Preparation to put on a wig cap

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Nowadays, a 360 frontal full wig, long black wig with bangs or braid wig with baby hair can instantly alter your visual appearance and bring a great deal of flexibility in terms of hairstyle, color, and length. Maybe you are contemplating wearing a flat top wig, hair toppers for thinning hair or colored wigs in sunlight, or a 20 inch wig and good quality wigs that you can braid or curl.

Preparation-to-put-on-a wig-cap

Perhaps you are wondering how to curl a wig, how to cut a wig or how to style a synthetic wig. But the first thing you need to understand well is how to put on a wig cap. Do you know the proper way to put on a wig cap? Whether you have long hair or short hair, Layla Hair wholesale hair vendor will show you some tips and tricks to keep your wig cap and your full lace wigs securely in place. If you are new to hair wigs, free part wig and middle part human hair wig, this tutorial is absolutely an invaluable help!

Layla Hair wholesale virgin hair vendor suggests you should prepare a best wig cap, a human hair wig or best human hair toppers, scalp protector and scissors before you put on a wig cap. If you are suffering from hair loss and want to wear hair toppers and best hair topper for thinning hair, the very first step when you put on a wig cap is to wash your scalp and shampoo your bio hair to make sure the application area is oil-free.


Then to create a barrier between your skin and the best wig cap, let spray scalp protector directly on your head. Spraying scalp protector is especially necessary if your scalp is sensitive because a lot of wig caps, wig toppers for men and synthetic wigs in the market recently can irritate your scalp.If you have a long hair and still want to change your hairstyle by wearing 100% human hair wigs and cheap lace front wigs like curly hair wigs from Layla Hair raw Vietnamese and Cambodian hair wholesale, let do some pin curls with bobby pins. First of all, divide your own hair into a number of section.


Next, grab a section of hair, place two fingers in the middle of the section you grab and wind the hair around your two fingers keeping it as flat as possible. Now use two bobby pins and pin them in a X position. Remember to lay those pin curls as flat as possible against the head in order to keep your hair looking “head shaped” and not like a “pear-shaped”. After fully pinning up, it is ready to grab your best wig cap. Stretch the wig cap over your head, until it sits comfortably and secures at your nape. Then tuck any existing hair up under the wig cap.
If you are wearing a lace closure or lace frontal, remember your wig cap edge should be about 1/2″ back on your forehead, showing your actual hairline. This will stop your wig cap from showing through the full closure wigs and lace frontal.


Layla Hair company provides lace frontal closures with Vietnamese and Cambodian Remy human hair covering along your hairline from ear to ear. They are all 100% hand tied made with single knots and very lightly bleached knots to make it natural-looking. If you intend to wear full lace human hair wigs, then trim the lace of them first. To trim the lace of your full lace wigs, use a pair of sharp scissors to trim any lace that sticks out past the wig hairline.


If you want to prolong the lifespan of your best human hair wigs, keep in mind to cut just small amounts of lace, avoiding cutting too much. Leave a little bit of lace sticking out past the wig hairline, but no more than 1 inch. However, this step does not need to be done if the lace of your full lace human hair wigs has already been trimmed by the manufacturer like Layla Hair virgin hair supplier does. Be careful not to cut any of the wig hair.
So now you know how to put on a wig cap properly, right? Let order some top hair pieces and best hair topper for thinning hair from Layla Hair and practise those steps right now!

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