We will start by answering you:”What is Vietnamese hair?” It is the hair collected from Vietnamese ladies. In other words, Vietnamese hair extensions is made from Vietnamese donor’s. As a result, Vietnamese hair has outstanding and different feature to other types of hair, meaning that other countries’s people’s hair. Why do I say that? I will give some well-founded statement from the experts about Vietnamese hair.

As one of the biggest Vietnamese hair supplier in the market, Layla Hair Wholesale Hair Vendor promises to bring you the most beautiful array of Vietnamese Hair, handly picked from healthy donors who have little to none processed their Vietnamese hair before! Raw Virgin Vietnamse hair extensions is thick, washable and can be colored and lifted like nothing you have ever seen before. Give us opportunities, Layla Hair Wholesale Vietnamese human hair will offer to you the best quality of Vietnamese hair Toppers and toupee than ever. Let us know if you are interested in our Vietnamese hair extensions or Vietnamese hair topper for thinning crown.

Some hair topper salon in the world consider natural Vietnamese hair as a high-quality hair. Is that true? Layla Hair Vendor with a long experience in collecting and manufacturing hair is completely sure that the quality of Vietnamese hair is outstanding and superior. Let find out some reasons for that question.

In general, Vietnam hair suppliers highly appreciate raw Vietnamese hair. This is because the fact that Vietnamese girls always pay attention to take care of their Vietnamese hair. Natural hair is made of protein, so they keep a healthy diet and practice good hygiene in order to maintain super long and silky Vietnamese Hair Extensions. Vietnamese women always utilize a good-quality shampoo having natural components to take care of their Vietnamese hair. The characteristic of Vietnamese hair wash is that they wash their Vietnamese hair regularly in order to keep their Vietnamese hair clean and fragrant.

The sound advice of Vietnamese hair salons like hair bar Vietnam and other Vietnamese hair stylists is to shampoo your hair at most every other day or only twice a week. Washing hair too often can leave hair dried out and may damage your hair. Vietnamese women avoid doing that, hence, they possess a very healthy and thick Vietnamese hair, no split ends. There are not many countries where women have a long hair like in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnamese hair Extensions in general and Vietnamese body wave hair in regular is also widely known as an out-of-this-world hairstyle.

More importantly, women in Vietnam carefully choose the Vietnamese shampoo that suits Vietnamese hairstyle. For example, Vietnamese hair curly probably wants frizz-minimizing or softening shampoo that is creamy and has natural oils in it. Vietnamese straight hair, which is a common Vietnamese hairstyle, wants a gentle shampoo designed for daily washing. Coloured or treated Vietnamese hair probably needs a shampoo that’s added with extracts or amino acids, because treating Vietnamese hair is essentially damaging it. Dry Vietnamese hair and Vietnam hair extensions probably need good shampoos with collagen to help restore some moisture to the Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese girls seem fully aware of their hairstyles and Vietnamese hair texture, so they easily choose the right shampoo which helps Vietnamese hair burnished.

Additionally, Vietnamese tradition places a very important on the natural beauty. And Vietnamese hair beauty is no exception. In fact, Vietnamese haircut is very simple and natural. Vietnamese girls style their Vietnamese hair naturally, minimizing styling damage such as straightening, curling, and bleaching or repeatedly colouring hair if at all possible. For this reason, Layla Hair Wholesale Vietnamese and Cambodian Hair Vendors can collect a large number of Raw Virgin Vietnamese hair in bulk with the best quality. Besides, after collecting raw Vietnamese hair, Layla Hair Vendor is able to manufacture a wide range of Remy hair products including Vietnam Remy hair extensions, Human hair toppers, Vietnamese hair toupee for men or Vietnamese hair full lace closures.

Another thing that makes raw Vietnamese hair become globally known is that girls in Vietnam dry their Vietnamese hair naturally. They try not to use hair dryers because 100% healthy human hair and Vietnamese blonde hair do not respond well to the heat. Vietnamese hair is strong, healthy and can sustain heat damage easily, especially from blow-dryers. If  Vietnam girls use a blow-dryer, they try to dry their Vietnamese hair Extensions using the lowest temperature setting and limit usage to once a week. Therefore, a lot of Vietnam top hair stylist and Vietnam hair institutes can buy Vietnamese hair extensions with excellent quality.

Human Vietnamese hair wholesale and Vietnamese hair vendors are very keen on collecting Vietnamese long hair. Layla Hair Vietnamese hair vendors supply a number of Vietnamese hair extensions and wig closures for best hair salons in Vietnam such as art hair Vietnam. Layla Hair Vendor collects Vietnamese hair from the single young women. It means they are the new Vietnamese hair cut off from one head, unprocessed, not dyed from Vietnamese young women, without nits, in the same direction. It is called Remy Vietnamese hair – one of the most precious products in Layla Hair Factory. Getting Vietnamese hair extensions, toppers and mens toupee in Layla Hair Wholesale Hair Vendors is your right choice. Let verify the quality of Vietnamese hair and Vietnamese wholesale products from Layla Hair Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Vendors right now!