Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Statistics And Facts

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We are all familiar with dandruff on the head, and it is the result of your dry scalp. Wake up in the morning, you can see white flakes on your pillow or shoulders. Dandruff makes you embarrassed and uncomfortable when going out. Have you ever spot hair loss around the time you are experiencing severe dandruff. It comes up with many questions related to the relationship between hair loss and dandruff. Can dandruff cause hair loss? Dandruff and hair loss, is there any relationship between them? Read up on to find answers. 

Does dandruff cause hair loss?

Dandruff is a common condition that appears with white flaky skin on your scalp. When your scalp is too dry, it leads to dead skin and flake. In some cases, those with dandruff go on to develop hair shedding and hair loss. Is dandruff to blame? 

Will dandruff cause hair loss? The cause of hair loss is not dandruff itself, but it is an indirect causing hair loss. When you are suffering severe dandruff, it is itching and uncomfortable. And the itchiness can lead to scratching, affecting the scalp or hair follicles, and leading to some hair loss. If you apply too much pressure when scratching, it may cause scars and stop hair growth. But remember that it is not complete baldness. 

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Statistics And Facts

Besides, dandruff can increase the risk of hair loss in people with androgenic alopecia, a major cause of pattern baldness. Some medical conditions are also associated with dandruff hair loss, like seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis. 

Why I have dandruff and hair loss?

Does dandruff causes hair loss? Any condition causing skin flakiness may cause dandruff. And itching feeling trigger you pull and scratch your scalp, damaging hair follicles and leading to some hair loss. The following conditions may cause hair loss dandruff:

First, answer the knotty question «what is the main reason for dandruff?» The answer is honestly vague. Put simply, dandruff occurs when your scalp is too dry. It is just a symptom, not a life threat. However, it provokes itching feeling that annoys us. This condition causes hair loss when you twist and pull your hair. 

As we stated, some medical cases make dandruff appears and lead to temporary hair loss. 

– Scalp psoriasis: a common skin disorder that influences the scalp, causing itchy and developing scaly patches. If a person suffers this condition, he/she will notice dandruff-like symptoms and bald spots where the scaly patches occur.

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Statistics And Facts
dandruff might entail hair loss

– Seborrheic dermatitis: another common skin condition, mainly exists in the scalp. It appears with red skin, scaly patches, and dandruff. Left untreated, this condition will damage your hair follicles and hair strands stop growing. Never aggressively scratching these areas as it may lead to severe dandruff and hair loss

– Folliculitis decalvans: This form of alopecia (hair loss) damages hair follicles. If you notice some itchy red patches on your scalp, you may experience this condition. Make a date with your doctor to find the reason and solution. 

Once you have figured out the underlying reason for excessive dandruff and hair loss, you can more effectively treat it.

Prevention tips

Follow some strategies that can help you reduce dandruff hair loss:

Never stop shampoo your hair

Research reveals that more than 60% of people may suffer from hair loss whether they have dandruff or not. They spot that their natural hair falls out after every time they shampoo. Some of them choose a solution which stops washing their locks to reduce hair falling.

But the truth is that natural hair will shed no matter you shampoo it or not. Your hair and scalp even become worse if you stop washing hair. Shampoo the hair regularly removes dirt and moisturize the scalp. Once you stop washing it, your scalp gets drier and lack of moisture, leading to dandruff. And as stated, dandruff makes you feel itchy, making you want to pull the hair and scratch the scalp. And it may end up with hair falling. 

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Statistics And Facts
use dandruff shampoo to wash your hair

So what is the best shampoo for hair loss and dandruff? Does/Can dandruff shampoo cause hair loss? There are numerous anti-dandruff shampoos by the brand OGX, DermaChange, Nizoral, etc. that are helping – not hurting – your hair strands. These products are formulated to get rid of dandruff hair loss itchy scalp as well as promote hair regrowth. Most of these products comes highly recommended by users, the chunky flakes and itchy feeling are gone after several weeks of using dandruff shampoo hair loss. 

Avoid irritating hair products

Severe dandruff causes hair loss when you feel itching and tend to scratch. To manage this condition, you should limit using hair dyes or other products that can irritate your scalp. For instance, when you buy a dandruff hair loss shampoo, please check the list of ingredients first. Don’t buy any items that include artificial fragrance, bleach, or detergents. 


Other home remedies for dandruff and hair loss

You can use ingredients available in the kitchen, like tea tree oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc. to get rid of dandruff. For example, you can take aspirin to treat hair loss due to dandruff. This medication contains chemicals related to salicylic acid, which is an active anti-dandruff component. Take a little notice, you may find it in most anti-dandruff shampoo. Aspirin will work to block white flakes and damage bacteria on your scalp. 

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Statistics And Facts
home remedies for dandruff and hair loss

Also, avoid aggressively brushing or twisting the hair. If the itching is unbearable, consult your dermatologist to get medical advice and improve the hair condition. 


Bear in mind that dandruff is very symptom, and most people are able to manage it with simple home remedies. Dandruff is not the perpetrator directly causing hair loss but those with dandruff may lose some hair. Other conditions mimic the symptoms of dandruff and accelerate hair loss. We hope that you have the answers to the question «can dandruff cause hair loss?» after reading this post. In case you have a problem with dandruff, you may be interested in the best shampoo for dandruff and hair loss. Leave your comments if you know which one is the best to treat this condition. 

Have more questions about your hair, don’t hesitate to share with us. Layla tries best to help you.

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