Is It A Deal Breaker Dating With Hair Extensions?

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Your dream guy has finally asked you out for a date! Well done, girl! It’s time to put on your most gorgeous and fabulous outfit and makeup.

I know hundreds of small little things are running through your head right now like “What should I do to conquer his heart?”. Let me assure you that beautiful, shiny, and bouncy is likely to knock him down right on the first date.

But your hair has chosen this vital occasion to turn into a mess. Don’t worry ladies! Hair extensions are created to deal with these problems.

Let walk with me through my journey of dating with hair extensions!

Is It A Deal Breaker Dating With Hair Extensions?

A true horror story

Not all of the first dates are good, and unfortunately, I was once a “victim” of a real horror story with my hair extensions.

Since my date was keen on going out that night, I didn’t have much time spent on preparing my most perfect look. There was also no chance to rush out to a salon in a couple of hours.

I came up with an idea to install my hair extension and color it myself, which I soon discovered was a crazy idea.

After spending hours watching hair videos on youtube, I thought dating with hair extensions would be a piece of cake. How hard could it be to install some strands into your hair?

Oh well, the final result was a total DISASTER! You would have screamed if you had seen me in my DIY hair extensions. Let me give you a summary of what had happened!

The color turned out to be a second yellowish color because I had used too much of the bleaching substance over my already-bleached hair. This caused most of my hair breakage to become visible.

Is It A Deal Breaker Dating With Hair Extensions?
You would have screamed if you had seen me in my DIY hair extensions.

And this was not the worst part! With the hair extensions, I applied the technique of doing strand-by-strand. I soon realized how an amateur I was because I had messed up with the wrong ratio between the hair strands and my natural hair.

Of course, my hair looked ridiculous, but I had no choice but to go with it to my date. I decided to pull my hair into a bun to avoid his hands “accidentally” run through my messed hair.

Although it was a pretty good date ( he didn’t pay much attention to how ugly and messy my hair was, thank God!), I didn’t feel the usual confidence in myself and started to imagine the invisible pressure of everyone’s eyes. That made me feel uneased and uncomfortable during the date.

So ladies, from my own hurtful experience, don’t try to do anything with your hair extensions at home if you are a beginner. Remember to put faith in a professional hairstylist, so you don’t have to get into troubles as I did.

How to stop your dating with hair extensions going from bad to worse?

Emergency tips for first dates

You are enjoying your first date with your dream guy and your hair extensions “deciding” to ruin your night. Here are some useful tips to minimize the damages in case of an emergency.

Bring along extra hair strands and put them in your purse. They will become your “lifesaver” if any strands turn loose right at the crucial moments.

Is It A Deal Breaker Dating With Hair Extensions?
Bring along extra hair strands and put them in your purse.

Prepare hairpins, hair ties, and other small handy hair accessories to create a beautiful hairstyle right away or cover the messy areas on the head.

Do as I did, pull your hair up into a ponytail or a loose bun. Just in case he wants to do some romantic moves and his hands stuck in your hair. Urghh! That will be so awkward!

These above are some quick tips to fix your hair problems right before your first date shows up at your door! Let’s go into the details of most common problems happening when dating with hair extensions.

How to fix the problems of damaged hair extensions?

One of the best ways to deal with damaged hair extensions is to apply the LOC method. So what is this method?

  • L stands for liquid; it can be watery liquid
  • O stands for oil products
  • C stands for cream

In short, the LOC method consists of the products and the order of use of each product.

LOC method works well with kinky, curly, or wavy hair extensions. The combination of all products in LOC plays a significant part in keeping the hair moist, healthy, and glossy.

How to take care of dry hair extensions?

Dry hair extensions are the worst scenario when you want to impress your man on the first date. There are two most popular and effective methods to take care of your dry hair extensions at home. No need for expensive and luxurious hair products, all come from familiar products in your house.

Natural oil

The first method is straightforward with the ingredients that most of us already have. Make use of virgin oil, argan, and coconut oil. Remember to use pure and unprocessed oils.

Is It A Deal Breaker Dating With Hair Extensions?
Natural oil

Apply the oil on the hair extensions and keep them there for about 1-2 hours. Then rinse the hair in clean water

Boiling water

Applying natural oil is the easiest method but requires much use of oil. The next method only needs hot water and a few drops of oils to prevent your hair extensions from becoming dry.

First, boil a pot of water until the water gets warmer. Next, add about ten drops of olive oil or coconut oil into the pot.

Is It A Deal Breaker Dating With Hair Extensions?

Second, douse the hair extensions into the mixture and keep them there for 10 minutes. Then take them out, wrap with a towel and let them dry for a night.

The whole process takes only 15 minutes of your day.

How to deal with tangled hair extensions?

Of course, your hair extensions look gorgeous when you first buy them. But with a lack of proper care and wash, the problem of tangled hair will soon to annoy you. Let me tell you how to deal with it!

First, you need to have a detangler and start working on your knots with a wide tooth comb.

Second, conditioner the extensions. While doing so, the critical point is to stay gentle and be patient with the tangled knots. You can consider using a leave-in conditioner because it helps to moisture and softens the messy strands.

The bottom line

Dating with hair extensions can be easy if you pay a little more attention to details and follow the tips I have provided above.

Don’t think your loved ones realize you are wearing hair extensions is the end of the world! Remember one thing ladies, whether you use a weave or not weave, hold your head high and be confident.

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