You can own a toupee with going out!

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Nowadays, both women and men have the right of making beauty. It is so easy to see that. Clearly, men also take care of their hair like women. According to many statistics, it show that men have many hair problem more than women although you think men have less hair than women. I can tell some disease relating to baldness such as Androgenic Alopecia, Cicatricial Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, Involutional Alopecia, Tinea Capitis,…. With men, their attraction is their hair, excepting face. They look polite and handsome if they have hair or they simply don’t want to become a joke due to bald head. This make them feel serious and mad. Which solution can help them? This is applying a toupee. A man or woman suffering with baldness need to a toupee. Why? Today, with me find out this reason.


What is toupee? Toupees are small hairpieces which is served for the customer who need to cover partial or full baldness, especially men. However, some girls also like toupee because of following tomboy hairstyle, naughty hairstyle or pixie. Back to the problem of today, I can see that people who suffer with baldness usually lost their self-confidence in front of the crowd. As a result, they conceal this disease, go out less than often. You feel embarrassed if you walk into a salon or hair replacement store to purchase a toupee. Don’t worry, I will show you two way how to own a toupee without leave your home.

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  • Firstly, you can make yourself a toupee at home. Now, I will show you how to make a toupee. It’s not really difficult to do as you think. You need to prepare the following items: styrofoam head, human hair, scissors, bonding glue, a blow dryer and a small paint brush. You need to follow the 6 steps below:
  1. Buy a or two package of raw human hair from a store of a reliable human hair supplier. You should choose the length be longer than you want in order that you can easily cut and style it(in somes cases you may unfortunately break it) and the color blending with your bio hair or the color you like. If you want your toupee to look natural, don’t buy synthetic hair.
  2. Purchase a wig cap which blend with your natural skin. Put the wig cap on the Styrofoam head, making sure it tightly covers entire head.
  3. Take hair out of package. Organize and position it in place you want to on the Styrofoam head. Because you can be full bald or partial bald, the place hair is arranged is different.
  4. Use a paint brush to apply bonding glue to hair which has been arranged. Place the glued this hair track on the wig cap. Start gluing the remainder of the hair tracks beginning from the base all the way up to the top of the head, giving each track a slight press tightly to hold them in place. Cover overall the head and make sure the wig cap is not able to seen.
  5. In order to dry the glued tracks rapidly, use your blow dryer with the medium heat to dry the overall Styrofoam head after gluing all the tracks to the head have been finished.
  6. Take your complete toupee along with the Styrofoam head to a professional hairstylist to have it cut and styled. If you are dexterous, you can cut and style your toupee. Now, you only enjoy your new natural looking toupee.
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  • Notice me, this is second way how to own a toupee. This way help you save time and you don’t need to go out. Access internet and drop in on the online store of human hair supplier. Remember to find the best toupee supplier. Layla Hair is proud of being one of the supplier having prestigate with every customer. Layla hair’s store have different types of toupee with different shapes, sizes and colors. If you wonder whether the color of toupee blend with your skin or not or the size of toupee due to worrying about its fitlessness or the color of toupee, you can contact us directly through this website( or phone number (+84989633424). We are already help you solve the hair problem and answer every question’s customer anywhere in the world anytime. After finding the best toupee for yourself and finishing ordering, give us your address where you can receive goods and we will deliever to your door. At that time, you only need to receive and check your order. Layla hair’s toupee is made of 100% real human hair and the hair’s quality is so great. You completely can have peace of mind about toupee’s quality and price. We hope you can be given the best service for our customers.
  • Thank you for your concern!

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