Get Yourself Inspired With Best Bald With Beard Styles For Men

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You are a fellow bald man and are thinking about how to look good bald with a beard is. You can shave your head and pair with a beautiful beard, it can make you feel more comfortable and confident. 

But not everybody has full-on and luscious beards. It is dependent on your facial shape and beard styles you like. Finding a new and masculine look, you should try growing out some facial hair. These bald with beard styles below will make you look more masculine and even youthful. 

Why should you go bald with a beard?

Most people have misapprehension among bald men with beard, they think that baldness makes him look older than his age. However, the bald look with a beard has come back to the world recently as a trendy style to look up to men’s masculinity. If you don’t see this look like a fabulous style, we will let you know the reasons why you should try it. 

Women like a bald guy with beard

Get Yourself Inspired With Best Bald With Beard Styles For Men
bald guy with beard

The reason may surprise you. According to statistics, girls consider balding men intelligent and powerful. And a well-trimmed beard makes men look so attractive and charming. 

Why don’t we think of baldness as a good «magnet» to attract others? Going balding head with a beard is the best combination to improve your outside beauty. Women are also comfortable with this hair issue and embrace it as a normal part of life. 

Help men get their desired facial shapes

Men concern about a higher hairline and baldness as they can not conceal their head shape. If you shave all your head and facial hair, your head looks like an egg. You may feel shy and pessimistic about your head shape.

Hence, a good bald with full beard style is a great idea in this case. A neatly-groomed beard will draw attraction rather than your shaved head. It works to balance your look. 

Go with a fashionable look

Beard with bald head. Haven’t you heard about this style? Many of the greatest actors and influencers have rocked this look when appearing in front of the cameras. Some wear it as a permanent look while others want to try a new style.  

From Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, to rapper Drake, they contribute to making this look popular. To become a «tough guy», you just shave your head, let a beard grow, and get it in a good shape. 

Get Yourself Inspired With Best Bald With Beard Styles For Men
bald actors with beards

Other bald actors with beard:

– Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

– Samuel L Jackson

– John Travolta 

– Sean Connery

And more. 

Beard and bald creates a masculine look

A great option for balding men who are looking for a perfect look! A shaved head and a well-groomed beard convey your masculinity and superiority. A study conducted by Pennsylvania University indicated that males with a balding head were so attractive. Participants thought that they are dominant in appearance and demeanor. It’s not hard to see that bald with a beard is so creative and delightful.


Save you time and money

Why should you go for a bald with beard look? When you shave your head, it means that you don’t have to visit your hairstylist frequently to maintain the haircut. You don’t have to get up early to groom your mane. All you need to do is keep your beard in shape, and you can easily do it without going to the barber or stylist. You can use several shaving creams for your beard, and a few bucks a month will not make you bankrupt.

Best bald and beard styles for men

Below are bald head with beard styles for men!

Short Beard/Stubble

Get Yourself Inspired With Best Bald With Beard Styles For Men
Short Beard/Stubble vs Long Beard

If you don’t have a full-on beard, try going for a stubble beard. Not only easy to achieve and maintain, but it looks formal too. 

Who is better than Bruce Willis with a stubble beard? We think that the American actor is the king of this look. To get this look, all you need to do is utilizing a pair of clippers and trim it when it gets long. 

Long Beard

Do you want to try wearing bald with long beard? The long beard with a shaved head is a creative way to take your appearance to the next level. However, it requires more care and maintenance. This bald head with beard style will give a bit wilder. 

If your facial hair is going grey, a full and long beard will create an awesome look. Even some dye their beards in grey or white to get a better look. 

How classy badass does this beard look?!


Next, we have a Goatee beard. The famous look has a few variations, but we only focus on the classic full goatee. A bald fade with beard is connected with a groomed mustache. From businessmen to heroes in action films, they are completely in love with this style. 

Get Yourself Inspired With Best Bald With Beard Styles For Men
Goatee vs Full beard

Full beard

Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you can trim a full beard. This is a favorite style for both white and black men. To achieve this look, you have to let the hair on your face grow for 1-2 months. It means that you don’t cut or trim it. Then ask the barber’s help to get a full beard. He will check and trim your neckline. 

We believe that you will look more enchanting and muscular when going for a bald with beard and glasses. 

In addition, there are other bald heads with beard styles you can choose, such as wavy, disconnected beard, «yeard» beard, etc. All of them are great options for a unique and stand out look. 


Which reasons for your thinning hair or baldness doesn’t matter, please opt for a good bald with beard style to conceal your problem. Growing a beard is an idea to balance your head shape and a complement to the blank canvas. 

Layla hopes that our blog post helps you see baldness is not the end of the world. Try rocking a fashionable and fabulous style to point up men’s masculinity and achieve your desired look. 

What are you thinking? Please let us know in the comments below.

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