30 inches Straight Weave Vietnamese Virgin Hair

30 inches Straight Weave Vietnamese Virgin Hair


32 inch weave Long Straight Human Remy Hair

32 inch weave Long Straight Human Remy Hair

14 Inches Curly Cambodian Hair Machine Weave

14 inches weave Cambodian Curly hair extensions

With 14 inches weave lenght (35 cm) of Cambodian and Vietnamese curly hair machine weft, customers are supposed to have medium-length hair which is not too short or too long. 14 inches curly weave hair will tend to fall around the shoulder which makes your look so natural and never goes out of fashion. It feels and looks just like part of your normal head of hair, creating a style with natural movement and body.

Many hairstyles can be created with 14 inches curly weave hair like pull off a low ponytail. You will look fabulous. Or you can make some tiny curls. Who knew something so simple could completely define a look? The ends will create a pretty look of goodness. 14 inches curly Cambodian hair and Vietnamese weft hair can be washed and styled or curled with heated appliances without damage.


14 inchese curly weave Cambodian and Vietnamese hair-Laylahair
Vietnamese and Cambodian Hair Extensions- LaylaHair

Besides, Laylahair Company always supplies a range of different lengths for customers ‘options. Colors are also available range from brightest of blondes to deep black shades which suit all kind of skin tones. Highlighted colors and ombre-colors are also alternative fashion choices whether for not just short but also curls or waves. For 14 inches Cambodian curly weave hair, we have single drawn and double drawn quality for you to choose.

Single drawn quality would contain 50% of full length hair, the 50% of shorter hairs and medium hairs. For double quality, the shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine and the portion is 70%-30% so it means much fuller than single drawn quality. For 14 inches curly weave Vietnamese & Cambodian hair extensions, we recommend you using double drawn quality because it will work efficiently to enhance your own hair more luxuriously.

14 inch curly weave in Layla Hair Company

14 inches Weave Cambodian Curly Hair in Laylahair

14 inches weave lenght(100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions)

Laylahair Company is the biggest Vietnamese and Cambodian Hair extensions Wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam. our  company supplies many kinds of Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair extensions such as: weft hair extensions, clip- in, lace closure, frontal, and toppers to meet all buyers in the world .Our hair is 100%  human remy hair with good quality, no chemical processed hair. We select hair from healthy women from mountainous place in Vietnam and Cambodia. Our hair remains naturally straight, soft, silky and shiny that all customers are keen on. You can be easy to make hairstyles because our hair is full cuticles,tangle free and no shedding, especially your hands can run easily into hair

Buying Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair extensions on a budget is even easier with 14 inches curly hair extensions (14 in curly weave) which come at a lower price point but offer excellent value for money. These are available in a range of styling options and color shades for you at Laylahair company.

14 inches weave hair-100 virgin Cambodian curly hair

14 Inches Curly Hair Cambodian Hair Vendors

Product descriptions:

  • Types: Curly machine weave
  • Origin: Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair
  • Quality: Vietnam Human Remy hair.
  • Texture: Curly
  • Length: 14 inches weave ( 35 cm)
  • Color: Natural black (1b)
  • Other: Minimal short hair, no chemical, no dye, no any lice or nits
  • Weight: 100 gram/ bundle
  • Brand name: Laylahair company
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days after payment
  • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…
  • Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping


30 inches Straight Weave Vietnamese Virgin Hair in Here

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14 inches weave Cambodian curly  hair, single drawn and double drawn quality, natural color, good quality, 100% human remy hair, no chemical processed hair, no harm to human,  100% virgin human hair from Vietnamese girls and Cambodian girls,  All cuticles run in same directions and without bad smell, soft feel.

Good 14 inch Curly Weave Before and After

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