Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You’ve Forgotten to Do!

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It goes without saying that beautiful and healthy hair is a sign of youth and well-being. Each person’s personality and preferences are also expressed through hairstyle or color. Thin hair or hair loss is undoubtedly the nightmare to most people. Luckily, have more voluminous hair is no longer beyond your dreams. Here are some useful tips to add volume to hair.

Provide essential nutrients

If you are trying to improve your hair volume naturally, evaluating your eating habits to see what nutrients might be lacking. In order to create volume to hair, a high-protein diet is needed.

Treat yourself to food recommended for hair growth such as eggs, fatty fish, oysters, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, avocadoes, and citrus fruits. Additionally, you could take biotin supplements for hair.

Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You've Forgotten to Do!
massage your scalp

Massage your scalp

This is the most saving-money way to add volume to hair at home. Regularly massage your scalp gently can not only relieve stress but also increase blood circulation to the scalp, helping hair grow faster.

Here’s how to give your head a good massage: use 10 fingertips to gently massage in circles where the fingers touch, then rotate evenly across the scalp from the forehead to the nape area and both temples. Try to do for about 15-20 minutes daily to promote hair growth.

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Use olive or coconut oil

Olive and coconut oil are used widely as hair treatment as their omega-3 and protein can promote hair growth. You might want to apply the following therapy to add volume to hair: Massaging your hair and scalp with warm coconut or olive oil.

After at least 30-45 minutes, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. For better results, you can leave it overnight and then wash it the next morning.

Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You've Forgotten to Do!
apply hair mask

Apply hair mask

A hair mask can supply nutrients to make your hair thicker and healthier. It is easy to find and highly effective. However, everything must be done properly to promote the full effect. The hair mask will work best after cleansing your hair with about 30% moisture. For oily hair, hairline absolutely should not be exposed to the mask.

If you have dry and curly hair, it can be completely covered with a mask. For dyed and chemically treated hair, you can apply a large amount of the mixture so that the hair will absorb as much as possible. Remember to be gentle with your hair when applying the mask.

Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners

The fact that volume-building shampoos and conditioners contain fewer moisturizing ingredients accounts for their effectiveness in dealing with fine hair. In other words, they are less likely to leave hair weighed down, making your hair look thicker.

Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You've Forgotten to Do!
use volumizing shampoo

However, bear in mind that experts have warned against using the products too much. If your hair is thin, you should not apply the conditioner to all of your hair, just the bottom half.

Remember to rinse your hair extra-thoroughly. Do not wash your hair every day because it will remove the balm that protects the hair, making it weaker and thinner.

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Cut it

It is obvious that the length of the hair often decide whether it looks thick or thin. The shorter your hair is, the more bouncy and voluminous it will be. Go for shorter hair to create volume to your hair.

Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You've Forgotten to Do!
limit the use of hair dryers

Limit using dryers

It is said that hair drying is the simplest way to create a glossy and smooth hair, yet it makes the hair get thin faster. Stretching the hairline and exerting heat on the head will cause more and more damage to your hair. Instead, let your hair dry naturally.

Change your hair part

If you part your hair in the same place without changing, it will grow thinner, weaker and lighter there. A gap on the scalp will be created. Try to switch your hair to the opposite side to not only give the crown of hair an instant lift but also give yourself a new look.

If you typically part it to the left, change to the right side. You should do this every week to avoid a fixed routine that might cost your volume.

Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You've Forgotten to Do!
backcomb hair

Back-brush to add volume to hair

Backcombing definitely serves the need of making your hair look thicker. When properly back-brushed, your hair will be more voluminous and still soft and natural. Let’s follow these steps to have naturally backcombed hair.

Firstly, straighten part of your hair needs volume and use a small tooth comb to brush it upside down. Secondly, apply hair spray if necessary to hold the look. Finally, use another layer of hair to cover the tangled hair and fix it with a clip.

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Use hair curlers

The simple and effective use of hair curlers in creating the volume to hair is undeniable. The bigger the curls are, the more volume your hair gets. You can do anything you want such as reading books or drinking coffee while your hair is curled. Hair curlers can be used for the underside or the whole of your hair. Leave them overnight to get better results.

Add Volume To Hair: 9+ Easy Things You've Forgotten to Do!
use hair extensions

Use virgin hair extensions

Using wigs is the quickest way to create volume to your hair without heat or chemicals. Virgin hair extensions are made of full healthy human hair. They work well for both volume and length.

Today’s wigs are rich in types helping to overcome all hair problems such as making your hair look thicker and smoother. You are able to choose any styles and colors of your favorite.

Have you ever tried any of these tips at home? Got any of your own to share? Hoping that these tips from Laylahair could turn your fine hair into bouncy and glamorous and voluminous one.

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