Why Cambodian Hairstyles Are Your Ultimate Choice (Answered From Experts!)

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We understand the first-world problems of all the beauty lovers out there. You guys want to go out every day with a brand new makeup look and a fabulous hairstyle. While makeup is natural to cleanse and redo each time, your hair is much trickier than that.

The texture of hair is tough to change with just a few styling products. You need to use blow dryers, and your straightening or curling irons to do the job. Doing so every single day is so time-consuming and risky to your hair because heat and hairspray can ruin your hair texture so severely.

Cambodian Hairstyles For Everybody: The Ultimate Guide


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So why don’t you get yourself familiar with the world of wigs, weaves, and extensions, more specifically, Cambodian hairstyles? With that, you can do anything you want with your hair without worrying about damage control. We are proud to present you the highest quality hair out there.

Why are Cambodian hairstyles so hyped up?

You must have heard of the notorious Indian hair and Brazilian hair in the wigs, weaves, and extensions market. But do you know Cambodian hair is also in these days? Many hair lovers have switched to Cambodian hairstyles for its advantages over others. Here are a few of their primary qualities:

Thick hair strands

Everyone loves a good thick and voluminous body of hair. It makes your whole face look more flattering and contoured. Cambodian hair is the perfect candidate for this characteristic.

Cambodian Hairstyles For Everybody: The Ultimate Guide
Thick hair strands are the most apparent feature of Cambodian hair.


Raw or virgin hair harvested from Cambodian donors is naturally thick and coarse in texture. For that reason, you only need two to three bundles of hair to attach in and create any style you want.

Lightweight texture

Despite the volume which may intimidate some people out there, Cambodian hair is very thin in texture so that it’s really easy to wear. This is one unique feature of Cambodian hair compared to hair from other sources.

We understand your concern when wearing a wig. It can be heavy and exhausted carrying that around all day long. When we talk to our customers, they state this as their top reason for not wearing wigs on a regular basis.

Keeping that in mind, we have spent years in research and development to come up with a solution that makes our customers’ lives more at ease. And Cambodian hairstyles are the answer. It can still give you the texture and body you desire, and comfortable to wear at the same time. That’s the best of both worlds.

Low maintenance

Because of its strength and light property, this is one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles in the market. Just treat it like you do with your hair, and it will stay with you for a very long time. The hair strength keeps it through all the vigorous styling and processing you can think of: from coloring, heat curling to straightening.

Cambodian Hairstyles For Everybody: The Ultimate Guide
The hair strength keeps it through all the vigorous styling and processing you can think of: from coloring, heat curling to straightening.

Just remember to give the hair some love. Wash the hair once in a while with gentle shampoos, then give it back some moisture from some high-quality conditioners. When you brush or style the hair, do it with care. Don’t you too much heat, or comb the hair too harshly and you will be just fine.

Cambodian hairstyles you can look out for

Just like we mentioned in the beginning, Cambodian hair is suitable to do all kinds of styling. Whatever you like, just go with it. However, if you are still not sure which hairstyle you should go for, here are some suggestions for you.

Oval face

If you have an oval face, congratulations! Your face is considered quite evenly proportional and well-balanced, so it fits almost all hair types. You can feel free to experiment with whatever hairstyles you want.

People with oval face shape generally have the length longer than the width, with their jawline slightly smaller than hairline. The face has no prominent or awkward points.

Cambodian Hairstyles For Everybody: The Ultimate Guide
Oval face

Though you can rock any style out there, we recommend you go with ponytails or updos, which keep the hair away from your face and show off your best features. Or if you are not a fan, it’s okay to take a risk with side bangs, middle part or even pixie cut.

Square face

Square faces are extensive, with hairline, jawline, and cheekbones almost in the same width. Girls with this shape often look edgy and robust, with significant bone structures.

Cambodian Hairstyles For Everybody: The Ultimate Guide
Square face


If you want to focus on the fantastic bone structures of your face, go with short layered bob. But if you’re going to bring out the feminine side and soften the edges, you can try sweeping bangs with layered hair that flows naturally to frame your face.

Round face

Round face pretty much has the same width and length, with no prominent angles or corners. People with oval faces often look younger.

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The goal here is to make your face look longer than it is. A side bang that covers a part of your face is not a bad idea as it elongates your face and creates the illusion of a narrower shape. Try to avoid ponytails with no bangs though, because it accentuates the roundness.

Heart shaped face

Just like a heart, with this shape, the hairline is the widest part, with the narrower width towards the chin. Those are likely to have sharp, pointy chins. The gorgeous point of this face shape is the fantastic cheekbones.

Cambodian Hairstyles For Everybody: The Ultimate Guide
Heart shape face


If you want to show your cheekbones, put your hair up in a high top knot, or a bun. On the other hand, if you want to soften the lines and balance your features, shoulder length hair should be considered because it adds volume to the bottom of your face and creates the illusion of a wider jawline.

In the bottom line

Cambodian hairstyles have proved to be versatile and easy to style in the market nowadays. So wait no more, and check out our latest Cambodian products at Layla Hair.

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