Double Drawn Hair Vs Single Drawn Hair: The Mystery Solved

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Shopping for hair extensions could be challenging, especially for newbies. Apart from various types from clip-in, microbeads to weft, you will soon find different features of these products as well.

If you are looking for a guideline to untangle the mystery between double drawn hair vs single drawn hair, this article is for you. Don’t let yourself stay uninformed too long.

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Let’s have a look at both the pros and cons of these items and decide with which one you should make friends.

Double drawn hair vs single drawn hair – What are they?

Before we get to know the distinction between double drawn hair vs single drawn hair, let’s first get to know each item individually.

What is double drawn hair?

You can find different interpretations of double drawn hair meaning on the Internet. Basically double drawn hair refers to the hair length in one bundle. Hair strands are drawn nearly at the same length.

There are two types of double drawn hair. Double drawn human hair type 1 offers 70% hair strands with similar length while type 2 delivers roughly 60% hair with the same length.

Double Drawn Hair Vs Single Drawn Hair: The Mystery Solved

Double Drawn Type 1

The process for double drawn hair making is quite complicated. Hair professionals have to make sure that 60-70% of hair comes out with the same length. As a result, they have to pluck out shorter hair themselves, without machinery help.

The double drawn bundle will eventually achieve a uniform density from the top to the bottom. The extra process above is what makes a double drawn hair bundle more expensive than single drawn one.

Double Drawn Hair Vs Single Drawn Hair: The Mystery Solved

Double Drawn Type 2

Double drawn hair isn’t necessary from one donor. Of course, you can always ask for a bundle for a single donor, but you certainly have to pay a higher price.

What is single drawn hair?

Single drawn hair definition is clear. Hair length doesn’t come at the same length. Only 50% of hair in one bundle has similar length. That being said, a single drawn hair bundle is often thick at the root and get thinner at the tips.

Single drawn hair extensions are cheap compared to double drawn ones. This is because less than 50% of hair strands will have the same length, the rest can be shorter.

Double Drawn Hair Vs Single Drawn Hair: The Mystery Solved

Single Drawn Hairpieces

As a result, hair vendors can save manufacturing costs making these items, and that’s why the price for single drawn is very affordable. When you first look at these products, you will see that they are thin.

Because of its unique features, single drawn hair is quite hard to blend, especially for mid and short hair.

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Double drawn hair vs single drawn hair – The making process

The making process of double drawn hair

The double drawn hair making process is generally more complicated than its single drawn counterpart. In order to make an 18” bundle, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Make 3 separated bundles and measure them by a measuring tape. The first one should be measured from 14 to 16 inches. The second one is somewhat between 16-18 inches. And the last is from 18 to 20 inches.

Double Drawn Hair Vs Single Drawn Hair: The Mystery Solved

Step 2: The hair professional will then add the first bundle with the second and the third, brushing them carefully to make sure they blend together.

Step 3: After that, the hair bundle will be carefully taken care of to make sure no split ends or strange pieces left. Then, the professional will make weft from the bundle.

The making process of single drawn hair

There are typically 3 processes when making single drawn hair extensions. Since these items get hair from one donor, the procedure is not really daunting.

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at one example. If you want to make an 18” bundle, these are what you have to do:

Step 1: Measure the bundle using a measuring tape. Hair length should be from 14” to 19”.

Double Drawn Hair Vs Single Drawn Hair: The Mystery Solved

Step 2: The vendor will then comb the hair so that it will reach maximum length. Next, they tie the hair together by a rubber band to make a bundle.

Step3: Any split ends will be removed. After that, some vendors will try to thin down the hair at the last quarter inch before the weft making process.

Double drawn hair vs single drawn hair – The pros and cons

Double Drawn Hair


•    The hair volume is significant, so it helps to increase hair thickness and bring glamor to users.

•    Double drawn hair bundles are often thick. You don’t need many bundles for one full head.


•    The price is probably the biggest drawback of double drawn hair extensions. Though you are not required to buy many bundles for your use, it is still more expensive compared to the single drawn.

•    Double drawn hair is quite heavy, especially at the root. Therefore, it would not be a great match for those with thin fine hair.

Single Drawn Hair


•    Single drawn hair is reasonably priced so it is suitable for women who stay on a tight budget.

•    This hair type emphasizes the natural finish, therefore, if you don’t mind about the hair volume

•    You can also achieve the desired hair thickness with single drawn bundles by trimming up several inches.


•    This hair type is certainly not for those who want to enhance their hair density

•    Single drawn is also not a great choice for short hair

•    You need to buy several bundles for one head if you want to achieve your wanted length and density with single drawn hair. It is also not really economical this way.

The bottom line

What can you say about the difference between double drawn hair vs single drawn hair? These two hair types are quite different in term of the making process and usage. When you want to purchase hair extensions, don’t forget to factor in single and double drawn hair feature to get more bang for the buck for your shopping.

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