What is Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair?

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Raw Cambodian Hair

If you are working in this hair business, you might have seen this phrase several (or a lot of) times, showing the popularity of this beautiful hair type. But what is Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair and why is Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair so favorable? Let us find out in the article below.

What is Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair?

Honestly this is so simple to clarify. Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair is hair collected from Cambodian ladies. The reason that people call it raw is because it is virgin, unprocessed or minimal processed. Your Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair can be either remy or non-remy so be wise when choosing your vendor.


Is Cambodian Hair Good

Is the Raw Cambodian Hair Manufacturer you find uses real Cambodian Hair?

Now in the hair market, a lot of sellers say their hair name not same with origin of the hair, just to attract customers. If someone in Asia try to convince you that their hair is natural Peruvian or Brazilian hair,… at cheap price, be careful, 95% they are cheating you  and 99% their hair is processed.

However there are also some vendors that buy hair from neighbor country and weave, make lace products. For example, a Cambodian vendor can supply Burmese hair, and a Vietnamese vendor can supply Cambodian hair

What is the texture of Virgin Cambodian hair?

You might be misled if you are thinking all Raw Virgin Cambodian hairs are thick and course. Indeed, Virgin Cambodian hair can be either soft and silky or thick and course.

Let say coarse hair is heavily textured and silky hair is silky textured.

Heavily textured hair works perfect for ethnic women and women with heavily textured hair, while silky textured hair works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair.

My advice: when you are looking for hair, you should tell to seller that “I am looking for heavily textured (coarse and thick)” or “I am looking for silky textured“. They may support you better.


Benefits of using Raw Cambodian Hair

As being mentioned, most Raw Cambodian Hair are course and thick, and can blend seamlessly with loose African hair – which is of most wanted products.

Cambodian hairs are also available with various patterns: from the natural loose wavy pattern which are normally seen, to body wavy and the rare loose curly pattern. These patterns would always appear with the heavily textured type of Cambodian hairs and are the most favourable ones. Raw Virgin Cambodian hairs have natural wavy or curly patterns. This means that the waves and curls can last up forever as long as the hairs are still durable and taken with care.

This might be nothing new to people who possess wavy or curly hairs, but it is true to say that you don’t have to care for wavy or curly hairs as often as you do with straight hair extensions. When the scalp generates oil, it helps to define the curls and waves more, so one does not have to wash Raw Cambodian Hair as often and can still rock the hairs for days without being worried of losing the volume.

It is also easy to find really long hairs with Raw Virgin Cambodian Hair. Cambodian women often have healthy lifestyle, so the hairs do not have to be under tons of process to look healthy before landing on your hands.

Just like other types of Raw Hair, Raw Cambodian Hair is the best material when it comes to coloring. Because they are unprocessed, it is easier and takes fewer steps to get the hairs right color and appear more even. It is not recommended to bleach Raw Cambodian Hair (just as other types of hair), because even real human hair can get damaged after being bleached. However, if you are insist on having an ombre look using Raw Cambodian hair, just go with it. The only note is to use as much treatment as the hairs deserve.

Another good thing about Raw Cambodian Hair is that it can be provided with large quantity. Hair business is now a very prosperous and developing industry in South East Asia. More and more entrepreneurs are stepping in the game and this asks for a great supplier of Raw Cambodian Hair in these countries. Good news is that more and more Cambodian women are willing to give out their hair for a high income too.


Laylahair – Cambodian Hair Curly

Styling Raw Cambodian Hair

Because all patterns of Raw Cambodian Hair are natural, the waves and curls would not be the same in every bundle. If this does not please you, you might need the help of a curling iron to add curls to any where it needs.

A small tip when styling the hair is to test out on a small strand first to see if the temperature is suitable. Also, use treatment any where needed to protect your Raw Cambodian Hair.

The Bottom Lines

If Raw Cambodian Hair still sounds unfamiliar to you, place your order today to test the quality first. I am confident most of you would love the texture!

Author: Ruby

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