Maintain the wavy hair

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Nowadays, Wavy hair is a popular hairstyle, an attractive hair makes you seductive and stylish . However, Bending agent makes hair become dry, fibrous , easily damaged  and not everyone has much time to go to hairdressing salons for regular care.


Today I will tell you some effective ways to maintain the wavy hair.

  •  To balance the natural moisture of hair, you should use a lot of water and use moisturizing oils .
  • Don’t wash your hair too often, because it makes your hair straight . You should wash 2-3 times per week.
  • Try shampooing and rinsing your hair with cold water to keep the chemicals and dyes on the hair longer.
  • When shampoo, clean the scalp gently to prevent the curls from twisting tangle and disrupt the hair.
  •  You should also choose the right heat when drying your hair, use your hand to lock of the hair into the folds.
  •  You can apply masks to your hair once a week or twice a week. Masks for the best hair are from protein-rich foods. The simplest way is to use honey,chicken eggs, even avocado to apply to the hair.
  • To keep the Wavy hair , you should avoid clawing, raking hair because it is prone to rash.-  You should massage your hair regularly, they help to soften and improve your hair .
  • Do not wear a helmet when using a gel because it will break the hairstyle that you have created.

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If you don’t want  to take much time and money but always maintain the wavy hair, please refer to our tips.

Wish you success. Don’t  forget to share this great experience with everyone!

Thank you so much for your concern.



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