Why We Are Here

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bad hair day can take your day, which seems to be flawlessly perfect, and ruin it. On the flip side of that, your day would be much better with a nice haircut. These tresses are not just “hair” – it means so much more than that. It’s such a major part of our identities.

Laylahair is here to make your hair day better. No matter what hair problems are annoying you, we believe we can bring you the great experience everyone is dreaming of.

Values that Layla delivers

Laylahair start with a dream to offer ladies and men the experience that if we were in this situation, we would also want to get.

As people who suffer from hair issues, what do we expect to receive? We want personal advice. We want to be fully acknowledged about the exact problem we’re facing, about the options that we can choose from. We want the new hair to be better than, or at least, the same as our old hair. More than anything else, we would want someone who really cares about us, and who we can trust to bring us a new & beautiful appearance. 

Laylahair takes an in-and-out approach to beauty. We know you are struggling with your hair, we emphasize and are always ready to support.

We started with sharings about all the experiences and knowledge we have in this field. We provide a deep approach to haircare, at the same time producing the top-notch hair source we could find to make hairpieces. With unmatched quality, our hair can offer you a totally new, trendy, and fashionable look.  Also, understanding the burgeoning demand of clients for state-of-the-art hairpieces, Laylahair has never stopped doing research and test to create brand-new products that are both red-hot and quality-assured. 

Besides individual clients, a large proportion of our sales come from other hair vendors. Many hair companies and brands have got in touch with us for private consultation. Many others just come with a question or to listen to our sharings about how we establish our business and make it thrive. 

Every business is to make money. However, we understand that we cannot just receive it. We should also give something back to society, to the community where we are living. 

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What We Supply


We offer a wide range of human hair extensions, including clip-ins, tape-ins, halo, etc. Both retailing and wholesaling are available.

Hair Weave

The hair is made of real hair strands collected from healthy vendors. Our hair products are famous for their strength and shine.



Besides, we sell finished wigs (full lace wigs, frontal wigs, closure wigs) at reasonable prices. These items are made up of your requirements.

human Hair topper laylahair

Topper & Toupee

We have top-notch hairpieces to help wearers disguise hair defects. We supply basic base sizes that fit your head perfectly.

Invest in your hair,
it is the crown you
never take off

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