Tips in taking care of hair extensions

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The more society develops, the more beautiful people care and attension. So many people use hair extensions to make themselves more beautiful. But you have never wondered how to make tips in taking care of hair extensions. I will share you the great secrets that.


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When buying a hair extension, the first thing you should consider is to look at how to take care of it, how to keep it longer and achieve the perfect quality. Taking care of hair extensions is an ongoing process, girlies, the results of which depend on you, your efforts and knowledge as well as your hair stylist

My list below will be great tips for you.

1.Clean your hair extensions as daily routines and important not to be missed. Get a soft, quality bristle brush to brush your hair extensions. Patience and meticulousness are indispensable in slowly brush each of the lock of hair one by one from top to bottom according to the instructions. Avoid excessive brushing that will weaken the hair and damage the shiny beauty of hair extensions. That also makes hair extensions tangle and you also do not want to use it again.


2.Wash carefully. Your clip-ins probably will not get dirty as often as your natural hair does, although that does not mean you are to wash them once in a blue moon. In a nutshell, carefully wet each part of your hair extensions on a technically correct manner. Be gentle so that you do not mess up the lock of hair will make hair extensions lose its beauty.

3.Condition like a pro. A nice, nourishing leave-in conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your hair extensions maintenance routine. spray it on or work it using the same downward motion, brush out any remaining tangles carefully and voila-your hair pieces are ready to be left to dry. No need to apply a whole lot of nourishing products at once as this could put your extensions at risk of being over-conditioned which normally is not a good thing at all as it will make them look dull and limp as well as cause them to get dirty again at a much faster rate.

Besides there are also some notes for better hair care. We hope this helps you so much. For more information contact us directly about tips in taking care hair extensions.

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