Top 9 Anime Girls With Black Hair And Blue Eyes

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Black hair color is a relatively common hair hue nowadays. In the world of anime, designers also create their characters with black hair, blue eyes, etc. Just like us, the hair color of girls in anime series shows their personality. Also, black hair and blue eyes make the character stand out. Black haired color represents some different traits. For example, It could show that a character is a normal person since black is a common hair hue. Sometimes, girls with black-haired are donated to be a noble status. Do you have your favorite anime girl with black hair and blue eyes? Here is the top of black hair blue eyes anime girl you may have seen!

Yukino Yukinoshita 

Yukino is a main female character in the famous anime series – My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected. She is an outstanding anime girl black hair blue eyes on this list. Yukino is gorgeous, smart and sharp-tongued. She is the head of «Service Club» in her school that aids students with any requests. However, she can leave a permanent scar on your heart as she is very sarcastic. She gives blunt comments about others without a moment’s hesitation. Sometimes, she makes you feel afraid to go near. 

In the anime series, she has black long blue black hair with untidy bangs in the front. She parts her hair in the middle and the length of hair is uneven. 

Top 9 Anime Girls With Black Hair And Blue Eyes
Yukino Yukinoshita & Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is a highly adept mage. During the series, she always has a serious attitude. Her black hair is twin-tails up to her shoulders by using black ribbons. Her hair hue shows that she is a rational and level headed thinker. She always plans her action carefully to get the best results. Still, the blue eyes black hair anime girl is so unfriendly. Her black hair represents her enigmatic nature, so no one can guess what she is thinking.

Ryuko Matoi

You love a girl with a tomboy style. You should find Kill la Kill anime series and see how Ryuuko is. Anime girl with short black hair and blue eyes is brave. She is willing to lunge into danger without hesitation, even she fights against more powerful enemies. Her main hair color is black and red highlights on her bangs. 

Suzuno Kamazuki

Do you know the character Suzuno Kamazuki in Hataraku Maou-sama? An anime girl with long black hair and blue eyes always wears kimono. She is usually seen in the midnight blue color. In the anime series, Suzuno is a member of the church but she has trouble adjusting to modern life in Japan. Her blue eyes might contain something that attracts others, nobody can take their eyes off her. Although Suzuno appears with a youthful look, it is mentioned that she is older than her appearance in the series. Her long black hair contributes to making her look more feminine.

Top 9 Anime Girls With Black Hair And Blue Eyes
Ryuko Matoi & Suzuno Kamazuki & Ako Tamaki

Ako Tamaki

We all know Ako from Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta. You would not be surprised that Ako is among the most favorited anime girl with black hair and blue eyes. Ako is an interesting female character in the anime series. She is so sexy in her outfit. She has charm and so cute. It is said that Ako is a girl that any guy would dream about. 


Reina Izumi

Do you remember this famous female character of the Musaigen no Phantom World series? Reina is a black-haired girl with a special ability. In her school Hosea Academy, she takes part in Haruhiko’s club that works as a phantom hunter team.

Haruka Morishima

Haruka is a character of the first Amagami. In the anime series, she appears with black hair and blue eyes. Haruka always wears a headband, this makes her look lovely. Her main outfit is also a black school uniform. Everyone loves her because of her teasing and playful nature. She brings new and positive energy to others around her. Still, some comment that Haruka is a bit eccentric and picky person. This anime girl with black hair and blue eyes especially loves cute stuff, such as puppies. 

Top 9 Anime Girls With Black Hair And Blue Eyes

Miyuki Shiba 

She is a black-haired girl in The Irregular At Magic High School series. Miyuki Shiba is the biological sister of the main character, Shiba Tatsuya and she is a student. Miyuki is described as a beautiful and lovely girl. She is so attractive with her large breasts. Her black hair color also shows that she is a gentle and modest girl. Because of her openness and well-brought-up manners, she is very popular in her school. Male and female students love her and maybe flustered by her presence. Even students from other schools and outsiders also know her. This character represents a traditional woman, pure, and feminine beauty. We think that designers have love Miyuki very much so that they create a perfect female anime girl. 

The bottom line

In addition to female characters, designers also create anime boy with black hair and blue eyes, like Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist, Yato from Noragami, etc. These characters look so attractive. 

Above are all that Layla Hair wants to share about anime girl with black hair and blue eyes. That’s is not enough but we think these characters in this list are the great products of anime designers. If you have your own favorited anime girl with black hair and blue eyes and wings, don’t hesitate to share it with us. We will consider and add your offer to this list. 

You have the plan to take part in a masquerade festival. You want to mimic the look of anime little girl with black hair and blue eyes or anime boy black hair blue eyes, it is better if you make an appointment with your hairstylist. This is the best way to achieve a look like your favorite characters. 

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