely choose for I to fit the personality as well as circumstances.

The hair topper with bangs is a lot of color, is polished silky, depending on the preferences of customers that choose which hair is suitable for the age and Hair style. These hairstyles are mainly for thinning hair, creating a feeling of a thick, healthy hair. Can be shared by everyone.

  • The note to choose the beautiful human (wig) hair topper with bangs

To choose a human hair topper with bangs is not simple, many people still think that it must match with their skin color as well as make up, otherwise it will cause aversion. “The use of wigs seems to have become a trend, the young Popularity”.


Avoid too dark: The deep black wig has long, dark hair. At present, dark brown wig, brown chestnut is most preferred because close to popular Hair topper Color and with many colors.

Straight-to-hipness: The advantage of flat-legged hair topper is that it is easily covered by an uneven tie between the wig and the forehead. This is also the easiest and most popular Vietnamese Wigs.

Curly or curly hair looks more natural than straight hair: Compared to straight hair, a little human(wig) hair topper that floats, “disorderly” will feel more like real hair. However, do not choose wigs with curls that are firmly pinched and streaky because they are quite rigid and unfocused.

Control your blistering and hair order: If you have bangs on your head, you can see that your head is bigger than normal because your hair topper is too thick, consider it before you choose it. The thrust is also a special detail to note.

Are you ready to go to for more details and choose the hair topper with bangs for yourself?

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