Can Full Lace Wigs Damage Your Hair? When The Threat Seems To Be Real

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Using wigs, no matter full lace type or closures, natural hair will cause some effects more or less. Thus, we must pay attention to the application and post-application care. Usually, damage from wearing wigs is not so severe or permanent.

Can Full Lace Wigs Damage Your Hair? When The Threat Seems To Be Real

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We want to aware you about some of the possible results. It’s necessary to grab some tips on how to sooth your hair after wearing full lace wigs.

Let’s check it out!

How can full lace wigs damage your hair?

Hair loss

Can full lace wigs damage your hair since the start?

It might be the first effect we saw after taking the wig off. Hairfall increase and worse, we lost many hairs on the forehead.

Wearing full lace wig need the use of adhesive and lace cap. They are the stable connection that prevents us from washing hair. Therefore, wearing full lace wigs will lead to less hair washing than usual. We cannot nourish hair by lotion any more due to the cap.

When hair becomes drier and harsher, it’s understandable that hair loss coming close.

Today, adhesive for full lace wig is usually duty heavy. Keeping application stable and firm is good. However, this heavy duty liquid might provoke skin can cause unwanted damage.


Scalp happens to most of the hair, not only wigs. Scalp occurs when the skin under the hair becomes too dry or too moist. Having scalps is irritating because the skin becomes itchy, especially you wearing a cap for the lace wig.

Can Full Lace Wigs Damage Your Hair? When The Threat Seems To Be Real

Scalp occurs when the skin under the hair becomes too dry or too moist.

Scalp also come from lazy hair wash that’s common when we wear hair wig. Too frequent washing can damage adhesive strength, so most girls suffer hair scalp instead of going washing.


Can full lace wigs damage your hair by causing allergic? The skin under human hair is as sensitive as facial skin. You take good care of it, or it will respond by scalp or worse, allergies.

Allergies might result from heavy-duty adhesive tape or lace material. Common symptoms are itches and scalp.

However, they are just beginning effects. If you cannot come up with proper care, there come alopecia.

Among three, allergies are the worst situation that we can think of. Both hair loss and scalp are curable even though that takes up time. However, allergies are various. Only by seeing a doctor, we can find out the reason.



How to save your hair from damage?

Can full lace wigs damage your hair even you pay more attention?

The only way to save hair from damage caused by full lace wigs is changing to clip-in hair extensions or other types. However, under good care and complete attention to hair care, you can entirely push damage away.

Choose skin-friendly material

Firstly, the lace base. Are you allergic to specific fabric materials? Usually, it’s rare that people have problems with lace fabric wearing lace full wigs.

However, choosing hair material is as important as the fabric. Make sure that you have a human hair wig because it’s the best product which minimizes skin allergies.

Beside human hair (Remy or non-Remy), lace wigs can make from synthetic hair or fill with animal hair. They are the potential of allergies.

Full lace wigs from Layla Hair are made of skin-friendly materials as well as strong hair strands

Minimize using glue

Full lace wigs have an elastic band to keep hair on hold. The only reason to use glue is that you need wig cover up your hairline.

Thus, if possible, you can wear a lace wig behind the hairline so that no tape or adhesive is needed. Besides, using no glue to apply wig mean taking off is as easy as a cake. You have more time to take care of natural hair then eliminate possibilities of damage.

Lace wig install can be done with bobby pins instead of adhesive.

In the market, you have glue lace wigs and non-glue lace wigs. If you bought glued one, you could avoid applying adhesive. Mind your purchase, too.

Control amount of glue and short-term glue

If you have to use glue for application, try short terms one or soft paste. You do not have to apply the lace wig by non-stickable adhesive but do not overuse heavy duty glue. It’s too strong and sensitive to every piece of human skin.

Removing full lace wigs

If you made an application with glue on, it’s necessary to pay attention in post caring.

Forehead and the surrounding areas with glue on are all sensitive. After removing wigs, these places are even more vulnerable.

Therefore, do not rush when you peel off the lace base. The procedures must be super patient and slow. Or, you might lose the last skin shield and lead your hair closer to damage.

If you notice of skin broken, do not apply any chemicals on so soon. It’s a wound that you need your first aids for the first place, not cosmetics.

Treat your natural hair even better.

Can full lace wigs damage your hair even when you took it off? The answer is yes.

After the full lace wig gets removed, you must invest more caring in your underneath hair.

Firstly, do not apply any wigs again too soon. At least, you have to wait until the hair come back to natural conditions.

Can Full Lace Wigs Damage Your Hair? When The Threat Seems To Be Real

After the full lace wig gets removed, you must invest more caring in your underneath hair.

Post caring is a serious stage if you want to wear many full lace wigs afterward. To prevent hair loss, you can consider some shampoo or lotion which fosters hair growth and nourish damaged hair strands.

Washing is not necessary every day but once every 2 or 3 days. Staying away from sulfuric hair care products is on the to-do lists.

Final sayings,

By only some rules of taking care of hair and wig applications, you can save your hair from severe damage. All of the tips are in your hand, and your natural hair is the most critical look. It’s worth concerning it more than wearing wigs all the time.

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