Ariana Grande Hair Extensions — The Queen Bee Of Ponytail

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One of the hottest global pop stars at the moment, Ariana Grande, is proud of her signature hairstyle. Ariana owns a unique ponytail hairstyle, which has come with her for a long time and has been recognized as a part of her identities.

Still, not all of the hair strands is hers, but there include Ariana Grande hair extensions. Let’s find out the secret to possessing such beautiful ponytail like Ariana right here!

Why does Ariana wear hair extension?

Her real hair is severely damaged

Ariana used to be an actress before becoming a hot pop singer. She played a character with red hair, so Ari had to dye her hair red all the time for many years. After that, her hair was poorly damaged that she cannot show it out confidently.

Ariana Grande Hair Extensions - The Queen Bee Of Ponytail
Ariana hair was poorly damaged that she cannot show it out confidently.

From 2014, she has worn ponytail to cover her real hair. Her ponytail hair extensions started to become so familiar to her fans since then.

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Ponytail becomes a part of Ariana’s identities

When Ari’s real hair grew longer, she does not need to wear hair extensions anymore. She put down the extensions for times. In the cover of her recent album, “Sweetener,” she appeared in a platinum low-tied pony.

Yet she knows well what her fans expect to see. Ponytail has been known as a particular hairstyle that relates closely to Ariana Grande.

Though sometimes Ari refreshes her image with new hairstyles, she will soon back with Ariana Grande hair extensions in a ponytail.

Wearing hair extension like Ariana

Ariana once sent her sweet messages to her dear fans in “7 Rings”, ‘You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it’. If you want to renew your image with a famous hairstyle of Ariana, this is time for a change.

Ariana Grande Hair Extensions - The Queen Bee Of Ponytail
‘You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it’

There are some necessary steps you need to follow when you want to change to Ariana’s ponytail hairstyle.

First stage

  • Keep your head down and put your hair forward. Blow your hair with a hairdryer and a boar bristle brush. Your hair will become smoother and easier to handle in a ponytail.
  • Make a small hair braid in the center of your head, which is about one-inch wide. Braid the strand till the end and tie it to secure with an elastic.
  • Tease a small strand of hair at the same width as the extension clip, using a rattail comb. To hold the clip in this section more firmly, use hairspray to spray on the hair strand.
  • Choose a part in your hair, where you want to put on the pony. You should put the extended parts vertically. Hide the light parts of the ponytail in the inner layer. Make sure the hair packs you choose will be nearest to the color of your real hair. Otherwise, you will reveal the false extensions.

Second stage

  • Around the ponytail area, add more hair extensions clockwise. You should keep the extensions away from the hairline for at least 1.5 inches. This will help when you tie up the pony and hide the extensions well.
  • Apply more extensions on the right side of the head, beside the ponytail — tone down the root of the extensions in case they are highlighted. You can use eye shadow or a tinted hair powder to do this.
  • Use a soft boar bristle brush to comb you side hair backward. Clip it onto the ponytail area.
  • Add more hair extensions under the clip in the ponytail area upside down, so they will direct to the ponytail, more comfortable for you to handle.
  • Continue to use the boar bristle brush to comb up all the hair into the ponytail. After that, hold the pony tightly with an elastic.
  •  Wrap a small hair strand around the elastic to make the ponytail look more gorgeous. To secure it, spray hairspray at the end of that sliver and lock by heating with a hairdryer.
  • There can be some additional spots here and there in the hairline. You should fill them with tinted hair powder or eye shadow to balance the color.
  • Your hair makeup is done. You just put on your favorite clothes and wear Ariana’s makeup. Now feel free with your refreshed Ariana Grande hair extensions hairstyle and go!
Ariana Grande Hair Extensions - The Queen Bee Of Ponytail
Ari’s ponytail!

How to take care of your hair extension properly?

Wearing hair extension is not the ultimate choice for real. The extensions, after being used for a long time, will damage your real hair and cannot maintain good quality.

Your natural oil in the hair will only take care of your real hair, while it cannot nourish the hair extension. Thus, it is necessary to take care of the hair extensions properly.

Typically, a good care routine for hair extensions includes proper brushing, hydration, applying natural products and removing harmful chemicals.

For each type of hair extensions, you will be required to use a different method to take care of.

Real human hair extension

For real human hair extensions, you should use sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoo for proper care. It is essential to wash the extensions downward, focusing on the hair roots.

Ariana Grande Hair Extensions - The Queen Bee Of Ponytail
You should use sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoo for proper care.

You should not soak the hair in salt or chlorinated water, or going to bed with a wet head. When brushing and detangling the extensions, be as gentle as possible not to break the hair pieces.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair will be damaged faster than real human hair extensions. Without caution, you will melt your hair when heating it for styling. Thus, if you want to make some curls, use some rollers which are safe for synthetic hair to curl up without damages.

Also, pay attention when washing the hair. Use a mild cleanser or shampoo which is made specialized for synthetic hair.

To remove the tangles of your Ariana Grande hair extensions, comb the hair with a wide-tooth brush so you will not damage the hair.

The bottom line

Ariana Grande is lovely with her signature hairstyle. Or maybe you will fit in those Ariana Grande hair extensions well like her. There is only one way to find out, try it!

We hope that this article is useful to you. There are more exciting tips and products to read about on Layla Hair. Make sure to keep track!

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