7 Best Taylor Swift Curly Hair Inspiration To Make You Feel Like Princess

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Ever wonder how the pop icon keeps the luscious curls of her looking so glamorous and gorgeous? Does Taylor Swift have curly hair? We went straight to find out how the stunning star gets those amazing strands. Taylor said that she uses very little products to keep her signature curls because her natural locks are curly. She used to add the product to her tresses in high school but she did not like the feeling. Taylor is known for different soft curly hairstyles. She says that it’s easier to wear curly hair and she likes to change it up every so often. Here’s all Taylor Swift curly hair styles for most of her career. 

Best Taylor Swift hairstyles for curly hair

Mentioning to the pop icon, she is also known for her iconic curly hair. Here’re the most attractive hairstyles of Taylor Swift with curly hair. 

Curly hair with textured top

This Taylor Swift long curly hair is an ideal choice for events as well as daily activities. It looks so chic, feminine yet playful. It is not difficult to get this hairstyle if you were born with slightly curly hair. Just use small bobby pins to seal your strands in the back and away from your face. 

7 Best Taylor Swift Curly Hair Inspiration To Make You Feel Like Princess

Long curls with bangs

This hairstyle brings out retro air. Not only Taylor, many Hollywood stars also rock this hair when appearing in front of cameras. The chanteuse looks heavenly with this romantic and elegant hair-do. The bangs are ingenious and accentuate the lines of her face. 

Also, she is always loyal to a big and bold red lip, and it suits her perfectly. She appears so chic yet sexy. If you want to imitate your idol hair, make sure you ask for this look when at the hair salon.

Long side bangs with curly hair

This may be Taylor Swift curly hair natural and the sweet hairstyle pairs greatly with her formal outfit. The curls are loose and tied in a long ponytail, offering a feminine look. It is an ideal choice for formal events, on the red carpet, or the prom too. The hairstyle caused a storm when many tweens flocked to hair salons to copy her hair. Wearing twinkle accessories if you want to stand out in the crowd. Taylor looks so flawless no matter how she rocks her tresses. 

7 Best Taylor Swift Curly Hair Inspiration To Make You Feel Like Princess

Short choppy bob hairstyle

Talor Swift once again proves that she is the queen of retro hairstyles. This look is wearable to all events and easy to reach at all. Taylor Swift short hair is a chic, and timeless look. It accentuates features and striking sharpness to her face. Those curls are layered cut and treats for just about all occasions. Simply add some styling mousse to your curly hair so that it helps define the curls and add more extra shine.


Short loose curly hair

The singer pulls off her curly hair like a pro. If you are a true «Swiftie», you can see that she always wore this hair during any big and formal events. She paired it along with nice twinkle accessories, like earrings or a necklace. That’s glamorous and how! She is a queen of fantastic curls.

Blond long curly hair with side part

One more style of Taylor Swift curly hair reputation, this was the first hairstyle when she started her career. The image of a girl with gold-blonde hair and a guitar on her hand quickly captured the hearts of the audience. The long curly hair was full of volume and classic romance. If you support and prefer these long strands, embrace this haircut for any casual and formal events. Apply some light shine oil to add some luster and definition. 

7 Best Taylor Swift Curly Hair Inspiration To Make You Feel Like Princess

Curly side swept bangs

Taylor Swift does not hesitate to experiment with different looks every time she appears in front of cameras or functions. Besides signature curls, bangs are another feature of Taylor’s hairstyle. Sporting this hairstyle, it helps add romantic and sweet elements to her hair and appearance. Curls give her mane a more voluminous and thicker look. Her side-swept bangs certainly made people talk about her haircut for a long time. If you want to copy this hair, opt for big open curls instead of ringlets since it adds more volume. 

How to style naturally curly hair like Taylor Swift

You are a fan of Taylor Swift and her music. Are you interested in her hairstyle? Here’s Taylor Swift curly hair tutorial for those in need. 

Step 1

Make sure that your hair is clean before styling. Shampoo your hair with cold water and the right products. If your hair is curly, make sure you use conditioner as curly hair is drier. Also, washing hair with cold water helps boost your hair growth and define curly strands. 

Step 2

Then run your fingers through the hair to detangle your mane. If you use a comb, starting at the hair bottom and gradually move upwards to avoid breakage. Always use a wide-toothed comb to remove knots and tangles. 

7 Best Taylor Swift Curly Hair Inspiration To Make You Feel Like Princess
how to style naturally curly hair like Taylor Swift

Step 3

Blow dry your hair and don’t forget to spray a heat protectant to prevent your hair from getting frizzy. Once your hair is dry, section your hair. 

Step 4 

To get curly hair Taylor Swift, go around your head and work your sections little by little with a 3/4-inch curling iron. Wind your hair around the heat styling tool and let it set for seconds. Add your favorite styling products on your tresses to define your curls and add more shine, such as mousse, cream, gel, etc. These products offer a flexible finish and hold your curls for hours and hours. Tada! You have beautiful curls like Taylor Swift natural hair.

Our conclusion

Do you fall in love with Taylor Swift curly hair? Which hairstyle one is your favorite? Curly hair is a never-out-of-date hairstyle and is often worn during the summertime. That’s why you should embrace this hair look right now. Try to get an effortlessly chic look while leaving everyone around you breathless!

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