Curly Hair Extension Care: How To Do It Properly?

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You put on a curly hair extension? You take care of it with caution every day? But unluckily, regardless of all your attention, it is invariably damaged, tangled or broke, which make you feel irritated and worried. It may be because your hair extension is treated in the wrong way.

Do not need to worry about it as I will share with you some tips that are handled successfully on curly hair extension care.

What is hair extension?

Hair extension is a method of adding length and fullness to human hair. People who get bald, catch cancer-related diseases or suffer from serious hair loss take a profound interest in hair extension. Putting on hair extension will give your hair a natural look.


What are different types of hair extension?


The wigs are applied to your real hair by using snap-on clips. They are easy to apply to your hair, so the clip-ins method is used the most among other types of hair extensions. It is so convenient that you can clip in or out whenever you like.

Curly Hair Extension Care: How To Do It Properly?

Clip-in extensions


Clip-ins hair extensions are the least damaging to the hair because they do not have any kinds of chemicals. They merely clip into your hair.


The hair extension is attached by a tape that will help it bond to the hair for up to ten weeks. You should not wash the hair for three days after applying the extension to avoid losing the tackiness of the adhesive.

You do not have to go through a lengthy process clipping these strands into your hair in this tape method, but you must not take it out for the first two weeks if you do not like it.

One more drawback is that taped hair extension can harm your hair. Therefore, you need to consider carefully when choosing it.


You can apply the weave hair strand directly into your real hair by sewing to make your hair look thicker and longer.

Curly Hair Extension Care: How To Do It Properly?

Hair extensions with wefts

The strands are sewn under a layer of hair. Every single lock is carefully attached to the hair, so the entire process requires over two hours.

Is curly hair extension expensive?

The price of hair extension depends significantly on the quality, shapes, and sizes. The curly one is undoubtedly more expensive than the straight one. The short hair is undoubtedly cheaper than the long one.


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The hair extension is probably human hair or synthetic hair. The human hair extension can be curled, colored or straightened while the synthetic one cannot sustain the heat. The synthetic hair is, therefore, cheaper than the other. Because it comes in a variety of colors and types, people can choose the best suitable hair extension to their financial situation.

How often do you need to change hair extension?

The frequency depends on the way you take care of it. It can last for up to 2 years if you stick to the right and useful tips.

You may be in risk of damaging the mop when getting the extension like any other styling process. The hair extension can put pressure on your head if it is too thick so sometimes you need to take it out and have it cleaned.

Tips on curly hair extension care

The most important factor of a curly hair extension is an adequate moisturizer. When you care for it, you should remember to supply it with enough moisture.


Do not wash the extensions every day, just 2 to 3 times a week with weaved and taped types and fewer times with clip-in type.

When you wash the wig, treat it gently to prevent it from damaging and tangling. You can take it out and wash it in cold water. Use the specialized shampoos and conditioners for curly hair extension. Avoid using the shampoo loaded with sulfates because it can strip the hair.

It is not a good idea to wash the extensions that are glued or clipped in along with your natural hair. It is suggested to remove and treat them separately if it’s clip-in hair extension.


Do not brush the hair extension when it’s wet. Using hand going smoothly along the hair when you wash it. Use big tooth comb. Remember to dry the roots of the extensions in order not to have a wet root and then you should let the rest just dry air.

Curly Hair Extension Care: How To Do It Properly?


Do not brush the hair extension when it’s wet.

Dye and style

Another important factor of curly hair extensions care is styling.

Use good quality and permanent stain. Remember not to color or have it styled if you buy synthetic hair. And the extension will need much more care than average if it’s dyed and curled. Moreover, weave the extension into the most reliable parts of your hairs.


Moisture is the key to keep your curly hair extension care strong and looking good and prevent hair damage. The conditioner is needed to moisturize your hair, and some hair hydrating products are also necessary. Never utilize items with mineral oils on your wavy weave. A water-based cream that can be splashed is ideal.

With curly extensions, you should use a leave-in conditioner on them during the day.


Sleeping with curly hair extension care is also important. Put the hair on a pineapple or a high ponytail at the top of your head, and you can also put your hair in braids so that when you wake up in the morning, your curls still intact.

The bottom line

You need to treat your hair extension like your real hair to make the best of it. Whether it can maintain long or not depends entirely on the way, you care for it.  We hope after reading this post, you will gain background knowledge on taking care of curly hair wig. We are glad and appreciate your support to our tips and information.

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