The best Vietnam human hair

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Today we are going to find several informations about Vietnam human hair and the best way you can change your hair by wigs. So have you ever heard about the best Vietnam human hair?

We all know: almost people say that Vietnamese hair by wholesale hair extensions manufacturer is the most beautiful hairs in the world!!!  We have many close relationship with network of hundreds human hair collectors in Vietnam. It is the reason why we are becoming one of biggest collection points for human hair in Vietnam. We are also a direct manufacturer for all kind of hair extensions products. So, we are qualified to ensure the ability to supply large quantity of human hair with best quality and competitive price as we can do at present and in the future. At present, we are exporting to the market of Thailand,  Angola, Europe, America, India… with total quantity upto 3000kg every month. Though so, we never stop growing our collection system and still continuing explore new markets around the world everyday to make it better.


Our Vietnamese hair is 100% real human hair because of no henna, no synthetic or artificial hair, 100% virgin hair (one woman’s hair), 100% natural hair that have full cuticle, original from women, not re-treated with chemical, not re-dyed, not re-bleached and 100% remy hair… Our Vietnamese raw hair can be used very easily for bleaching and dyeing process. With many years experience working with raw human hair then updated with latest technologies from China and Korea, then we can produce many types of hair extensions with premium quality like clip-in hair extensions (full-head set, single weft…), pre-tipped or keratin hair extensions (i-tip, u-tip, v-tip, flat-tip,…), tape hair extensions…

As you know, that geographical features, environment, life styles,cutural habits… will really affect to hair characteristic. That is the reason which make Vietnamese hair become also one of them. Thick hair is big hair fiber, it is stronger hair. This hair is often cut in Vietnam countryside, other areas and most popular of Vietnamese hair. Thick – silk hair is shining, silky and more heavy than other Vietnamese hair, its texture is often round and hair flake to be tighter so It is very strong .

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With this hair you can use chemical or heat to make wavy or curly without damage your quality hair extensions but when you use chemical to process it, you should use more time and chemical to do it. Its color is often natural black , few light end color…you can use it for wigs or hair extensions right without any processing more. If in case with the weave thick silk hair, I advise that you should choose single weft line to make wigs as single weft line is thinner than Double weft line. It is enough strong for your wigs and also easy for you to set up wigs or hair extensions… It is super wonderful!

Then, we will move another matter about colour hair… Even with colour, Vietnamese hair is quite resilient and doesn’t dry out as easily as other hair types. However, you should still use a good conditioning treatment after colouring. So: How to Ombre Hair If you have Vietnamese virgin hair? Firstly, you should choose a shade of permanent hair colour that is two (or three levels max) lighter than your natural colour. Remember that: Stay away from anything too blonde and stick with a warm, tone-on-tone colour as you think. Next, part your hair in four sections like this: Divide it from ear to ear and from the middle of your forehead to the middle of the nape of your neck, use elastic bands, section off the last third of the hair length at the ends in each section hair. Apply the colour to the sectioned off ends and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes. Then spread the colour an inch above the pre-sectioned spot, where the elastic bands used to be. Take your time to need a seamless transition from dark to light. Once you’re happy with the blending, let the colour sit for another 10 minutes. Finally, wash your hair, condition and style as normal…to make it clean. If your hair already has a dark permanent dye in it, I suggest seeing a professional’s advice before you make. Colour can not lift colour. So you don’t need to worry about that. Let come to Wigs Vietnamese hair and you can get a quality human hair weave. Morever, you will have the best colored hair whichever color you want.


To have a suitable, youthful and personalized hairstyle, it’s always the dream of many girls around the world today. InVietname, hair is considered to be a very important part of a girl’s beauty. So How can we choose the best hairstyle helps us to cover face defects and become more confident while highlighting the natural beauty of each girl. Finding out which of your faces and choose the most beautiful hairstyle wigs, we should understand about our face. The oval face is the most perfect, suitable for all long hair style, short hair, curly hair, straight hair … are very suitable, prominent features are narrow forehead, small chin on the face naturally, slender to make you attractive, noble. All your hair is glorified on harmonious face then do not choose too short or masculine hair style will lose the inherent beauty of the face.

The oval face almost fits all hairstyles Hairstyles suitable for long face. What about Long and thin faces, for a shorter and more balanced look, should not be straight, trimmed. Because the short hair style, slightly hug helps your face gourd and more lovely. The hair is horizontal and hugging to feel the buoyancy and gourd for your face, cover the long chin and thin skin. Let your hair hug and bounce to create a more natural and personal feeling Hairstyles suitable for round face. As one of the most popular faces of Asian countries, people with round faces should choose long hairstyles. Special tail curls make the face feel longer and more balanced.

If you choose a short shoulder-length hairstyle, choose a curly haircut or cut tail to embrace your face. Changing the image with this hair is perfectly reasonable. Choose the right hairstyle for the diamond face Diamond-shaped face with wide chin and square jaw. To choose the best hairstyle for this face, should be curly hair style, curl lightly, embrace the face to feel slender. Personally, you can dye some natural or brighter color, more attractive. A light curly hair combs dye color to create a more seductive.

In conclusion, change your style and make yourself more confident, more attractive in the eyes of others. Choose the most appropriate and natural hairstyle to help you stay comfortable and hide your shortcomings. Let’s call at our website so as to discover Vietnam hair.

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