When purchasing Human hair extensions online and 100 percent human hair extensions, it is often difficult to know where to begin. With numerous styles, colors, types of human hair extensions and wholesale human hair extensions brand names, picking out the suitable tape in human hair extensions, human hair extensions weave or I tip human hair extensions for the first time can be overwhelming. Choosing between human hair and synthetic hair is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will make when selecting cheap hair extensions. Don’t sweat, Layla Hair – the best human hair extensions brand – will help you to make a right decision and buy the cheapest 100 human hair extensions. Let read on!

Human hair extensions vs. synthetic hair extensions

From valuable experience Layla Hair gained, we can say that synthetic hair extensions are radically different from best human hair extensions. The former is fake and poor quality obviously and the latter is not! From Layla Hair’s point of view, you should opt for 24 inch human hair extensions cheap, human hair extensions for braids and ombre human hair extensions clip in. Here are some reasons.
Firstly, unlike sew in human hair extensions, real human hair extensions clip in and balayage human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions have an unnatural shine that does not look very attractive and good-looking, especially under the sunlight. Instead of blonde human hair extensions, white human hair extensions and ombre human hair extensions, a lot of girls choose to wear synthetic hair because it is cheaper. It could be affordable and acceptable if you are dressing up for Halloween holidays or if you are wearing hair extensions just at night. Nevertheless, if you are a punctilious person wanting natural look when showing up before other people, 100% human hair extensions, thick clip in human hair extensions and black human hair extensions from Layla Hair are the right choice.
Secondly, Layla Hair just uses 100% Remy virgin hair to manufacture beautiful blonde clip in human hair extensions, 22 inch human hair extensions, 26 inch human hair extensions and other products. Therefore, our human hair extensions sale such as wavy clip in human hair extensions full head and yaki clip in human hair extensions can be colored, permed and styled just like your own hair. In stark contrast, synthetic hair extensions cannot take heat as the same way that high quality human hair extensions can. If you try straightening, curling or perming your synthetic hair extensions, guess what will happen? It will melt under high temperature for sure, even worse, it will burn.
In other words, our one piece human hair extensions, silver human hair extensions and blonde human hair extensions clip in are flexible, washable, heat-friendly, whereas, the textures of synthetic hair extensions are fixed and unchangeable. In order to change your hairstyles on regular basis, rather than having cheap human hair extensions or african american human hair extensions only, you have to buy a number of synthetic hair extensions with different textures. So, at the end of the day, buying synthetic hair is more expensive than ombre clip in human hair extensions, white blonde human hair extensions or grey human hair extensions. With 100 human hair extensions, cheap human hair extensions full head and clip in curly human hair extensions from Layla Hair, you can gain the styling versatility with ease if you wish to alter the style.
Layla Hair cannot understand why some Wholesale hair vendors could feel ok with mixing synthetic hair or even animal hairs into perfectly glue human hair extensions. This kind of trick might bring some benefits for those wholesale hair vendors, especially when their customers order cheap human hair extensions in bulk. However, this bad combination will lose the trust of the buyers when they find out its fake human hair extensions. Layla Hair really hates mixing synthetic hair and human hair into cheap clip in human hair extensions. We are reputable and reliable company supplying 100 real human hair extensions because cutting virgin Vietnamese and Cambodian hair is not a problem with us. Hence, you do not need to worry about the quality of cheap human hair extensions from Layla Hair.
Thirdly, what happens if you yearn for changing the color of your synthetic hair extensions? Could you blench and dye them normally? The answer must be NO. Can you dye human hair extensions, cheap sew in human hair extensions or human hair extensions tape in? The answer must be YES. Well, after being formed, synthetic hair actually does not take hair dye very well, so recolouring is not possible. Unlike best human hair extensions, you cannot blench the former colour of synthetic hair extensions and rely on them to be the exact color you with. At Layla Hair, clip on human hair extensions come in a variety of textures, colours and styles so you can match your own hair texture very closely with our true human hair extensions.
Moreover, synthetic hair extensions also show a propensity for getting into so many knots, frizzy and tangles that it can be nearly impossible to brush out. Conversely, with good shampoos and conditioners, 100 Remy human hair extensions are very silky, smooth, no shedding and tangle-free. In term of the longevity, with proper care, red human hair extensions clip in can last a year and a half when worn daily and took care with the best shampoo for human hair extensions. Whereas, synthetic hair extensions with a lifespan of merely severer months obviously do not last as long as cheap real human hair extensions. Colored human hair extensions and wefted human hair extensions feel very smooth when you touch and can look incredibly natural. It is challenging for your friends and family members to detect that you are wearing human hair extensions.
However, everything has its own perks and cons, Human hair extensions wefts, brazilian clip in human hair extensions and platinum blonde human hair extensions are no exception. Let Layla Hair reveal some minor disadvantages of 100 human hair extensions and thick human hair extensions. Firstly, if you want your curly clip in human hair extensions last as long as they can, you need a high maintenance. Because our best human hair extensions like your own hair with live cuticles, they need to be washed, deep-conditioned with best shampoo and conditioner for human hair extensions as well as re-styled on a regular basis. Ask Layla Hair to know how to wash human hair extensions, grey clip in human hair extensions and wavy human hair extensions clip in.
Another thing you should take into consideration when buying human hair extensions clip in and clip in human hair extensions for African Americans is the cost. To create high-quality Remy human hair extensions clip in, Layla Hair has to harvest virgin long Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair from young and healthy donors, as a consequence, Remy human hair extensions and long human hair extensions are typically more expensive than synthetic one. Additionally, like your natural hair would, human hair extensions clips, weft human hair extensions and other best brand human hair extensions react to the weather and can become frizzy, limp or dry depending on the weather. Finally, human hair extensions can feel heavier than synthetic hair extensions of a similar length and style.
So now, with useful information from Layla Hair, you can compare Remy human hair extensions vs. synthetic hair extensions, right? It is advisable to thoroughly weigh up the pros and cons of Remy human hair extensions and synthetic hair to arrive a right decision. If there is anything you don’t understand about wavy human hair extensions near me, 24 inch clip in human hair extensions or 22 inch clip in human hair extensions, just contact Layla Hair, our customer service officers are willing to explain to you. To gain the satisfaction, let see some best human hair extensions reviews and then purchase one piece Clip in human hair extensions at Layla Hair right now!