Curly Hair Toppers are The Hot Trend this Summer

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You are having a date with a handsome man and want to wear crown topper hair pieces and Curly hair toppers to make a deep impression on him? And You are meeting close girlfriends for a night out or shutting out a fancy event and long to a kinky hairstyle? Or  You are suffering from hair loss and go bananas with a terrific haircut and lace front topper you’ve seen in your Instagram feed?

Why don’t you try Vietnamese curly hair toppers and wavy hair topper from Layla Hair – one of the most reputable wholesale virgin hair vendors? Our curly toppers and clip in hair topper extensions are not only great for volume and length. But also a great way to hide a bald head and bad haircut. Here are 5 benefits you should be aware of when you wear Layla hair Vietnamese curly hair toppers and toupee.

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What is a topper for hair loss?

Hair topper is a small version of human hair full lace wigs. It does not cover all your head, only focus on adding volume to the top or crown of the head. The hair is small and lightweight, so it offers a comfortable feeling. Many users can use hair toppers during the hot and humid summertime without feeling uncomfortable. It is hard to detect whether someone is wearing a hairpiece. Wear it properly, it matches your curls perfectly.

What is a Wiglet?

A wiglet is specially created for women with thinning hair. Sometimes, wiglet is called as hair toppers. Unlike a full lace wig, a wiglet does not cover the entire head. Wiglet comes from plenty of sizes that give you exact coverage on the top, crown, in the front, or at the back. On the whole, each wiglet comes in a different style, size, length and made with various materials to meet different requires.

What is a hair fall wig?

Fall hair wig is actually not a wig. It’s a piece that can blend in with your own hair. It gives you instant volume and thickness. If you like loose wave hair, style your human hair piece. The hair often comes with small combs or clips inside that helps keep the hair in the right place. When wearing a hair fall wig, you should position it toward the back of the crown area. After applying, lay your own hair to conceal the piece and give it a nice appearance.

Benefits No.1: Length

The first advantage of wearing Vietnamese hair toppers curly is absolutely the length. You are wondering why your hair is not long like Nicki Minaj and how she possesses that super-long hair. Keep in mind that your hair is unable to grow longer overnight. And if you can not wait for your hair grow in several years, Layla Hair long curly toppers can help you. Layla Hair wholesale hair totally understands the frustration of having hair that just won’t seem to grow past a certain length, no matter how gentle.

If this sounds like a problem you’re experiencing, then curly hair toppers from Layla Hair may be the satisfactory solution. Layla Hair wholesale virgin hair can collect super-long Vietnamese hair and manufacture Vietnamese straight hair extensions, wavy human hair wiglet topper and curly toppers with a variety of length ranging from 14 to 32 inches. The perfect long hair that you’ve been dreaming about can easily be achieved in a matter of minutes, we promise!


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Benefit No.2 of wearing curly hair toppers: Textures

Whether you are fall in love with loose curly, deep curly, medium curly or kinky curly, Layla Hair wholesale human hair can meet your demands for sure. At Layla Hair wholesale hair weave factory, any type of curly hair is made by hot steam machines, with no chemicals. We say no with synthetic hair and the high-temperature hair curling iron roller. The minor disadvantage of steamrollers is that the texture of curly toppers from Layla Hair can be loosed as a result after harsh washing.

Nevertheless, the Remy Vietnamese hair of toppers curly hair is not damaged and the cuticles are also maintained maximum. Consequently, Layla Hair curly toppers are tangle-free, strong and natural-looking like your own hair. After your curly human hair toppers lose the texture, you can feel free to curl again or squeeze them as you wish, unlike synthetic hair.

Curly hair toppers are all the rage this summer. If you wear Layla Hair curly toppers and go to the beach, under the sunshine, all people on the coast will look at you as you are absolutely outstanding. And with Layla Hair clip in curly hair toppers, you can play beach volleyball, swim, dive, and windsurfing. Without worrying about the curly toppers slip out of your head. Layla Hair clip on curly hair toppers flat securely on your crown.


Benefit No.3 of wearing curly hair toppers: Colour

You can get the variation of color when you choose Curly hair toppers from Layla Hair wholesale hair extensions. Have you ever wanted to try different colors in your bio hair, but you’re worried it may look horrible? Or you’re afraid the new color will damage your hair?

Curly hair toppers, however, make this process simple and easy for you. You can try different colors of our curly toppers like natural color, brown, dark brown, blonde, cold color, ombre and so on. Then you choose what is the one that fit your skin tone the best. Moreover, you can try out the ombre trend, or add in those highlights and lowlights to the curly toppers. Recently, ombre hair colors curly toppers are increasingly popular, it is almost mainstream right now. At Layla Hair wholesale hair bundles, we use high technology to create perfect ombre human hair weave extensions and curly hair toppers which are darker at the root and get lighter to the ends.


Vietnamese Curly Hair Extensions color 1B

Benefit No. 4 of wearing curly hair toppers: Thicker and Fuller hair

If you have a fine and thin hair or are suffering from hair loss, Layla Hair wholesale hair is here to help you. Like other virgin hair companies, Layla Hair is aware of hair toppers for curly hair, 3 piece hair topper. And other lace front hair topper can help you get back the volume that you once had. Therefore, curly toppers and wavy hair topper enhance your confidence right away.

If you wear curly hair toppers and human hair toupee for thinning hair with 130% density or more from Layla Hair wholesale virgin hair. Your worries about a fine and thin haircut will disappear.

Furthermore, Layla Hair wholesale hair always uses undetectable and unharmful base materials to make best quality curly toppers and bonded hair topper. While the lace and monofilament base of mono hair topper and hair toppers for curly hair are breathable and comfortable. The PU base of toppers curly hair or hair toppers for women is absolutely durable and long-lasting.

To combine all the advantage of three kinds of base material, Layla Hair wholesale hair extensions are able to mix all of them into one Vietnamese curly hair toppers or hair toppers thinning hair. In general, topper hair salon is crazy about Layla Hair monofilament hair topper for curly hair, hidden crown topper and hair topper with bangs. Let see some hair topper before and after photos.


Curly hair toppers before and after

How do you style a wig topper?

With human hair toppers, it can be styled freely. Still, be careful when curling the hair to protect it from damage. Use a curling iron on the low level to curl the hair. Follow some hair care tips to keep the curls longer. If you don’t want to use thermal tools, you can create curls by using rollers or hot water. Opt for a curling method that you are sure that you do the best to get your desired look.

To sum up

So, are you considering buying clip on hair topper, hair topper for thinning crown and curly hair toppers but not sure it’s worth it. Layla Hair wholesale hair vendors are here to help you make that decision. We guarantee to offer you the best quality human hair topper, hair topper with bangs. Curly hair toppers made from 100% Remy Vietnamese hair with reasonable price. Let contact with Layla Hair customer service office. You will have some sound advice about hairpieces for thinning hair on top, curly hair toppers and hair toppers with clips right now!

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