Care hair extensions in Summer

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Nowadays, Hair extensions will be selected because it is a fairly popular item for woman. If you have a perfect hair, I am sure that you will very beautiful and attractive. But, when you had a perfect hair with our hair extension, you will answer that: “How to care hair extensions?”. Caring a hair extensions is very complex, therefore, first, we will guide: “How to care hair extensions in summer?


chăm sóc mở rộng vào mùa hè


Hot weather will create a bit of a problem for your hair extensions, it is harder than usual to maintain a fresh and natural weave. You could spend your days indoors next to your air conditioner or you could follow our tips: “How to care hair extensions in summer?”. The hair that extensions are made of can be cared just like your regular hair. “Summer vacations, pool parties, and familycookouts” all can affect your extensions. Here’s our guide on how to look after hair extensions in the summer.

          Salt is very dangerous for your hair. We know that the beach is very attractive everyone in summer, but, Chlorine and salt water will play the absolute havoc with your extensions and will result in you needing to wash them extremely thoroughly which just takes up the precious hours of your summertime! If you don’t want give up your hair extension, you could pop your hair into a braid and accessorise with a floppy hat or a cool head scarf.


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Summer conjures up images of carefree days by the pool, and you have to know that: Swimming is fine, but you should avoid letting them soak for long periods of time, and after swimming you need to dry them promptly when you get out of the water. Try putting your hair into a low bun, or a loose braid, while swimming to avoid tangles. Keeping hair braided or in a low bun while swimming. I’m sure you guys already knowhow the sun’s harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin but it also damage your hair extensions. You need to keep them nourished and moisturized.

Another problem is sweat. With the hot weather in summer, we often sweat so much, especially head skin. If you sweat everyday, you will wash your hair. However, washing hair everyday is thing you shouldn’t do because this thing made your head skin become weaker and your hair is lost. You should do it once 2-3 days.

In short, we suggest that: “Sweat, Salt, Water in pool and UV is enemy of your hair extensions”. Never fear, if you listen our guide care hair extensions, you will have a beautiful hair for yourself in summer.

Thank you for your reading.


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