Ash Hair Color 101 – Grab Yourself With The Essentials Before Dyeing

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Ash hair color is our most asked about hair hue now. Many gals care about these silky tones of ash color hair and ash color hair dye to reach their desire tresses. But what is ash hair color? How many shades does it have? And which makes this hair color so impressive? And, more importantly, will it suit you? A whole answer to Ash is ready and waiting for you below. Let’s discover it. 

What Is Ash Color Hair?

This hair hue refers to the hair pigments, rather than how dark or light the shade is. Ash color is suitable for those who want to keep their natural hair but still a little different. According to the hair color chart, it is a cool shade with blue pigment as the predominance and hints of green pigment. Hence, it looks smokey and quite silvery. Many said that it is not a vibrant hair hue, it is a crisp shade with an icy appearance. 

Have you ever worried about your hairstyle? Do you want to try wearing an Ash brown hair color? It is not a bad idea. This unique hair color only gives a little dimension and oomph to your tresses.  

Ash Hair Color - Everything You Need To Know About
what is ash color

Who suits Ash hair hue?

It works best for cool-toned people. Who has cool complexion tones? If your veins have hints of pink, red or blue, you have a cool skin tone. Remember that, cool skin tones do not rely on vibrant colors. Ash color is used to improve their tresses and complexion. 

Reasons to use Ash hair color

For so many reasons! The main use of this color is to eliminate the red and gold hue in your natural hair color. It will counteract the warmth and brassy or orange tones. The cool shade infuses the cool tones and brings the shine back to your tresses. 

If you have more than one color in your mane, Ash will be your lifesaver. Using it to cover up all highlights, and soften the overall look. For example, do you have blonde hair with highlights? You want to remove highlights, try coloring Ash tint to become full blonde. Get the most out of this unique color for reaching the cleanest tones.  

Ash Hair Color - Everything You Need To Know About
ash color hairpieces at Laylahair

This is a trendy hue. You look so fashionable and impressive. If you want to change the color of your strands, wear one ash tint to make up your natural locks. It can change up your whole look. 

As a whole, this unique hair color, consisting of ash blonde hair color, dark ash brown hair color, and more, have benefits if you dye it correctly. Use it to eliminate the unwanted or red tones in your mane. Before dying, you should take yourself to a hair salon and ask for advice from professionals. Be sure that you have an idea of the color you wish. You can do the coloring process at home if you have all the necessary tools to reach it. 

Where to find Ash color?

In the color labels, the number 1 means this color. You also find it in the color name or shades of the strands. 


Popular Ash Shades

Ash-blonde color

According to the ash blonde hair color chart, it is a perfect mixture color. Colors blend nicely together (brown and blonde) to give wearers an amazing hue. The latest and trendiest color can flatter anyone. There are a variety of ashy blonde shades for you choose from, ranging from dark blonde to platinum. Are you ready to go with this hair hue? A nice pop of blonde. Whether your hair is a cute haircut or long waves, ash blonde hair is an ideal option for your mane.

Ash Hair Color - Everything You Need To Know About
ash blonde vs ash brown

Medium ash brown balayage

This medium ash brown hair color will bring out your hair beauty. If you want to add boldness, add hints of red to your ash brown. It looks perfect. This hair shade is elegant, modern as well as trendy. It is so sophisticated and delicate with red highlights. The balayage technique offers you a fuller hair look. In general, this ashy brown tint provides more everyday hair look as it is the same as natural hair color. 

Light ash platinum waves

The light ash blonde hair color is great for those with long haircuts. It is a stunning color. Style your curls by adding some waves to get the most beautiful hair look. It is easy to style, right? Besides, this awesome light ash color is for trendy and new hairstyles. Hey, gals! You will regret if you miss out on this gorgeous hairstyle. 

Ash Hair Color - Everything You Need To Know About
Light ash platinum vs ash gray hair

Medium ash blonde hue

Why don’t you try coloring med ash blonde hair color? Ask your hair colorist to paint the tresses in dirty blonde and ashy brown hue. It is your turn to change up your appearance with the hottest fashion statement. Models, celebrities, and teenagers are rocking this ashy look. You should condition your hair at home to protect the hair color and no gold tones here.

Ash gray hair color

In the ash color chart, this hue has hints of gray or blonde hues. It tends to be a neutral or cool tint. Change your natural locks with this beautiful ash gray, this looks will be a great starting point. It looks amazing on your skin tone. If you are tan ladies, opt for icy gray. It looks good on you. 

How To Maintain Ash Hair Color

Here are some simple tips to protect your ash color hair:

– Limit washing your tresses frequently, twice per week. 

– Remember to condition the locks after shampooing. Add moistures to protect your colored hair well. 

Ash Hair Color - Everything You Need To Know About
use color-treated products

– Invest in products specially designed for color-treated curls. If you use a wrong item, it is the culprit causing hair fading. 

– Say no with clarifying shampoos as they make the hair fade quickly. 

– When washing your tresses, only use cool water to rinse. 

– After coloring, you should limit the use of heating tools. And don’t style your hair when it is still wet or damp. 

Where To Buy Ash Hair Color Hair Systems

Your hair is too fine to color, but you fall in love with this ashy hair look. What should you do? Finding a trustworthy place to buy a colored hairpiece made from raw human hair. Visit Layla Hair company. We provide top-notch hair quality at friendly prices. Hence, purchasing hair at our store, you will get ash hair color without damaging your bio hair. 

Anytime you need, feel free to reach us via WhatsApp. We can do custom made hair extensions to your exact requirements. Have other questions, don’t hesitate to find us. It is our pleasure to help you.

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