Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair — 7 Things To Notice

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You were born with wavy hair, it may be the luck Gods give you. And your wavy hair is the envy of others. However, maintaining beautiful and gorgeous wavy hair is not an easy task. You should know DO’s and DON’Ts to achieve your desired hair appearance. Do you know any method to embrace luscious waves, wavies? Try the curly girl method for wavy hair and it will not let you down if you follow it correctly. Here’s a breakdown of the curly girl method to get beautiful and natural waves. 

About the definition

The curly girl method is a set of steps, do’s and don’ts, and ingredients to embrace and avoid when you have a wavy hairstyle. It was compiled by a hair expert and hairdresser Lorraine Massey, and her book was among the best-selling ones in 2010. After the publication, the book inspires most beauties who want to start their curly hair journey. 

Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair - 7 Things To Notice
curly hair girl

The wavy hair curly girl method will work to enhance and hold the natural wavy or curly pattern in your mane. For instance, you notice that your natural locks are not as wavy as it used to be. It tends to be straight, and you don’t like your hair appears with different textures in your head. Follow some basic rules of the curly girl method, such as washing, conditioning, styling, and drying. In addition, curly girl method products for wavy hair is important. You have to invest and utilize hair care products that are specially produced for wavy and curly hair. 

This method can be applied in both wavy and curly hair, from 2a to 4c hair types. Often, wavy hair is in type 2 and 3 and it tends to be less dry than curly ones. However, you have to add enough moisture to your waves and curls to keep them from unwanted damages. If your hair is slightly wavy, you should follow the curly girl method wavy hair 2a to embrace your luscious hair. Also, it helps hold the hair form that is not elongated or stretched.

Things you should do with the curly girl method for fine wavy hair

Here’re DO’s you should follow in this method: 

New shampoo routine

For girls with fine wavy hair, you should wash your existing hair less frequently. We recommend using sulfate & silicone-free shampoos and CG-approved products. Or you can use a cleansing conditioner as it will not strip natural oils from your hair strands. 

As with wavies or curlies, consider using a clarifying shampoo. It’s not a bad idea. It works to get rid of all product build-up, leaving a clean and fresh scalp and hair. Depending on your natural hair pattern, you can use a modified curly girl method for wavy hair to get the best results. 

Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair - 7 Things To Notice
shampoo and condition hair properly

Don’t skip conditioning

As mentioned, curls and waves need moisture to maintain the health of hair. Hence, condition the hair after shampooing is necessary. Besides, you can use a hair mask or apply oil instead. Repeat this routine once a week and you can see clear results of the curly girl method before and after wavy hair. The method recommends users leave the oil on their hair for about 10-15 minutes before washing it off.  


Use styling products to hold the waves

Now, you have clean, healthy, and moisturized hair, get styling. The main purpose of this step is to encourage your wave definition. Invest in a good styling product to curl up is very essential, such as gel, creams, or mousses. Bear in mind that sulfate-free products are the best. 

Each hair type needs different products when styling. If you were born with light wavy hair, opt for a gel for more defined hair. After applying the gel into your waves, you scrunch or finger coil the hair to hold the waves in place. Some hair lovers say that the styling step should be done on wet hair, and it will create the hair form when your hair dry.   

Dry the hair

Pat a microfiber or cotton towel to your hair, and then air-dry or blow-dry your hair with a diffuse. You have to do the right steps to avoid hair frizziness. Drying with diffuse helps build up your waves while adding volume to your mane. 

If you apply the curly girl method for thick wavy hair, it may take you more effort and time. But the result will not disappoint you. 

Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair - 7 Things To Notice
products to hold waves and curls

Things you should avoid

Wash your hair too much

Compared to straight hair texture, waves and curls tend to drier. Hence, don’t wash it too frequently, aim for twice or three times weekly. 

Utilize sulfate & silicone products

As we stated, sulfates and silicones are harsh chemicals and strong detergents. It will clean your scalp but strip away natural oils out of your waves and curls. Silicone is non-soluble, so it may clog your hair roots. If you don’t rinse it thoroughly, it will weaken hair strands,  leading to hair problems, such as hair loss or dryness. These harsh chemicals are always found in popular shampoos and conditioner, be careful.

Brush or pull your hair strongly

These actions will stretch and pull out your natural wavy and curly pattern. That’s why you notice that your mane gets straighter and unevenly. 

You should use a wide or fine-toothed comb to detangle the hair. We recommend brushing the hair when conditioning to distribute the product whole your hair. 

Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair - 7 Things To Notice
avoid sulfate and silicone products

Additionally, you should avoid:

— Using drying alcohol

— Chemical or heat processes

And more.

In the bottom line

Layla hopes that this post helps you outline and understand more about the curly girl method for wavy hair. It’s best to experiment and achieve your luscious locks. Are you ready to make a plan following this method? Write down what you should embrace and avoid, including products, techniques, and steps to get a difference before and after taking this method. Try to understand your hair and it will give you great results. 

Have any queries or questions related to hair care or hair styling tips, visit our blog now. Or you can leave your comments below to let us know. Feel free to raise your voice.

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