A Reliable Review On 100% Human Hair Extensions Suppliers

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Among wig sellers in Asia, we, Layla Hair has built up its reputation for many years. Here we provide a trustworthy online shop for hair extensions purchasing that you can get hi-quality human hair.

Why do we focus on human hair, not synthetic or cheaper materials? And why are we confident about our prestige and the quality of our products? We’ll tell you right now

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Pros and cons of using 100% human hair extensions

If you are experienced on wearing wigs, we might needn’t to explain why 100% human hair is the most popular.
But for others who barely know about the differences, here come some words.  Extensions form 100% human hair extensions suppliers have unique features that artificial hair doesn’t.

Last longer than synthetic or animal hair

Human hair possesses natural texture and thickness. You can easily maintain the wig by everyday hair care products.
Besides, wearers can style virgin hair extensions as doing with their real hair. Meanwhile, if you do heat treatment on synthetic hair, the plastic will get ruined. Without heat, artificial hair cannot stay in shape for a long time.

A Reliable Review On 100% Human Hair Extensions Suppliers

Different color hair extensions 

Look nicer because of natural appearance

Human hair benefits from its origin. The look of this hair is always more natural without much blending in comparison to other artificial hair. It’s shiny and smooth as standard hair.

On the other hand, synthetic hair looks much more sparkling. We all know that human hair can be like that without hair make-up products.

Not easy to get tangled, shed or broken

Natural hair comes all together with the perfect fraction. It’s enough to flow in the same direction but not getting tangled. Even the hair went fuzzy; we can deal with it by combing.
Synthetic hair can barely keep that smooth look in a long time because each strain of hair can be mess up after a slight wind.

No irritating and no scalp

Human skin can deal with real hair without causing scalp. Synthetic hair is not harmful, but some people get allergic to it. That cause itches or even scalp when people wear it for a long time.

Disadvantages in finding 100% human hair extensions suppliers

Hair extensions in Asia are the biggest market. Asian people preferred long hair in the past. As a result, many girls are forced to keep the hair long. While western people comes to short hair and bob much sooner, that’s while Asian people can donate more hair.

However, even collecting human hair in Asia is not convenient. There are two common ways. People will come to temples or hair donation areas where they can gather virgin Remy hair. Or, they can collect hair from public places. It’s how we got non-Remy hair at last.

A Reliable Review On 100% Human Hair Extensions Suppliers

Remy human hair

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Non-Remy hair is both low quality and not looking good. Thus, wig suppliers focus on Remy one. However, it’s not every day people volunteer to give hair.

With such a significant shortage, authentic 100% human hair extensions for sale is hard to find. Only big retailers can maintain the availability. They must be trustworthy enough to guarantee the products. Now, it’s time for the most inviting part

Layla Hair – One of the best of 100% human hair extensions suppliers

Among perennial suppliers for hair extensions online, Layla Hair is proud of the most reliable for human hair. Here in the Layla, there are only 100% human hair extensions suppliers for everyone from North to South and out of Vietnam border.

How can we be one of the 100% human hair extensions suppliers? Below are our secrets.

Manufacturer for hair extensions

We come to donors and pick up hair on our own and produce final products. We focus on Vietnamese and Cambodian hair, which are the highest quality in thickness and durability.

By collecting hair, we needn’t depend on any other distributor for hair products. We can guarantee what we put on shelves and labeled.

Public feedback from clients all over the world

On our website, you can find all feedback from every client across the globe. We have everything open so that new clients can have a view on us. Every buyer deserves an honest review before purchase, and we support that idea.
Remy hair only, no non-Remy.

A Reliable Review On 100% Human Hair Extensions Suppliers

A beautiful hairpiece from Layla

Every girl deserves a gorgeous hairstyle, and the money should be well spent. Thus, we focus on the best products: Remy and double drawn hair. If you are looking for hair extensions, Hochiminh or Hanoi are still on our track. Here will be the place you can find your gorgeous hair wigs.

Reasonable price

As a wholesale vendor, we offer the best price for every customer. Regarded that you want hair extensions, Hanoians or foreigners are all welcome to shop on us premium products with wholesale price

Wide ranges of choices

In Layla, we supply as many decisions as expected. For extensions, we have got three popular types: tape hair, Clip-in, and weaves.
We also have them in stores with many colors from white to grey to dark shades of brown. The popular deep curly hair extensions or stylish bob wigs are on the house, too. Whatever you need, we’ll try to fulfill in the best way.

Amazing customer services

We have staffs available 24/7 to support customers from everywhere on earth to purchase hair extensions online. We offer multi-channel for contact: Skype, FB, emails and WhatsApp, twitter, youtube, Instagram or personal number.
They are all trained to work as professions and always supportive.

Our staffs understand the trend the best.

Bottom line

It’s not that Layla Hair is the only distributor for human hair, but we are the best. We are still trying to as one of the best 100% human hair extensions suppliers, satisfactory services at the excellent price.

Until now, in Layla Hair, we can supply almost everything on wigs market, premium products are always on sale.


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