The History Of Remy Hair – 3 Surprising Things You Must Know

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The History Of Remy Hair – 3 Surprising Things You Must Know
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Whenever women want to change their look instantly, there are two things they often use: makeup and hair weave. In the hair industry, premium hair extensions and wigs are made of virgin human hair or Remy hair.

How to maintain and distinguish hairpieces may be available everywhere on the Internet. However, the history behind the material constructed hair weaves isn’t very much accessible.

In this article, Layla Hair will take you back in time. We will learn about the history of Remy hair and three surprising facts behind this high-quality material.

When did we start using Remy hair

If you ever wonder who invented the idea of wigs and hair extensions, the answer may surprise you. According to anthropological evidence, people used hairpieces for fashion purposes as soon as 3400 BC.

During Cleopatra’s era, hair weaves were extremely popular. Many documented proof shows that Egyptian women utilized human hair and sheep’s wool to create sewn-on hair extensions, wigs, and braids.

3400 BC where no glue or tape was available, how would these women attach hair weaves into their existing hair? The answer is quite simple.


Egypt is known as the cradle of hair extensions. 

In the past, women used all kind of natural material, including wax from bees and trees. They even styled their artificial hair to make it look fashionable.

Cleopatra, the pioneer of wearing hair wigs, favored peacock blue. The ancient Egyptians dyed their hair into red and gold to enhance their natural features.

So, Remy hair for wig making has a long history. Along with its development and transformation, many exciting facts would wow you.

The history of Remy Hair – 3 surprising things you must know

Cleopatra and hair extensions

Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, is also known as a diplomat, linguist, and most importantly an extremely seductive woman.

The most recent evidence shows that Cleopatra isn’t as beautiful as depicted in historical records. However, that doesn’t stop her bewitching two Roman emperors: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

What are Cleopatra’s secrets?

For the most part, she was a self-confident woman. She challenged social norms and brought positive changes to society. What’s more, she created many fashion trends that we still follow until now.

The History Of Remy Hair - 3 Surprising Things You Must Know

Cleopatra is the queen of wigs and hair extensions.

It is said that Cleopatra was irresistible because of her body fume. She had secrets of perfume mixtures and even built a factory near the Dead Sea.

Furthermore, Cleopatra is the queen of wigs and hair extensions. Her favorite color is peacock blue. Thanks to her, this practice of wearing artificial hair has spread and still used until now.

Wigs were an indicator of wealth

In the 21st century, wigs are a sign of fashionability. They are also an excellent companion for women and men with hair issues, premature balding and excessive hair loss.

In the past, this is not the case. Remy hair wigs and extensions were only for the rich. That means if you are poor and bald, you have to accept your fate.

In ancient Egypt, only wealthy men and women could afford Remy hair wigs and extensions. However, unlike modern people, the Egyptians wore wigs mainly to combat the desert weather.

Wigs are also a great method to chase head lice away. Some men even shaved their hair and turned it into a wig.

In the 1700s in Europe and America, hair wigs were also popular among kings and the noble. Powdered wigs, to be exact, were an indicator of not only wealth but power.

The History Of Remy Hair - 3 Surprising Things You Must Know

During the 1700s, Remy hair wigs and extensions were only for the rich.

Looking at pictures in this period, you will see women with massive white bouffant or curls. Men were also addicted to this Perukes (the name of powdered wigs).

The use of Perukes was set thanks to King Louis. As soon as he started to turn bald, his fear of losing power urged him to wear wigs. This hair accessory helped him cover his shameful hair loss.

Eventually, the nobles, wealthy men and women adopted this practice and turned it into a sign of power and wealth.

Interesting enough though, there is another rumor why European started using Remy hair powdered wigs. During the 1700s, syphilis, a disease that caused hair loss, spread over London.

After that, people wore powdered wigs to hide their baldness. After all, the hair was a sign of social dignity. As a result, the Perukes hairstyle started to become prominent.

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Chinese men and Remy hair

Ancient China also valued the importance of hair. The nobles considered hair as invaluable belonging. They hardly ever cut their hair.

Men under the Qing dynasty must practice queue. It refers to the long braided hairstyle that Manchu men used. Front-line hair above the temples must be shaved after ten days.

At first, Han men, another Chinese minority group, resisted to the practice of queue. To forcefully introduce queue, Manchu governers killed off many educated Han scholars.

The History Of Remy Hair - 3 Surprising Things You Must Know

How queue was made under the Quing Dynasty. 

The funny thing is not long after that, the Xinhai Revolution in 1911 ended the practice of queue overnight. This hairstyle became obsolete and untrendy.

However, before it completely disappeared, Manchu men found a way to make money with their hair.

Since the long plaits were signs of the overthrown government, men with queue cut off their hair and sold them to hair traders. During the 1900s, most Remy hair distributors came from China.

Remy hair extensions today

After a long alteration and revolution, hair extensions come with all shapes and sizes. We no longer wear Perukus or massive hair Pompadour. Hairstyles nowadays emphasize the simplification and ease of modification.

In the late 80s, African women developed interest towards hair weaves as well. As the industry for hair extensions and wigs expand, more and more women are aware of the chance to make use of their hair.

Nowadays, hairpieces aren’t hard to get as they used to be before. Remy hair cost is more affordable thanks to the availability of this material.


Remy hair has gone through a long and fascinating history. Looking back, we could see how it was used and how dramatically it changed throughout history.

At present, this hair type continues dominating the hair industry, giving women the power to change their looks instantly.

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