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In the world where the demand for beauty is rising day by day, there appear more and more products that help ladies to achieve their dream appearance. Hair extensions are one of them. As the supply increases, the requirements get higher, too. Women are no longer satisfied with the classic extensions that are complicated to wear. Instead, they are haunting toward the new, seamless kind of extensions that blend excellently with their real hair without much effort. And they are Halo Hair Extensions

Being exceptionally easy to attach and damage-free, halo hair extensions have been on its way to become the most favorable hair enhancers for women. 

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions are a simple, one-step method to add significant volume to thin hair. Instead of using tapes, keratins, or the like, halo extensions stay in place on your head by using a thin, invisible, and adjustable nylon wire. It is the perfect option for first-time wearers and can be used for daily wears just after a few minutes of application. 

How Does Halo Hair Extensions Work?

A halo weft extension tends to weight around 180 – 200 grams and it goes around your head with only that one strip of hair. There is a nylon wire that connects the two edge of the weft, working to secure the extensions on your head. There are also some clips on the extensions for added security if necessary. 

Halo Hair Extensions - The Key For Seamlessly Thicker Hair | Laylahair

halo hair extensions

Just so you know, there are no one-size-fits for all head sizes. The length of the nylon wire varies from 15.5 cm to 22.5 cm to allow wearers to choose from. Therefore, before trying this kind of hair extensions, measure your head and pick the correct wire size in advance. Otherwise, your hair extensions might too high or too low on your crown. 

So, how to determine the size? 

Pick a certain wire and hook it to the Halo. If the halo hair extensions do not touch the back of your head and keep moving, then it is too big. In contrast, if you feel the extensions are too tight and high chances are it might pop off and cause pressure to your head, it means the Halo is too small. Try another wire and do the same until you find one that feels exceptionally comfortable and secure on your scalp. It should not be too tight or too loose. Furthermore, a matching extension shouldn’t move when you shake your head. 

Will Halo Hair Extensions Slip Or Fall Out? 

Because the application is exceptionally simple, many people wonder about security.

Rest assured. If you attach the extensions correctly, halo hair extensions won’t fall out. That is the reason why there are clips attached to the weft. If you feel insecure with the wire, you can secure the weft better by clipping it in. If the halo is of a matching size and you wear it properly, it won’t slip. Wearers can even whip your tresses back and forth!

Halo Hair Extensions - The Key For Seamlessly Thicker Hair | Laylahair

halo hair extensions are easy to wear and remove

Why Halo Hair Extensions?

Still feel insecure? To further convince you about the excellence of halo human hair extensions, let’s scan through the reviews of halo hair extensions benefits:

Halo Hair Extensions Are Super Easy To Apply

Halo is perhaps the easiest-to-apply kind of hair extensions on real hair. If you take a look at the halo hair extensions tutorial, you can see people put this strip of hair on just within a few minutes. 

There is no need to go to a hair salon or ask for a professionalist to help you install the hair. You will not need to follow any complicated instructions, either. Just position the Halo over the hair buns, which you should section in advance, secure the clips (if any), and it’s done. 

Removal is super easy, also. Just remove the clips (if any) and then take the Halo out. There is no kind of adhesive bonding, so it takes only a few seconds to remove. 

Halo Hair Extensions Pose No Damage To Your Real Hair

Similar to clip in hair extensions, Halo hair extensions are damage-free to use. You don’t need to use any attachment aids like glue, tape, or keratin adhesives, which negatively affect the hair follicles. Anyone who has tried the conventional kinds of hair extensions might have experienced the discomfort of these types. Not only are they complicated to apply, but they might also cause itchiness and discomfort to the scalp and your real strands when being on your head. 

The story is totally different from halo human hair extensions. As long as you use the high-quality hair that is flea-free, the halo won’t entail any damage. It offers flawless volume to your thin hair while being exceptionally comfortable to wear. 

Halo Hair Extensions - The Key For Seamlessly Thicker Hair | Laylahair

halo human hair extensions are damage-free

The Maintenance Does Not Require Many Efforts

Of course, halo hair extensions need proper care. However, compared to other kinds of extensions and wigs, it requires less care. You will not need to mind the roots where the tape or the keratin fusion stays as what you often do with these kinds. Instead, just invest in a good-quality hair and care for the strands are enough. 

To make sure the hair always looks shiny and healthy, it is advisable to buy the halo made from Remy human hair. The hair cuticles are retained and follow one same direction, so it would be easier to take care. 

If the extensions are made from high-quality hair and given the halo proper care, you can use it up to a few years! 

It Won’t Cost You Much

Rather than investing a certain amount for glue-in or fusion hair extensions, it is better to pay for halo hair extensions. How much are halo hair extensions? Considering the cost of extensions you will need to pay, not one time but several times, the price of halo hair extensions is exceptionally affordable. 

The cost for the first purchase might be higher than other kinds of extensions due to its high-end quality; however, if you take a long-term view, it is indeed cheaper. For example, if you buy packs of glue-in extensions, you will need to replace it every 3 months (or sooner) because the glue no longer holds strongly. On the contrary, a strip of halo hair extensions can be used up to a year. In other words, you will need to purchase fewer times. Consequently, the cost is reduced, obviously. 

Halo Hair Extensions - The Key For Seamlessly Thicker Hair | Laylahair

it can be worn for a long time

Halo Hair Extensions Add Seamless Volume

If you feel other types of hair extensions do not look natural enough, halo hair is what you should opt for. It can blend to your real hair seamlessly and naturally if you choose the right size, length, color, and style. 

Where To Buy Halo Hair Extensions?

Synthetic Hair or Human Hair?

Obviously, Remy human hair halo extensions would be the best choice. Made from 100% human hair, the extensions would appear seamlessly on your real hair thanks to its coincidence in texture. It won’t appear to be too shiny or too fakely smooth like synthetic extensions do. 

If you want to style the extensions like dyeing, balayage, or curling, it is recommended to opt for virgin hair. It refers to the hair collected as a bundle from one donor or the hair that shares the same texture. This kind of hair, hence, would be beneficial when you want to re-style it. It will pose the least damage to the hair strands. 

Halo Human Hair Extensions At Laylahair

To make sure the halo hair extensions will be perfect, you had better buy it at a reliable hair vendor. Laylahair is a trustworthy name to lay your trust on. 

Having been providing human hair extensions for years, Laylahair is now a leading hair vendor not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. Our products are made from 100% top-notch human hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodian donors. 

Halo Hair Extensions - The Key For Seamlessly Thicker Hair | Laylahair

We have experienced experts who have designed and manufactured different kinds of extensions for women. Therefore, Laylahair understands well the method of making them as well as how to optimize their usage. 

Coming to Laylahair, not only will you get the excellent pieces of halo human hair extensions but you can also get served with all our hearts. Our enthusiastic sales and support team are always willing to assist you in any questions or inquiries you might have. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Halo Hair Extensions

Can You Wear Halo Hair Extensions On Short Hair?

Do halo hair extensions work on short hair? The sad news is, halo hair extensions seem to be designed for girls with medium or long thin hair. Of course, if you want to buy this halo strip to try on your short hair, let’s try. You can combine short halo hair extensions and sets of clip-ins as an addition to turn your thin short hair to a much fuller one. 

However, to be honest, we only recommend using this type of hair extensions on medium or long hair as it would be easier to blend and would be more cost-effective. 

Do Halo Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

As said before, halo hair extensions pose little to no damage to your bio hair. It uses no chemical or kinds of adhesive to be secured on your head, so it won’t pose any risks. 

Chances of damage might appear only when you pick the wrong wire size. If the loop is too tight, it might cause itchiness and uncomfort to your crown. 

Do Halo Hair Extensions Hurt?

As long as you choose the right nylon wire size and adjust it correctly, it won’t hurt to wear halo hair extensions. 

Can You Style Halo Extensions?

Definitely YES. You can feel free to curl, straighten, or dye the extensions as you desire. If your extensions are made from high-quality human hair, the results would be great while the damage is unseen. However, bear in mind to use a heat protectant spray in advance if you want to style it. It would help prevent the strands from breakage.