Real Hair Extensions

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Nowadays, women don’t like wear the wigs made from ragged, stiff nylon fibers any more. Thing they need is more advanced. This is Real hair extension made from real human. Many people say that they didn’t regret money and once they have a need of making beauty, they want to became absolutely beautiful.

As a result, in recent years, hair industry is developing strongly. It is also called with the nick name ‘black golden’ industry. Many country bring in hundreds of millions dollar each year from this industry. These things proved real hair’s worth.


Now, let’s find out about how to get a complete real Hair extension? There is a fact that on average a woman will lose 50 – 100 hairs each day. And surely, hair smuggler do not want to waste such hair. They usually go to hairdressing salons to collect hair pieces after cutting. These damaged hair is usually bought cheaply or exchanged with other articles.

However, in addition to purchasing hair, to give the hair to user, the industry “black gold” has to go through many stages. Depending on the type of hair we will be able to produce different quality wigs or hair extensions. The first job the workers will do is to unravel the hair, this is a very hard work which requires their meticulousness. On the average a worker only unravels 150g of hair per day. After being unraveled, the hair is smoothed and combed by comb. Then the worker divide hair into equal lengths and tie them together.


Next the hair will be dyed, which is a very important step in order to make a perfect real hair extension. Depending on the needs of the customer, the dyer will use different chemical solutions. To get bright colors like gold, platinum, hair must be soaked for 20 days, while brown or red hair color is only 10 days. To have more hair, they mix Real hair with animal hair or mixed hair. Depending on the amount of hair mixed more or less that the real hair extensions will have different prices.

All the steps making a real hair extension are done by hand and require the diligence of the workers.

Now, you know why the price of a real hair extension is such high. Because real hair have high quality and it is beautiful naturally, flexible and durable. Such reasons made me be persuaded, didn’t it? If the answer is ‘yes’, buy a real hair extension right now.

Thank you so much for hearing.

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