Clip On Hair Topper – The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!

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There are times you want to stand out from the crowd. You are excited and confident to put on amazing heels, have sexy lipstick on your mesmerizing lips, and wear your favorite dazzling skirt.  Still, thinning hair may matter in a negative way. If you are in that situation and condition, your self-esteem may be hurt. Do not worry, though! It is okay as there are ways to handle the physical and psychological impacts of hair loss. One of them that work amazingly is relying on clip on hair topper.

Hair loss in women & its impacts

A significant number of women suffer from hair loss at a certain time in their life. The problem is common among those who are postmenopausal. Reportedly, up to two-thirds experience bald spots or thinning hair. 

Clip On Hair Topper - The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!
hair loss after pregnancy

There are many potential reasons for that concern among women. They can be medical conditions. Sometimes, they are emotional or physical pressure in routine life. Medications can also be the culprit behind hair loss. 

It is considered one of the problems with considerable effect, particularly on women. Society finds it to be more difficult to accept that condition among women than men. Having been losing their hair can severely impact their life’s quality and emotional health.

Clip On Hair Topper - The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!
hair loss makes women lose their confidence

According to studies, as many as 95% of females think that their beauty sense has a lot to do with the health and style of their hair. Such a view of beauty may result in stress and awkward socialization. Let alone, many women these days are still subject to how men view them. 

According to some surveys, it’s not eyes, face or body of a girl that attract men first. It is her hair. Looking at it, men can guess how much effort she has put in taking care of her health, hence looking after her family and others. 

Why choose clip on hair topper?

Feel sweating enough over such impacts? You don’t have to worry too much about how others think about you. Remember, the most important thing is you. So, taking more care of your hair can be a sign of self-love. 

Clip On Hair Topper - The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!
hair topper is an amazing solution to deal with hair loss

As frustrating as hair loss can be, there are increasing ways to deal with it. In case you find your hair is losing unusually, importantly, go visit a dermatologist or your doctor. They will help you decide the cause of the problem and proper treatment. Or else, you can ask a therapist or so to talk about your psychological struggles. 

For another fantastic way to cover up baldness or a thinning crown, you may want to clip on hair topper or extensions. What is so special about this method? Is it worth it?

Clip-in vs. Non-Clip Hair Topper

Indeed, there are two ways of installing womens hair topper. You can clip it into the hair with clips. Either, glue/ tape it into your bio hair.

It’s quite common to install with glue. Still, you need to protect your scalp. That’s because it’s hard for the hair under to breathable after application. The glue may block the scalp’s pores. It then causes your hair follicle damage. This consequence can prevent the hair from developing along the line of your hair. To be worse, it leads to more thinning, which ends up in serious hair loss.

Clip On Hair Topper - The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!
clip on hair topper is easy to apply

If you are interested in glueless techniques, you are in the right place. Clip on hair topper is a good alternative. It keeps your hair stable and secured on the head for a long time. 

Do you feel that your hair does not have enough volume? Then this topper can be an easy and effective solution. It helps conceal areas of problems. Not all, it makes the hair look fuller. Aside from handling hair loss, some wearers put on the topper to maintain the balance between their long extensions and the top of their head. 

For an added benefit, the clip in type looks natural if you find the one blend in well with your own hair. Plus, you may become hot with wigs on your head, especially in summer. Meanwhile, for these toppers, they are not as much. That is because they cover only part of the hair. Besides, your scalp can breathe well.

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How to install clip on hair topper?

It’s not too challenging to apply clip on hair topper.

First, you should be well prepared and position the topper well. Open the clips on its underside. Put the topper’s front edge about two inches from the hairline’s front. Position it over the hair loss area. Secure your front clip.

Clip On Hair Topper - The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!
secure the clips properly

After that, press lightly over the hairpiece’s top. To secure your back clip, move the fingers over the base’s length. Ensure the base is kept tightly across the top when securing the side clip. Style the hair to your liking. 

Hair topper from LaylaHair: Why should it be your No. 1 pick?

LaylaHair is famous as one of the best wholesale vendors of hair. Our products come with the most satisfactory quality. We always do our best to perfect our human hair topper with bangs, etc. for everyone, especially women. As we use toppers to disguise your hair loss, we ensure the seamless mix and match between your natural hair and the ones we provide.

Our Remy hair has now the finest quality in the market. Understandably, we collect them from the only single donor who is healthy. It is incredibly smooth, strong, durable, and shiny. Not all, they are less likely to tangle. You see, the cuticle keeps intact and lines up.  

Clip On Hair Topper - The Ultimate Item To Cover Bald Spots!
human hair topper from Laylahair

For an added bonus, you can apply the toppers with utmost easy. We provide a large collection of topper styles for you to hide the thinning areas.

What’s more, we ensure processings to be as fast as possible. Normally, it’s within two weeks or three for custom-made products. It is a big plus as you will have to wait for over one month if going for another vendor. Also, the delivery is quick. 

We work with trusted collectors of hair who purchase hair from local women at a reasonable price. So you can have peace of mind about the lower cost of the clip on hair topper we offer. 

Final thoughts

Laylahair wishes that the post above could somehow help you understand more about clip on hair topper. It is amazing to use, so don’t miss it out!

For further support on your hair loss as well as topper hair extension products, please feel free to drop us a line via (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber/SnapChat). We are always willing to be of service!

Hope to hear from you.

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