Answered: What Is The Best Type Of Wig For Bald Head?

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Many people, including cancer patients, now are facing severe hair loss problems. Their natural locks get thinner and thinner and can’t be controlled. They go bald more than more and the fastest way to get fuller hair is wearing wigs. We heard a lot of methods about how to apply the wig, one of them is to shave the head before wearing this hair. Is there any the best type of wig for bald head you should consider

And do people with bald head need cap net for wearing wig?

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The reasons why people shave head for lace wig

Some choose to shave their heads because it makes it easier to wear a hairpiece. Wearers shave their front hairline, from ear to ear, or even shave all head to accommodate wearing what is known as a wig. The shaved head provides a perfect area in which to apply adhesive and the wig is then pressed to the sticky areas. This offers virtually undetected end result. Also, it gives an illusion that the hair strands are growing directly from your scalp. No doubt a clean head will allow the application to be ease and the illusion will be amazing. 

Patients with the diagnosis of cancer and the suggestion of medical treatments will experience hair issues as a normal symptom. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy cause the hair to fall out, leading to hair loss. Hence, most of them decide to shave their heads to wear a wig.  

Answered: What Is The Best Type Of Wig For Bald Head?
shave head for lace wig

Best wig for bald head

Full lace wig

You get upset when seeing your tresses in front of the mirror. You want to shave your thinning hair to get a hair wig, so what kind of wig is best for bald head? Wearing a full lace wig is a smart choice as this hair is durable and requires low maintenance. Plus, human hair full lace wigs are ready-to-wear out of the box. As it sounds, it is made of the lace material that is lightweight and breathable. The lace base allows the air and light to flow through, offering a comfortable feeling. You can use glue to apply the wig on your shaved head. Just add glue on your scalp, place the hair and then adjust so that it fits your head perfectly. Gently press the wig on the glued areas to keep it in the right place. Compare to other hair systems, the full lace wig is also affordable. 

Human hair full lace wigs are flexible and you can part the hair in any direction you desire. Leave the hair in the middle part or on the sides. Wearing a full lace wig for bald head, style it in braids or leave it free that makes you feel comfortable. 

Answered: What Is The Best Type Of Wig For Bald Head?
full lace wig vs lace closure wig

Lace closure wig

Wearers can use this best type wig for bald head as an alternative method. This wig has a horseshoe-shaped lace closure in the front and the rest part is lace material. The closure size is often 4×4″ and it is placed in the middle of your head. With closure hair wigs, you choose the hair with the middle part, three-part, and free part. If you know how to apply the hair properly, it looks natural and undetectable. The closure is always made from lace or silk material that is lightweight and durable. Both of them create an illusion that all strands grow directly from the scalp.

Should or should not wear a wig cap for bald head? It’s all up to you. Wear a cap before applying glue and wig can help your protect your own scalp. Wearing a wig without a wig cap is ok if you use high-quality adhesive and hairpiece.  


Monofilament wig

Have you ever thought about wearing a mono base wig? Each type of material has its own strengths, so you choose any hair that suits you best. This mono base wig is so common now since it provides a realistic hair look. The base is an ultra-fine mesh fabric that would allow air and light to pass through. This wig does reduce sweating and uncomfortable feeling, as well. The mono wig match and mimic the appearance of your scalp. This wig cost higher than classic wigs, but we think it is worth to invest. 

Answered: What Is The Best Type Of Wig For Bald Head?
monofilament wig

Besides, you consider purchasing other types of wig for bald head, such as lace front wigs, machine weft wigs, 360 lace wigs, and more. Overall, clearly there are multiple choices to consider when you are planning to get a hair wig for a shaved head. 

Where to get a wig for bald head

For years, Layla Hair company has become a familiar human hair online store that many agents and individuals trust in. We offer all types of wigs and hair extensions to meet higher and higher customers’ demand. We always update new techniques and hair products to provide customers with the best one. 

Laylahair specializes in the best human hair products and provides you with good prices. We collect hair from healthy donors and create high-quality hair wigs. The hair strands are raw so you can restyle it to match your preferences. That’s why our hair products come with various hairstyles, hues, and textures for buyers to choose from. All hair cuticles are running in the same direction, avoid tangling and hair shedding. Once applied on to your bald head, our hair wig looks so natural and others cannot spot that you are getting support from the hair system. Try using our hair, you have a chance to enjoy beautiful hair all day. 

Answered: What Is The Best Type Of Wig For Bald Head?
wigs for bald head at Layla

To conclude

After scanning through this blog post, we do hope that you can find the best type of wig for bald head. How to wear a wig for a shaved head? It totally depends on you and types of the wig. 

For any special inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach us via the WhatsApp button or email to get support. Also, our website is well-built to give you the best products and hair care tips. 

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