Are Lace Front Wigs Affordable As Being Advertised On The Internet?

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It is undeniable to say that hair extension is a revolution in the hair care industry. Thanks to it, many women over the world have chances to own their dream hair. Of course, the wig is the most common choice of the fair sex.

One of the most popular wigs is lace front wigs. Many people wonder what are lace front wigs affordable or not, but they have not found the right answer.

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It leads them to avoid using this wigs and miss many chances to make them more beautiful. If you are a member of this group, our article is for you.

What is a lace front wig?

Before getting to the core of “are lace front wigs affordable” question, let’s take a closer view at the definition of this product.

Since thousands of years ago, accent women knew how to take advantage of many kinds of wigs. Nowadays, it is still dominating the market.

There is a fact that despite being used by a lot of women, not anyone can understand its concept clearly. Simply speaking, lace front wigs can create the illusion of real hair growth along the hairline.

Are Lace Front Wigs Affordable As Being Advertised On The Internet?

Full-length lace front wigs from Layla Hair

They are usually made by human or synthetic hair. Primarily, they meet the highest standard of India, China, or even European Remy Hair where the wig is hand tied onto a weak lace base.

With the high quality, this kind of wig improves the natural appearance of the hair as well as the face. It also allows the wearer to show their great hair without revealing the fact that they are wearing artificial hair.

The truth behind the domination of lace front wigs

This is a secret weapon of women in general because they can hide their hairline and make gorgeous hair. About a decade ago, it was mainly used by many Hollywood stars.

You can easily saw Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and the Kardashian’s with lace human front wigs on the front pages of magazines, websites.

Are Lace Front Wigs Affordable As Being Advertised On The Internet?

They all used these products to get the look they want and build up their beautiful images.

Apart from enhancing the charm of women, this kind of wig also is an excellent solution for anyone who is suffering from alopecia, premature balding, hair loss or hair thinning.

It helps these people more self-confident in daily life and prevents them from body-shaming.

Another benefit of the lace front wig is its convenience and invisibility. Wearers can take part in all activities without worrying about being detected.

It will stay in place and even when the wearer goes swimming or climbing front lace won’t be inclined. That means if you are an office girl or an athlete, you can use a wig with lace front.

Are lace front wigs affordable?

Are front lace wigs cheap or expensive? Are they purse-friendly?

There is no exact price for this kind of wigs because it can vary based on different factors, including length, density, cap, pattern, etc. But human hair will be more expensive than synthetic hair so that you can choose the suitable products for your demand.

If you don’t know how to pay for a wig or wonder are lace front wigs affordable, please read sections below carefully:


This is the leading factor affecting the cost of a lace front wig. The longer the size, the higher the price. If you want a long, smooth hair, you have to pay more. Of course, it depends on your interest, but a shore wig will be cheaper for sure.

However,  long wigs made from human hair will be costly, so you can choose synthetic ones to reduce the price. This choice is perfect if you don’t need to be reliable on wigs too much like bald people.


Like the length, the higher the density, the higher the cost. In the hair market, there are various scales of density available. The most common choices are 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%. But 150% and 180% are more popular than the rest.

The density can decide the beauty of the hair and contributes on enhancing the beauty of wearers. So many girls tend to choose wigs with the high density. If finance is not your problem, just grab a 180% of thickness for your lace front wig!


Typically, the cap of the wig is usually made by Swiss lace and France lace. The Swiss lace is very soft and brings consumers a peaceful feeling when they touch it. So it is a favorite type of many girls.

Unlike Swiss lace, the France lace is little rough.

Are Lace Front Wigs Affordable As Being Advertised On The Internet?

Lace cap

If you want to buy a wig with France lace and add a silk base, it will cost much. The normal size of the silk base is 4×4 or 5×5. Its function is keeping your scalp look more realistic and natural.


Depending on your favorite style, you can choose the pattern of wigs such as kinky straight, kinky curly, thick curly or straight. These simple pattern like straight, and body are not too costly. Their price ranges are usually similar.

But if you want a complex style like curly, wavy or various colors, you have to pay a more significant amount of money.  According to many hairstylists, you have to add more about 5 — 10 dollars for other modern patterns.

The bottom line

Lace front wigs have been a great choice of fair sex for a long time. So its attraction is very explainable. But it does not mean that it is expensive like rumors or advertisements on the Internet you read every day.

If you wonder are lace front wigs affordable, feel free to grab your best one. The cost bases on many different features, so don’t worry if you don’t have enough money for a braided wig.

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