Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!

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If you are a big fan of dreadlock hairstyles, you can not miss out this post. Here Laylahair will inspire you with the best black female singer with dreads. These latest hot trends would definitely be huge this summer! 

What do dreadlocks refer to?

Dreadlock is also known as «African braided hair.» Having existed for thousands of year and firstly seen in European civilization, dreads are mostly seen in black people. This hairstyle has become popular worldwide thanks to the rise of black hip hop and reggae music. After many years, this dreadlock braided hairstyle quickly stole the hearts of many beauty followers. Because of the impression and difference, this braided hairstyle brings a healthy, dynamic style to its owners.

Black female singers with dreads

Dreadlocks are considered familiar hairstyle names; especially you are a big fan of Hollywood stars because most of them own the hairstyle one time. It is the reason why the post will show you the beauty of the hairstyle through black female country singer with dreadlocks.

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Rihanna dreadlocks


Recently, Rihanna has continuously been updated to make her fans choke on her hotness. It can be said that this girl is always looking forward to changing her unique image. Every time Rihanna changes her makeup and her beautiful hairstyles, everyone goes from one surprise to another. From the glamorous picture with sparkling stone lips appearing on W magazine cover to colorful hair like a chameleon, Rihanna looks so pleasant and attractive.

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Rihanna’s image never showed signs of going down or even stalling. Most recently, she has updated on Instagram personally with her full-head dreadlock, making many fans excited. Therefore, Rihanna is the perfect choice for the best black female single with dreads.

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Zendaya dreadlock hairstyle


This girl is a must-mention name when talking about black female singer with dreads. Ever since this Disney Entertainment’s talented actress, singer, and dancer — appeared on the red carpet with her long dreadlock, has sparked a trend of new hair fashion. This hairstyle was initially formed from the Rastafari culture in Jamaica and associated with a great musical legend Bob Marley. This hairstyle is the pride of black people and their unifying strength for racism. The style is made up of large thick curls that are twisted from top to bottom.


Janet Jackson

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Janet Jackson dreadlocks

Known for a wide range of creative musical works, socially aware and sensual, as well as contributions to performing arts, television, and cinema, Janet is considered a literary icon and Highlights for over 30 years. Her dreadlock was not new until Janet Jackson appeared in the film Poetic Justice in 1993.

Willow Smith

Smith always has her idea. And she wanted to show it the way she wanted to reveal herself. The means she uses, nothing else is fashion. Combining things that no one dared to incorporate, and wearing the things no one dared to think, Willow Smith always looked very interesting, with beauty — now out of the norm. So, she is a terrific icon of the best black female singer with dreads.

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Ledisi dreadlocks


R&B singer Ledisi was born on March 28, 1972, in New Orleans City, Louisiana. The United States She founded a group called Anibade in 1995. She released her first solo album called Soulsinger: The Revival 2000. Recently, she changes her style with the hot trend- dreadlocks.

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Other famous female celebs with dreads

Besides famous and best black female singers with dreads, we also introduce other famous female celebs with dreadlocks.

Shanola Hampton

Shanola Hampton is an American actress. She was born and raised in Summerville, South Carolina. Shanola Hampton graduated from Winthrop University with a master’s degree and then received a master’s degree in fine arts at the University of Illinois.

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Shanola Hampton dreadlocks

In the summer of 2010, Hampton joined the drama Shameless as Veronica Fisher, which impressed the audience. The film made season 2 on June 27, 2012, and premiered on January 13, 2013, with the following seasons in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Shanola Hampton is the face for Rochelle in the video game Left 4 Dead 2.

Jill Scott

If you’ve ever watched The Voice America (2014), then Jill Scott’s name is no stranger. She is the music advisor for the famous singer Usher team.

In addition to that role, Jill is also known as a beautiful female vocalist, throughout her career, she has released five albums with dozens of hits.

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Jill Scott dreadlocks

Currently, she is also one of the artists participating in the most charitable activities. Not only actively participating, but she also established herself, but a charity also called the Blues Babe Foundation, which was founded to help ethnic minority students go to university.

When speaking of the best dreadlocks hairstyle, she also successes with the haircut.

Lisa Bonet

Best Black Female Singer With Dreads: Our Latest Faves!
Lisa Bonet dreadlocks

Actor Lisa Bonet first appeared in 1983 when playing Carla in the episode titled Ent of St. John’s TV work. Elsewhere. Next, she played a role in the short film Sound of Sunshine, Sound of Rain. If you are her fan, you will see that she always changes her hairstyle following the trend, so dreadlock cannot be missed out in the list of her favorite hairstyles.

Final thoughts

The best black female singer for dreadlocks always get you to admire because of their beauty and attractiveness. Therefore, I hope that after the post, you will know the more beautiful and impressive image of the hairstyle.

If you want to own a private hairstyle with dread, you should try it with hair extension which is made by human hair. It can protect your hair because to make dread; your hair will suffer a lot of chemistry. So, you don’t forget to visit our website to get more useful and necessary information about the hairstyle in particular and other things about hair in general.

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