Wig Sizing – It Seems Easy, But Actually It’s Not

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Whenever you buy something such as clothes or a pair of shoes, it is essential to get the correct size for a perfect fit. So are wig sizing. Choosing the right wig measurements is the priority for your wig. If you are a first-time wearer then you should not miss this article to make sure you know how to measure head for wig. 

Preparations before sizing 

Not many people know that when they take head measurements, they should slick back or mold down their hair. 

To have the most accurate hair inches chart, you have to take true steps.

For those who have long hair, collect the hair in a ponytail. You can also make a braid pattern. If your hair is short, put it together then use a wig cap to place your hair further down. 

More simply, you can also part your hair if you want to save time for measuring head sizes

Make a middle line to divide your hair into two halves when you want to measure the forehead-to-nape. Begin from your hairline to the end of the nape. 

When wig sizing from the ear to the ear, make a horizontal line from the top of your head then separate the halves of the top and the bottom. 

Wig Sizing - It Seems Easy, But Actually It's Not
wig length chart

Wig length chart

To know how to measure head size, you should first know what the general sizes for wigs are. Let’s take a look at the hair inch chart below. 

The Petite wigs (small): between 21-21.5 inches for circumference, 13 -13.25 inches for ear to ear and 13.25 – 13.75 inches for front to back

The average wigs: between 22 – 22.5 inches for circumference, 13.5 -13.75 inches for ear to ear and 14.25 – 14.75 inches for front to back. One interesting fact is that the customers having this average human head size account for 90 percent. So do not be surprised if you are in the average head size when measuring wig size.

The Large wigs: between 22.5 – 23 inches for circumference, 13.75- 14 inches for ear to ear and 14.75 – 15 inches for front to back.

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How to measure your head for a wig?

To get the most perfect fit wig for your head, take these different ways to measure:

Head circumference

To measure your head circumference, begin at the middle of your forehead, stretch the tape measure behind one ear to your nape then continue to your other ear. 

Measure from the end of the tape to the point at the starting. 

Wig Sizing - It Seems Easy, But Actually It's Not
how to measure head for wig

Front to back

Lay the tape measure in the center of your hairline at your forehead then stretch it down over the back of your head to the nape at the base of your hairline.

Across forehead (ear-to-ear hairline at forehead)

Put the tape measure in one ear then pull the tape across your hairline at the other ear.  

Over the top (ear-to-ear over the top of your head)

It’s similar to measuring across the forehead. Put the tape measure in one ear then pull the tape over the top of your head to the other ear. 

Around the back (temple-to temple behind your back head)

A lot of customers miss this step when getting wig sizes, so do not forget it.

Put the tape measure at one temple next to your eyebrow then stretch around the back side of your head to the other temple.

The nape of your neck

Put the tape measure behind one ear, next to the bottom of the ear lobe, then stretch the tape around the base of your hairline to the other ear. 

With all the steps above, the wig sizing process is done. Pass the records to the seller and they will advise you on which is the best wig size to choose.

How to choose the wig that fits your face?

After knowing how to measure cap size, you might consider which wig is suitable with the shape of your face to accentuate the contours of your look.

Oval face

The oval face is a favorite face shape of girls because it is proportional and suitable for almost any wig style. So the choice will depend on your preferences. The most suitable wigs for oval faces will be those with bouncy hair. You can choose long hairs with side slanting bangs or medium length hair with layers.

Square face shape

The characteristic of the square face shape is that the jaw is angled to equal the width of the forehead, so it is best not to choose straight hairstyles. A short bob hairstyle with volume at the top and sides will reduce the squareness of the face and perfectly accentuate the jawline. If you want to soften the edges of your face, layers or waves can help.

Wig Sizing - It Seems Easy, But Actually It's Not
different wig sizes and styles at Laylahair

Round face 

Girls with round faces often have wide, round and full hairlines in the area below the cheekbones. The widest part of the face is where the cheeks and ears are. So the best wigs for this face shape should create volume at the top, and straighter at the cheekbones to make the face appear longer. Side parted hairstyles are also great because they soften the fullness of your cheeks. Avoid hairstyles that are rounded at the jawline, this will reflect the shape of your face and add to your roundness. Long hair will be the perfect choice for them.

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Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face usually has a wide forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin contour, which looks like an inverted triangle. Hairstyles with bangs that fall across the forehead will make the face look more symmetrical. Lob or long bob hairstyle will also be a perfect choice. Try to avoid hairstyles with volume at the top, which will make the narrow chin stand out more and make the face look disproportionate.

Long face

Usually, the forehead and jawline of a long face are similar in width, and especially the cheek line is straight. So the secret to choosing wigs with long faces is to increase the width instead of the height. A wavy wig with loose curls will be the ideal way to balance the face. Short hairstyles will also work just make sure they are short enough to add some volume to your look.

We hope that with our informative guide above, you’re now more confident in choosing the wig sizing and finding the most suitable one for yourself. Feel free to reach us if you have any questions or need further information!

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