16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair Extensions

16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair Extensions


8 inch Weave Cambodian Hair Extensions

8 inch Weave Cambodian Hair Extensions

24 Inch Curly Weave Vietnamese Hair Single Drawn

Our 24 inch Weave Hair Curly Single Drawn always made from Vietnamese Remy Hair only with really strong textures, unprocessed, no chemical, tangle free. And it is the best selling product of Layla hair company. We have own factory so we can control the quality of input materials and output products. We always ensure the absolute quality of products before shipping. Of course, our price is the wholesale price even if customer order under 1kg as samples.

With highly skilled Layla workers, it is easy for you to own the best weave hair curly products that are handmade carefully, suitable for each customer’s requirements. Our Vietnamese curly weave hair single drawn varied in length (from 8in to 32 inches) with styles (curly, loose curly, deep curly, romantic curly, Fumi curly,…..) so you can choose the one that suits you.

Because our hair 100% natural human Remy hair so It can be dyed, bleached the whitest color, iron or restyle,… When you clean and condition our hair extensions, you do not need special products, only need shampoo and coconut oil. It is enough.

To make 24 inch Weave Hair Curly Single drawn

To make 24 inch Weave Hair Curly Single drawn, we need some days to do. We will take 4 steps:

  1. Cut down the Raw Vietnamese Hair from healthy donors.
  2. Wash them carefully several times, then comb to get rid of any short or bad hairs.
  3. Check quality, weights, lengths.
  4. Finally, we make hot steam curly by high skill workers.

We do not mass-produce. We have Raw hair in stock only. When customer order, we do new so It will be done carefully, cleanly and met all customers’ requirements.

If you want other lengths and other textures, please contact us to get more information. We would like to give you Weave Vietnamese hair extensions that suit you.

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Product descriptions:

    • Types: Hair Weave
    • Origin: Vietnamese hair
    • Quality: Single Drawn Hair,Vietnam Human Remy hair.
    • Texture: Curly
    • Length: 24 inch weaves
    • Color: Natural black (1b)
    • Other: Minimal short hair, no chemical, no dye, no any lice or nits
    • Weight: 100 gram
    • Brand name: Layla’s hair
    • Delivery time: 5-7 days after payment
    • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…
    • Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping
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