5 Hacks That’ll Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller Than Ever

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Are you having thinning hair? Get frustrated when having tried to make it look thicker but failed? Our thoughtfully shared tips will help you to make your hair look thicker and fuller than ever.

Switch your long-standing part for an instant root lift

Do you know that if you go with one type of part for a long time, you are highly at risk of suffering alopecia and being baldheaded? For that reason, many topper salons advise that if you are already familiar with the middle part, attempt a new part by switching it to a side part and vice versa.

Likewise, if you type part it to one side, let try the opposite one, spraying it with hairspray if you wish. Because the hair in the vicinity of your hairline part gets stuck in the routine of falling in the same place on a daily basis, altering your part will immediately add some volume to your hair. This is a simple yet effective way to make your hair look thicker.

Layla Hair Company is one of the best affordable virgin hair companies so we fully understand the various needs of the customer, hence, Layla Hair wholesale hair offers deep wave wig, Lace front Wig tape and Topper hair pieces with a middle part, three part and a free part according to wearers’ acquirements.

The best affordable Hair Topper Company Laylahair

Hairstyles change face before and after

Make your hair look thicker by widening your braids

If you are a big fan of charming braid, as one of the most reputable Wholesale Virgin Hair distributors in the world, Layla Hair wholesale human hair bundles says that you should take this trick into your consideration. Generally, your braid can show a propensity for looking very puny instead of voluminous, especially for who have thin hair or suffer from hair loss.

To renew that, gently pull and tug at your braid until it’s secured to create the trickery that you have much more hair than you do. This technic is called pancaking.


Layla Hair wholesale human hair bundles

Use head topper, women’s hair topper and human hair extensions

Women that have thin hair always have a deep yearning for possessing a thicker hair. Whether your hair is shoulder-length or cropped, thicker hair tends to give you healthy and impressive look other than a thin hair. No worries, you can easily get a fuller hair in a minute with hair topper 3 pieces or Cambodian hair extensions from Layla Hair Company. One of the famous wholesale virgin hair distributors in the world. Wearing lace topper and ladies topper is a perfect way to add more volume to your hair.

Human hair topper for thinning hair, topper hair extensions classic 4 piece, as well as other human hair topper piece, is available in both wavy hairstyle and straight hairstyle. Moreover, it is the monofilament base of women’s topper that makes it seem like your own hair. So, if you are contemplating joining a family wedding, a school reunion or simply a dining out.

Let’s choose suitable wavy hair topper, wig topper with bangs and crown topper hair pieces and make it happen! Let see some hair topper before and after photos.

Real Human Hair Topper Extensions

Use your fingers first instead of a comb when using blow dryers

In order to get the most of water out of your wet hair, let utilize your fingers like a comb and lightly rake your hair up and away from your head when you blow it dry. As one of the most well-known wholesale hair distributors, Layla Hair wholesale human hair advises you to concentrate the nozzle of the blow dryer at the root rather than the top of the hair.

In addition, you should n’t blow your wet hair flat against your head. Instead, direct the airflow towards the ends to smooth the cuticle down. In general, pulling your hair away from your scalp with your fingers creates a fuller result. Because as you lift and heat your roots at the same time, you can build volume.

With Remy hair extensions and lace wigs from Layla Hair Cambodian hair company, you can feel secure. Because all our free part wig and long black wig with bangs are made of 100% Remy hair, absolutely silky, smooth and tangled free. You might ask how to curl a wig, how to wash wig or how to cut a lace front wig, we have to say that you can do anything with Layla Hair wholesale hair weave products as they are 100% Natural Cambodian Hair which is very strong and thick.

So now you have the appropriate answer for the question how to cut a wig, right?


Make Your Haircut Look Thicker and Fuller Than Ever

Tease your hair in small sections and spray it with hairspray

As you already know, teasing is the easiest and most ultimate trick for creating volume at your roots. According to hair experts at Layla Hair company. One of the largest Cambodian hair vendors, to tease your hair correctly, you should follow the 3 steps. First of all, hold a small section of your hair up and away from your head. Secondly, you should gently backcomb toward your head. Thirdly, let hairspray each section at the roots to make sure all the tease won’t fall out.


Layla Hair Cambodian hair weave wholesale

Then, keep doing this in small sections to create the height and shape as you want. If you are too lazy to do the steps mentioned above to make your hair look thicker, why don’t you apply for clip-in hair extensions? And best lace wig adhesive for long-term wear from Layla Hair Cambodian hair weave wholesale? Layla Hair wholesale virgin hair can manufacture and export cheap Cambodian hair bundles and virgin Cambodian hair for sale all around the world.

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