It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bad hair day can take your day, which seems to be flawlessly perfect, and ruin it. On the flip side of that, your day would be much better with a nice haircut. These tressess are not just “hair” – it means so much more than that. And Laylahair is here to make your hair day better. No matter what hair problems are annoying you, we believe we can bring you the great experience everyone is dreaming of.

Laylahair starts with a dream to offer ladies and men the experience that if we were in this situation, we would also want to get. As people who suffer from hair issues, what do we expect to receive? We want personal advice. We want to be fully acknowledged about the exact problem we’re facing, about the options that we can choose from. We want the new hair to be better than, or at least, the same as our old hair. More than anything else, we would want someone who really cares about us, and who we can trust to bring us a new & beautiful appearance. 

Values that Layla delivers

Laylahair takes an in-and-out approach to beauty. We know you are struggling with your hair, we emphasize with it, and are always ready to support. 

We make hair issues no longer a nightmare

Everyone wants to have good hair, but unfortunately God couldn’t help all. Many ladies and men outside are facing serious hair problems like shedding, thinning, and breakage. Layla well understand what you are going through. And that’s why we run our business on the very first days. 

We started with sharings about all the experiences and knowledge we have in this field. We provide a deep approach into haircare, at the same time producing the top-notch hair source we could find to make hairpiece. With unmatched quality, our hair can offer you a totally new, trendy, and fashionable look. 

Understanding the burgeoning demand of clients for state-of-the-art hairpieces, Laylahair has never stopped doing research and test to create brand-new products that are both red-hot and quality-assured. 

We also support newborn hair business

Besides individual clients, a large porpotion of our sales come from other hair vendors. Many hair companies and brands have got in touch with us for private consultation. Many others just come with a question or to listen to our sharings about how we establish our business and make it thrive. 

Ms. A (the name is shortened due to confidentiality) is from Nigeria. She first reached us just for a sample order of only 300 gram of hair, with an aim to test the quality before signing for a large order. She was totally satisfied with what she got and decided to fly to Vietnam to discuss more about further purchase. Finally A placed a new order for several hair products, the value of which was over 10,000 USD. And this was just the start of our long-term partnership. 

Another partner, Mr. J & Mr. H from France, during their travel in Vietnam, they visitted us and take a tour to our office and factories to see how Laylahair operates. They saw our hair and our manufacturing process one of the best that they’ve ever seen. After all, J & H has brought us large orders in a regular basis. The value is so enormous that we then decided to establish a totally new factory just to serve their purchase. 

Laylahair started from zero, hence we know what new business has to struggle with, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have never hesitated to consult and support when our friends, our clients are in need. A wholesale quotation with the nicest prices is advised to our business partners, also. Making profit is essential, but it is not the first priority. We have a whole lot more to care about, and we are doing our best to make policies that could be the most beneficial to both our clients and ourselves. See our terms and policies here.

A, J, and H are just some cases among the many stories of our valued customers, who came to us for help and ended up as friendly business partners. 

Take a glimpse at what our customers tell about Laylahair. 

Layla cares about the society

In many places in the countryside of Vietnam, impoverishment has prevented women from having a proper education. That ends up with the fact that they have to do seasonable jobs to earn little money, which is just enough to help them survive in a fast developing pace of life. 

Empathizing with their difficulties, Laylahair decided to settle our factories in this far-reached countryside instead of in bustling cities. We recruited local women, trained them with the essential skills, offer them long-term jobs, and of course, pay them what they deserve. We make every effort to increase their employability, making sure that they will no longer be unable to find a good job. 

Every business is to make money. However, we understand that we cannot just receive it. We should also give something back to society, to the community where we are living. Ever since the very first days of our company, Laylahair always works toward our missions, which are “to bring high-quality hair products to clients while creating values to society”.

Final words

Needless to say, hair is a huge part of our identities. We can dress it up or dress it down, to reflect our personality, to attract attention, to project a chosen identity or to seize the mood of the moment. It seems to have power over us, but in fact, despite being under its control, we definitely can have power over our hair. Come to Laylahair and let us help you find the right way to shine your beauty. 



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