Best Taylor Swift Songs: 6 Best Masterpieces Of All Time

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Not only being the idols of millions of fans in the world, but Taylor Swift is also the person who makes inspiration by her music.

She has been famous for her enthusiastic and robust fanbase, her talent in composing songs, and her endless stories about the long list of ex-boyfriends.

Best Taylor Swift Songs: 6 Best Masterpieces Of All Time

Taylor Swift started to be known for her early music in the country genre. Back to 2008-2009, she was loved by country-pop fans all over the world and was nicknamed the “country princess.”

But by an effort to change her style in music, at the moment, she can still maintain her mega-fame with modern pop.

There is a long list of hit songs that contribute to Taylor’s reputation. Hereinafter, we mention the top 6 best Taylor Swift songs that you must listen to.

Best Taylor Swift Songs: 6 Best Masterpieces Of All Time

Best Taylor Swift Songs: 6 Best Masterpieces Of All Time

Blank Space (2014)

This song is like the answer for the so-called “Psycho serial dater girl,” which the media labels Taylor. “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they say that I’m insane. But you know I love the players, and you love the game.”

She also once titled the song “Magic, madness, heaven, sin,” just like what appeared right at the beginning of the lyrics.

With this song, Taylor Swift was nominated “Best Record of The Year,” “Best Song of The Year” and “Best Pop Performance” in Grammy Award 2016.

You Belong With Me (2008)

Being well-known for her narrative songwriting, “You belong with me” told about the real story of Taylor’s friend when she heard him talking with his girlfriend and got an argument.

This country pop song described the uncontrollable emotions of a girl to the boy she has a crush on.

After released, “You Belong With Me” was considered an outstanding track in her album “Fearless,” thanks to its ear-catching melodies and meticulous production.

Until now, it is always on the list of best Taylor Swift country songs, recommended by worldwide listeners.

Taylor Swift soon got significant achievements with “You Belong With Me” at 2010 Grammy Awards, when she was the nominee in three categories, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Shake It Off (2014)

Taylor completely changed to dance-pop style in her music and then composed this song.. After releases, “Shake It Off” quickly became famous when it was released as a single in 2014.

Many experts gave this song huge praise, while others doubted about her change in music style. Yet the song still did well in big main charts in America as well as all over the world.

Taylor was admired for the meaningful messages of “Shake It Off.” The song talked about how she might deal with untrue rumors spreading around.

She admitted rumors could not be controlled. And instead of being miserable, she chose to “shake it off,” wrote a joyful song and made it one of best Taylor Swift songs to dance to.

Her fans feel deeply in love with her lyrics. “‘Cause the players gonna play. And the haters gonna hate. Baby, I’m just gonna shake. Shake it off.”

Red (2013)

This is an outstanding track in her masterpiece album“Red,” which received compliments from critics and was nominated in two Grammy categories, as Best Country Album and Album of the Year.

This album is one of the best alba in Taylor’s career, and people refer“Red” as one of best Taylor Swift songs on guitar.

The song itself came out as a single during her promotion for the fourth studio album. It ranked sixth on Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and second on Hot Country Song Chart in America.

Music critics praise this song in terms of its thoughtful lyrics. However, some criticized her on overusing autotune in a part of this song.

Album “Red” marked the first era for Taylor Swift to think outside the box, and jump out of her comfort zone.

She has made a good impression with moving lyrics when admitted the hardship of trying to forget someone, the emotion she painted red.

“Losing him is blue like I’d never known. Missing him was dark grey, all alone. Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met. But loving him was red.”

Delicate (2017)

Taylor Swift made her exploding comeback with “Reputation” in 2017. The album has broken dozens of records and affirmed Taylor’s power.

Rolling Stone Newspaper mentioned “Delicate” as the album highlight in the list of best songs in the year 2017, and so did Billboard, Slant and Vanity Fair.

The music video of “Delicate” also attracted the attention of the crowd. In the video, Taylor was in the role of a famous public figure, but she had a chance to experience the world in which she was invisible.

In spite of tremendous cameras and paparazzi, she was no longer afraid of dancing and moving freely like nobody is watching.

Bad Blood (2015)

Included in her fifth studio album, “1989”, “Bad Blood” has a second version with the participation of Kendrick Lamar.

This song expresses the anger when you are suffering from betrayal, especially when the one betrays you is your best friend. And in this case, fans believe that Taylor has pointed out the main character in her song is Katy Pery.

Coming with the intense response of fans, “Bad Blood” remix version also received extensive positive evaluations from critics about the reworked instruments and the appreciation about Lamar’s part.

With this song, Taylor Swift became the second female artist after Adele to top Billboard Hot 100 with three songs from only one album.

The music video even strongly attracted public attention thanks to the hottest celebrities appearing in it.

The Bottom Line

Do you feel interested in the best Taylor Swift songs playlist mentioned above? Regardless of the concept and genre of the songs, she can still make a big hit with her music.

Even though she gets a lot of hatred, we still cannot deny her success, and accept the fact that Taylor Swift is one of the biggest superstars in the current music industry.

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