Causes of hair loss

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Hair loss is the concern of most women. So what is the cause of this? Let’s explore something together in the article below.

First, due to improper diet, excess body or lack of nutrients leads to hair loss. To solve it, we need a healthy diet. You should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily to provide moisture to your hair and skin. We need to add enough vitamins necessary for the body to strong and shiny hair. I will also share for you seven kinds of food in the house for hair care. This is vinegar, honey bee mixed with egg, mango, kinds of bean, green tea, olive oil, and tomato.

best vitamin for care hair

       The best vitamin for your body is vegetables

Hair care is also very important. The use of shampoos containing many chemicals should be restricted. Instead, use natural shampoos such as lemongrass, lavender, incense, etc. We recommend using warm water to help open pores to remove dirt. Also limit hair dye and styling too much. Need to trim the damaged hair through. And equally important, we need to keep the spirit relaxed so that the amount of hormone in the body is stable, the hair will become healthy.

just relax

  Just relax

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The wrong way to wash hair is also a cause of hair loss. We often think that regular shampoo will help to make head cleaner and longer hair. But we do not know that this will make the scalp vulnerable, the hair loss of nutrients, the hair will become tangled and break. Besides, shampooing with hot water cause scalp burns, destroying the structure of the hair. We should not rub the hair strongly when shampooing and combing the hair while wet. Brush your hair before shampooing and use a soft towel to dry, do not use the dryer.


 Do it right

For Hair Extensions, we also need special care. We need to prepare the hair care equipment such as combs, brushes, hair conditioners, shampoos, hairsprays, … Always make sure the hair extensions are clean and dry. Keep your hair free of dirt and dust, so store your hair in plastic bags. Avoid wigs that come in direct sunlight. Use cold water to wash your hair and let your hair dry naturally, without a comb, without a dryer. Regular wig care should be provided so that the hair is always shiny and highly effective.


The above is the information our company provides you, please make the right choice,  I hope you will have a strong, silk, smooth and beautiful hair.

Thank you very much for your listening to me!

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