10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!

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Are you wondering how a celebrity has a quick makeover before and after? Well, it’s hair extensions! They help the stars change up their looks for photo shoots and red carpet events. Why is having additional hair installed great for almost any celebrity? According to hairstylists, it helps embrace the personalities as well as playing with their looks. The following post gladly introduces you the top celebs with hair extensions tape in

What may concern you now is, you don’t have a hairstylist who is always ready for your commands. Don’t worry! Refer to the below list of the top celebs with hair extensions. They make their red carpet looks prepared. The list will help you get a better idea of how outstanding you can be with the extensions.

Ariana Grande

You may recognize this queen of pop with her half-up half down hairstyle. She has changed her signature hairstyle to a ponytail that is super long, volumized, sleek sky-high. You can also notice that Ariana Grande aced an amazing pony in the music video, “Everyday”. There, her hair almost hits the thighs!

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Ariana Grande ponytail

If it were her natural hair, it would be fantastic! But you guessed it! She achieves the long pony with hair extensions! For a more extended, electrifying look, why don’t you go with the human hair extensions at Layla Hair?

Chrissy Teigen

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Chrissy Teigen with hair extensions

She is famous as one of the most popular style icons. She has worn tape in hair extensions, too. Excitingly enough, this celebrity even modeled for a hair extension seminar of Priscilla Valles. As said, it taught attendants how to style and care for their extensions.

Gigi Gorgeous

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Gigi Gorgeous platinum blonde locks

This is also an outstanding name on the list of celebs with hair extensions. She has shared her tips, hacks, and experience with using them to get the beautiful platinum blonde locks on the YouTube channel. She manages to add extra volume and body to her long mane by leveraging the extensions.

Jennifer Lopez

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Jennifer Lopez sleek long hair

People often spot J Lo with voluminous honey brown waves. Still, there are times she looks unsurprisingly pretty with the sleek, super long hairstyle. Unless she has found out how to grow her hair overnight, Jen could only have achieved such long length with hair extensions!

Kylie Jenner

She is best known for: first, her lip cosmetic line, and second, her changing hair looks. Kylie may sport her trademark midnight black ultra long mane one day. Then she has got a blonde bob. She isn’t afraid of experimenting with different things.

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Kylie Jenner hair extensions

The celebrity told Vogue that her natural hair was a choppy bob. And she would probably have to say that’s how she prefers it. Still, she loved tape extensions and having fun with her hair.

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Kim Kardashian

The list about celebs with hair extensions can’t be complete without the glamorous Kim Kardashian?

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Kim Kardashian hair extensions

She is considered the main style-inspiration, acing shorter length hairstyles and wigs one day. And then she amazes us with the impossibly long hair with a glossy high-shine finish. She probably owes a lot to the hair extensions that let her switch up the style instantly.


Can we call her one of the most famous style chameleons? May you not forget her red hair phase? Her edgy pixie cut? When she aced bangs? From one shaved side to Statue of Liberty hair spikes, to silvery grey, we have seen her slay just about every hairstyle.

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Rihanna mermaid wavy hair

What is your fave? She may achieve her long soft mermaid waves in 2017 with hair extensions. Amazing!

Sarah Hyland

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Sarah’s lob hair

Sarah Hyland is well known for her trademark lob. She posted on Instagram about having her hair extensions and using them with a lob for volume creation. You can check out Layla Hair on how to use that way to make mega volume in the lob! Your lob will become big, long, and beautiful like Sarah’s.

Selena Gomez

Is Selena Gomez your big hair crushes?

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Selena Gomez long wavy hair

Do you know that she likes wearing hair extensions? This singer naturally aces a fresh lob cut. Still, when walking on the red carpet, she can wear enchantingly long waves.


Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is a Canadian beauty queen. The star has shared an Instagram photo that celebrated Coachella with the long hair mermaid waves. Priscilla Valles did it, and clearly, we can’t get enough of that one.

Kim M. Ferry is the head hair stylist of Pretty Little Liar. This genius told that hair extension is the favorite item on all the shows she has worked on. Maybe that’s why everyone on the show always looks impossibly perfect!

10 Celebs With Hair Extensions Tape In To Copy Right Away!
Shay Mitchell hair extensions

Final Thoughts

Hair extensions! That is the not-so-big secret. But it has been out of the bag, gals. Famous Hollywood stars enhance their beautiful features in many ways. One of them is professionally installed hair methods.

You can’t tell because their stylists do it so well. Want to be filthy rich? Rich enough to employ glam teams or stylists to achieve the hair you have been always after? Are you stepping out for the day or getting ready for an event? No matter what purpose it is, you can do something great for your hair by yourself!

Layla Hair has a top quality line of extensions as well as methods to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a licensed stylist or finding how to have pretty hair. With them, you can set up for success.

You can quickly feel the difference in quality with their comfortable 100% intact human hair. Don’t get yourself synthetic, cheap hair. Your hair is one of the things that you get what you have paid for. You know, yourself is something you should always invest in.

Finally, for someone, the list of celebs with hair extensions maybe not convincing enough to prove hair extensions are a great tool. Then check out Layla Hair site or read detailed reviews. You will then find more reasons why they are seriously impressive! Not all, you can figure out more secrets of hair extension styling.

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Love your hair and love yourself!

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