What To Do For Thinning Hair On Top Of Head?

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Everyone dreams about beautiful hair when you keep a good hair density with an acceptable daily hair fall. However, hair loss becomes more and more popular, making people lose their confidence. There are many signs of hair loss you can see: lighter ponytails, receding hair, more hair on the floor or after washing, etc. You can also notice hair loss through the top of your head. In our article today on Layla, let’s see what to do for thinning hair on top of head.

Thinning Hair On Top Of Head – What Is It?

Thinning hair on the crown can appear in both men and women. In men, a balding crown is a common sign of male pattern baldness (MPB) that they can suffer from at any age. MPB occurs when a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT causes side effects, especially when your body stops creating new hair. Not only men but women can also experience female pattern baldness with gradual thinning at the part line, then more hair loss at the top of the head.

What To Do For Thinning Hair On Top Of Head?
thinning hair on top of head

The reasons for a baldness crown can come from genetics, hormone changes (pregnancy, menopause, thyroid, etc.), medications (when you have to take drugs for heart diseases, gout, cancer, etc.), unhealthy diet, physical and emotional stress. Besides, excessive heat and chemicals can lead to more hair fall.

So, what to do about thinning hair on top of the head for women and men?

What To Do For Thinning Hair On Top Of Head

Apply Minoxidil Or Take Propecia

Minoxidil and Propecia have been clinically trialled and scientifically proven to help some people slow down further hair loss. While Minoxidil has a liquid or a foam form that you can apply directly on the bald spot, Propecia is a drug in tablet form that you take in. If you want to try these methods, it is essential to ask the doctor and follow the medication’s instructions. It may take time (depending on each condition) to see the improvement.

What To Do For Thinning Hair On Top Of Head?
minoxidil might help

Invest In Hair Replacement Surgery

What to do for thinning hair on top of head male? If you have thinning hair on top of your head because of genetics, it is difficult to boost hair growth. In this case, you can consider surgery. Tell the doctor about your condition and your budget, then he/she can recommend you to have a hair transplant that adds hair grafts to the bald section, or a scalp expansion, which develops new skin cells on your scalp.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

A poor diet can be a reason for thinner hair. Nutrient deficiency cannot help your body function well, including your scalp to create new hair. Therefore, remember to take enough nutrients in daily meals, especially the essential nutrients for your hair growth such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. Vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, etc. are great sources of nutrients. Some people may have to take supplements but do not forget to ask the doctor to ensure the benefits and avoid side effects. Besides, avoid unhealthy food as much as you can. Foods rich in fat, sugar or salt harm your whole body and your scalp. Moreover, water plays an important role in hydrating your scalp to prevent dryness, so remember to drink enough water every day.

What To Do For Thinning Hair On Top Of Head?
have a healthy lifestyle

Reduce Stress

The more stressed you are, the more hair loss you notice because stress makes hair rest sooner while new hair has not appeared. As a result, you should keep the stress under control. Let’s do some hobbies, exercise or massage the scalp to boost blood circulation. You may relax and feel better.

Have A Good Hair Care Routine

A good hair care routine is key to not only prevent hair loss but also enhance new hair growth. You have to start with suitable hair products for your scalp and your hair. Wrong hair products can cause many hair problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, dry hair and hair loss as well. Therefore, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully on the products’ bottles or ask for the hairstylists’ help. In addition, you should reduce heat and chemicals on your hair because they often lead to hair damage. Instead of using the hairdryer, you should let your hair dry naturally after washing. Otherwise, do not forget to apply a heat protectant. If your hair is styled or dyed, you need special products to maintain beauty and restore hair condition. When using hair products, you can massage your scalp gently. This way can not only help your hair root absorb nutrients better but also stimulate hair growth effectively.

Wear A Wig/ Hair Topper/ Toupee

This is the fastest way to hide thin hair on the top of your head, especially for women wondering what to do for thinning hair on top of head female. Applying a wig or a hair topper/ toupee are common nowadays due to its benefits: no chemicals and various choices. On some special occasions, it is an ideal option to change your appearance quickly. While a hair topper (for women) or a toupee (for men) can be used to cover a part of your head (the top in this case), a wig is effective for people having more parts of hair loss. The problem is where to buy high-quality products among so many brands on the market? With 100% human hair material and professional treatment, Layla can ensure a natural look when you use our products.

Moreover, you can choose different styles, lengths and colours in Layla. In case you do not like our available products, you can send us your order and we will make a suitable product for you. The feedback on our website is reliable evidence of our quality in making beauty products.

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If you experience baldness and are wondering what to do for thinning hair on top of your head, we hope the treatments we mentioned in this article are helpful for you. However, it is essential to consult a doctor to find the most suitable solution for your condition. In case you want to buy Layla’s products, we are willing to help you through email or hotline. 

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