Blonde Clip in Human Hair extensions

Blonde Clip in Human Hair extensions


Kinky Clip in Hair Extensions

Kinky Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in Curly hair Extensions

With so many choices for hair in different forms and styles, curly hair always makes you look attractive and beautiful to create attention and attract the view from the people around. Sometimes the hair is too thin to be curly and durable, Clip in curly hair extensions from Layla Hair Company is sure to be the perfect choice for you.

The clip in curly hair extensions is a great curly hair. These clips will make your hair thicker, bolder and more beautiful express your personality and style. There are a lot of different types of curls, maybe the hair will curl, but the clips will always support your hair. Ponytails are one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve. You can get flexible looks in this style only one!

Moreover, curly hair looks great with ponytails as it gives the bounciness. We can reduce the length and volume of hair in many ways.

Clip in curly hair extensions in Layla


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 You can also wear clip in curly hair clips regularly if you want to go out or even in daily life. It is basically a band of hair stitched together. In their upper part is a small clip, inserted into your short ponytail. Then you split the long strand of hair, which you wrap around your small horse’s tail and easily secure with a hook. This hairstyle is completely retained throughout the day without any adjustments.

Clip in curly hair extensions is also very rich in color and size to fit your head frame. The color will match with your natural hair to create harmony when you do not need too much time and tools to prepare the clip too fussy. When curly clips ponytail hair cute basic there should be a rubber band or elastic band to hold the hair. Spray hair or gels to keep the texture at a moderate level, avoid having a little water or keeping your hair moist so that you can manage curly ponytails.

With curly clip in hair extensions, you do not have to straighten the hair, comb the hair and hold it tightly along the back of your head. Remembering that you should hold her hair firmly. Keep her hair so that it has a medium height and secure it with elasticity. Take a small portion of your hair and wrap it on the elastic, to hide it from being seen, you need to be clever in the hair wrap to prevent it from clip in curly hair extensions.

Clip in Curly hair Extensions-vietnamese-natural

Clip in Curly Hair Extension with ponytail

For the end of the yarn, you also put it under the ponytail and use a bobby pin to make sure it’s as strong as the other pieces of hair. You also use it with a hair spray to get a clean look and long-term look.

For high ponytail curls, you also protect it by using the same steps as the hairs above and rolling the hair in sections. Roll them in two different sizes to make more shape and volume. Keep the front part loose and let it hover over the face.

The clip in curly hair extensions make your hair cooler, it has many types for both men and women to use. Keeping their durability is not too complicated and difficult. You will own give yourself a new look after just a few simple operations. If your curly ponytail hair looks slightly dry and slightly fibrous then you should wash them, clean them and leave a light shampoo on the night. And You should wash them off the next morning and they will be as good as new.

We are happy to share with you useful information. The clip in extensions is a sexy style statement that is amped by many ranks when trying on the curls. This look is charming, romantic and extremely irresistible. You should develop your curls a bit and then choose a full ponytail or half style and both ways of looking at the end will just be a charm.

clip in curly human hair extensions

Product description

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Color: Natural color #1b, can bleach and dye, also available in other colors.
  • Hair grade: 100% Human hair extensions, 60% full length, can be thicker if requested.
  • Texture: Curly
  • Weft quality: Single stitched weft
  • Weight and quanlity: 100 grams/set (the number of clip-in pieces is customized as customer wants)
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL
  • Minimum order quantity: 200 grams/2 bundles
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